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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Moab Capital Partners, LLC New York NY US 371.0 
Mobius Venture Capital, Inc. Boulder CO US 0.0 
Mobjack Inv US 1.5 
Modera Wealth Management, LLC Boston MA US 1133.8 
Modern Asset Management LLC Columbus NE US 8.5 
Modern Asset Management LLC New York NY US 77.0 
Modern Capital Associates, Inc. US 7.0 
Modern Portfolio Consultants, LLC US 272.6 
Modern Wealth Concepts LLC US 0.0 
Modica Financial & Tax Service Atascadero CA US 2.1 
Modiri Asset Management Laguna Hills CA US 1.7 
Modular Financial Solutions, Inc. US 0.0 
Moe Inv Management, LLC Spokane WA US 1.4 
Moelis Capital Partners LLC New York NY US 924.3 
Moeller Financial Advisors Plain City OH US 0.0 
Moga Advisory Service, Inc. Franklin PA US 0.0 
Mogul Wealth Management, Inc. Manhattan Beach CA US 14.8 
Mohawk Asset Management Inc US 5.4 
Mohican Financial Management, LLC Cooperstown NY US 666.1 
Mohlman Asset Management Fund, LLC US 6.8 
Mohlman Asset Management, LLC US 131.0 
Mohon Capital Management US 6.5 
Mohr Davidow Ventures Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Moirai Capital Management LLC San Francisco CA US 67.1 
Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, LLC Maitland FL US 263.4 
Mojave Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Mok Capital Management Los Altos CA US 45.4 
Moka Investors, LLC Playa Del Rey CA US 2.0 
Moldenhauer & Company, Inc. Tyrone GA US 0.0 
Moler Capital Management Irvine CA US 98.5 
Moller Financial Service Northfield IL US 277.0 
Mollot & Hardy, Inc. Amherst NY US 21.1 
Moloney Securities Co., Inc. Manchester MO US 139.1 
Molotsky Tax Advisory Group, LLC Collingswood NJ US 13.4 
Molter Brennan & Co. US 0.0 
Molumphy Capital Management San Francisco CA US 47.5 
Momentum Advisors New York NY US 35.2 
Momentum Capital Management US 1.4 
Momentum Funds US 1.0 
Momentum Inv Management, LLC US 1.0 
Mona Moore & Associates US 0.0 
Monaco Capital Management, LLC Virginia Beach VA US 75.3 
Monaco Wealth Management LLC US 6.2 
Monaco Wealth Management, LLC Leawood KS US 19.9 
Monaghan Financial Service, Inc. Greenwood Village CO US 1.1 
Monarch New York NY US 6320.3 
Monarch Advisory Group Franklin TN US 0.0 
Monarch Alternative Capital Europe London UK 0.0 
Monarch Capital Group, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Monarch Capital Management Inc Fort Wayne IN US 263.5 
Monarch Partners Asset Management LLC Boston MA US 274.7 
Monarch Wealth Management LLC Orlando FL US 8.1 
Monashee Inv Management, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Monashees Capital Sao Paulo BR 0.0 
Monberg Consulting Service US 0.0 
Moncrief Willingham Energy Advisers, L.P. Houston TX US 25.6 
Mondrian Inv LP London UK 68247.6 
Mondrian Inv Partners (u.s.), Inc. Philadelphia PA US 0.0 
Moneco Fairfield CT US 0.0 
Moneda International, Inc. Santiago CL 0.0 
Moneda Usa, Inc. New York NY US 749.2 
Monegy, Inc. Toronto CA 2496.7 
Moneta Advisors LLC US 0.0 
Moneta Group Inv Advisors, LLC Clayton MO US 14952.1 
Moneta Inv Consulting Inc US 0.0 
Monetary Management Corporation San Francisco CA US 19.7 
Monetary Management Group Inc St Louis MO US 291.3 
Monetary Solutions, Limited. Dayton OH US 49.0 
Monetta Financial Service Inc Wheaton IL US 99.6 
Money & Inv Concepts Houston TX US 0.0 
Money Advisors, Inc. Augusta GA US 22.9 
Money Armour, Inc. Fort Lauderdale FL US 0.0 
Money Cat Advisors, LLC Kirkland WA US 0.0 
Money Concepts Advisory Service Palm Beach Gardens FL US 845.6 
Money Consultants Advisory, Inc. US 0.0 
Money Management Concepts Inc. Melbourne FL US 35.0 
Money Management Service Inc Birmingham AL US 155.1 
Money Manager Review US 0.0 
Money Managers Advisory Oak Brook IL US 41.1 
Money Managers Inc San Antonio TX US 0.5 
Money Managers, Inc. Laguna Hills CA US 3.3 
Money Matters Minneapolis MN US 6.0 
Money Matters Avon CT US 57.0 
Money Matters With Ken Moraif Plano TX US 1605.5 
Money Mentors Oceanside CA US 0.0 
Money Methods Amarillo TX US 0.0 
Money Minders Financial Planning Corporation US 3.9 
Money Plans Silver Spring MD US 68.1 
Money For Life, LLC US 1.0 
Money Professionals Group LLC Orlando FL US 3.3 
Money Professionals, LLC Pensacola FL US 42.0 
Money Sense US 0.0 
Money Strategies Inc Rockledge FL US 43.0 
Money Watch Advisors Inc Lexington KY US 112.4 
Money Wize Management LLC US 0.6 
Money4front US 0.0 
Moneyguide Advisory, LLC Powhatan VA US 0.0 
Moneyminders, LLC US 19.4 
Moneytime With Kevin Boden US 0.0 
Moneytree Capital Management, LLC Morganfield KY US 4.8 
Moneywell US 19.5 
Moneywise Financial Advisors US 9.8 
Moneywise Financial Advisors US 5.0 
Monique Asset Management, LLC US 0.5 
Monitor Clipper Partners, LLC Boston MA US 1045.9 
Monitor Ventures Los Altos CA US 0.0 
Monitor Wealth Group Wooster OH US 20.0 
Monk, Stan US 39.1 
Monmouth Inv Advisors, LLC US 7.4 
Monolith Advisors LLC Buffalo NY US 0.0 
Monomoy Capital Management, L.P. New York NY US 716.3 
Monongahela Capital Management Cranberry Township PA US 267.5 
Monroe Capital Bdc Advisors, LLC Chicago IL US 139.2 
Monroe Capital Management Advisors LLC Chicago IL US 414.1 
Monroe VOS Consulting Group, Inc. Houston TX US 5191.5 
Monsoon Capital, LLC Bethesda MD US 215.8 
Monsour Advisory Service, Inc. Roanoke VA US 30.6 
Mont Blanc Asset Los Angeles CA US 0.2 
Mont Pelerin Capital, LLC Newport Beach CA US 0.0 
Montag & Caldwell, LLC Atlanta GA US 12935.2 
Montag A & Associates Inc Atlanta GA US 939.6 
Montage Capital Cupertino CA US 0.0 
Montage Inv, LLC Leawood KS US 218.9 
Montagu Private Equity, LLP London UK 0.0 
Montana Inv Advisors Inc Bozeman MT US 52.3 
Montanaro Asset Management Limited London UK 0.0 
Montcalm Tcr LLC San Francisco CA US 125.9 
Montchanin Asset Management, LLC Montchanin DE US 92.6 
Monte Capital Group LLC US 25.7 
Monte Financial Group, LLC Guilford CT US 130.2 
Montebello Partners LLC Suffern NY US 22.4 
Montecito Advisors, Inc. Santa Barbara CA US 0.0 
Montecito Capital Management Santa Barbara CA US 19.9 
Montecito Private Asset Management, LLC US 0.0 
Montello Wealth Management, Inc. Palm Beach Gardens FL US 16.0 
Monterey Asset Management US 0.0 
Monterey Bay Asset Management LLC Monterey CA US 9.4 
Monterey Management Group LP San Francisco CA US 377.3 
Monterey Private Wealth, Inc. Monterey CA US 266.6 
Montgomery Brothers Inc Bethesda MD US 96.2 
Montgomery Capital Advisors LLC New York NY US 59.3 
Montgomery Capital Management, LLC Newport News VA US 62.0 
Montgomery Financial Advisors LLC US 34.5 
Montgomery Financial Service US 0.0 
Montgomery Inv Management Inc Bethesda MD US 300.8 
Montgomery Taylor & Company, LLC Santa Rosa CA US 26.0 
Monticello Associates Inc Denver CO US 0.0 
Monticello Inv Service, Inc. Joplin MO US 44.6 
Montis Financial, LLC Waltham MA US 401.2 
Montlake Capital Seattle WA US 0.0 
Montpelier Inv Management LLP London UK 0.0 
Montreux Equity Partners Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Montreux Inv, LLC US 0.0 
Montrose Advisers, LLC. US 28.0 
Montrose Advisors Inc New York NY US 209.1 
Montrose Private Clients New York NY US 31.4 
Montrusco Bolton Inv Inc. Montreal CA 5636.1 
Montvue Capital Management, Inc. Lynchburg VA US 72.8 
Monument Advisors, Inc. Indianapolis IN US 0.0 
Monument Advisory Group, LLC Alexandria VA US 150.0 
Monument Capital Management, Inc US 4.6 
Monument Financial Advisors, LLC Concord MA US 184.7 
Monument Inv Inc. Dallas TX US 38.3 
Mooberry Financial Management, LLC Lawrence KS US 0.0 
Moody Aldrich Partners, LLC Marblehead MA US 74.9 
Moody Reid Financial Advisors L.P. Kansas City MO US 0.0 
Moody, Lynn & Lieberson, Inc. Boston MA US 827.3 
Moon Capital Management LP New York NY US 2282.9 
Moon Capital Management, LLC Knoxville TN US 141.7 
Mooney Wealth Advisory, Inc. Worthington OH US 0.0 
Moonstone Asset Management, Inc. Northbrook IL US 15.0 
Moore Capital Management, LP New York NY US 37708.9 
Moore Colson Wealth Management LLC Marietta GA US 35.7 
Moore Financial Advisors, Limited. US 27.8 
Moore Financial Group Littleton CO US 62.8 
Moore Financial Planning Advisors, LLC Davie TX US 2.6 
Moore Financial Service Group, LLC Irvine CA US 0.5 
Moore Financial Strategies, LLC Bloomfield Hills MI US 55.3 
Moore Wealth Management LLC. Seattle WA US 40.0 
Moore, Dorothea Jane US 22.5 
Moore, Ronald Keith US 0.0 
Moorfield Inv Management Limited London UK 0.0 
Moorhouse, W. Keith US 0.0 
Mooring Fund Manager, LLC Vienna VA US 0.0 
Moors & Cabot, Inc Boston MA US 821.6 
Moquist Thorvilson Kaufmann Kennedy And Pieper LLC Edina MN US 6.0 
Mora Wealth Management LLC Miami FL US 119.6 
Morant Wright Management Limited London UK 2858.1 
More For Less Financial Solutions, LLC US 111.7 
Moreau Inv Management Co US 19.0 
Morehead Capital Management, LLC Raleigh NC US 0.0 
Moreton Asset Management, LLC Salt Lake City UT US 172.0 
Morgan Capital Management, Inc. US 0.0 
Morgan Creek Capital Management, LLC Chapel Hill NC US 7360.9 
Morgan Dempsey Capital Management LLC Milwaukee WI US 244.2 
Morgan Financial Advisors Inc US 19.1 
Morgan Financial Inc Boyertown PA US 14.5 
Morgan Finch, LLC US 0.0 
Morgan Inv Inc Greenville SC US 44.0 
Morgan Kenwood Advisors, LLC Greendale WI US 72.2 
Morgan Rio Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 202.9 
Morgan Stanley Purchase NY US 393520.4 
Morgan Stanley Aip GP LP West Conshohocken PA US 13437.3 
Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Inc. New York NY US 4247.0 
Morgan Stanley Inv Management (japan) Co., Limited. Tokyo JP 6050.2 
Morgan Stanley Inv Management Company Singapore SG 22381.7 
Morgan Stanley Inv Management Inc. New York NY US 209035.7 
Morgan Stanley Inv Management Limited London UK 51527.9 
Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia, Inc. New York NY US 2668.9 
Morgan Stanley Real Estate Advisor, Inc. New York NY US 3.5 
Morgan Stanley Smith Banrey Venture Service LLC New York NY US 227.8 
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Private Management LLC New York NY US 325.8 
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Private Management LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Morgan Wealth Management, Inc. Surprise AZ US 5.4 
Morgan, Neil F. Marietta GA US 6.0 
Morgens, Waterfall, Vintiadis & Company, Inc. New York NY US 163.8 
Morgenthaler Management Corporation Menlo Park CA US 1367.9 
Morgenthaler Tech Inv Company, LLC Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Morgillo Financial Management, Inc. North Andover MA US 96.0 
Mori Huston Partners Miami FL US 211.5 
Morin Private Client Group, LLC US 10.2 
Morison Capital Management, LLC US 3.8 
Mork Capital Management Healdsburg CA US 65.0 
Morley Capital Management, Inc. Portland OR US 18321.7 
Morling Financial Advisors, LLC San Francisco CA US 56.6 
Morningside Inv Advisors San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Morningside Tmt (china) Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Morningstar Associates, LLC Chicago IL US 11385.9 
Morningstar Inv Service,Inc Chicago IL US 3865.7 
Morningview Capital, Inc. Calabasas CA US 0.2 
Morr Capital Management, Inc. Alpharetta GA US 0.0 
Morrill Financial Service US 8.1 
Morris & Morse Co Inc Boston MA US 0.0 
Morris Associates LLC New York NY US 80.5 
Morris Capital Advisors Inc Malvern PA US 179.7 
Morris Financial Concepts, Inc. Mount Pleasant SC US 162.0 
Morris Group Advisory Service, Inc Indianapolis IN US 0.0 
Morris Inv Counsel, Inc. US 17.1 
Morris Wealth Management Anderson CA US 34.2 
Morris, Paul R. Covington LA US 0.8 
Morrison Asset Management, LLC US 9.5 
Morrison Fiduciary Advisors, Inc. Pittsburgh PA US 0.0 
Morrison Financial US 18.5 
Morrison Street Capital, LLC Portland OR US 302.6 
Morse Capital Management, Inc. Tulsa OK US 8.3 
Morse Capital Partners, LLC Glen Allen VA US 147.2 
Morse Inv Management Company, Inc. Farmington CT US 3.8 
Mort Kelly Financial Service, LLC US 0.0 
Morter Inv Management LLC US 0.0 
Mortgage INDS Advisory Company New York NY US 50.0 
Morton Capital Management Calabasas CA US 1059.5 
Morton Wealth Advisors Wellelsey MA US 81.0 
Morton Wealth Management LLC Greensboro NC US 231.3 
Morven Advisors, LLC New York NY US 449.0 
Mos Capital, Inc. Norfolk VA US 88.1 
Mosaic Advisory Group US 0.0 
Mosaic Financial Advisors, LLC US 44.0 
Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc. San Francisco CA US 550.0 
Mosaic Research, Inc. Portland OR US 0.0 
Mosaic Wealth Management, LLC. US 43.8 
Mosby Lincoln Lc Wichita KS US 304.5 
Moscaret Inv Advisory Pasadena CA US 0.0 
Moseley Inv Management, Inc. Bradention FL US 68.4 
Moseman & Associates US 0.0 
Moser & Heier Financial Solutions Lisle IL US 0.0 
Moser Wealth Advisors Bellevue WA US 51.1 
Mosher & Ellis Financial Planning, Inc. Lafayette CA US 0.0 
Moss & Company, P.a. Maitland FL US 27.7 
Moss Adams Wealth Advisors LLC Seattle WA US 1268.7 
Moss Booth Wealth Advisors, LLC. Scottsdale AZ US 179.7 
Moss Joseph H Inc US 31.3 
Moss, Luse & Womble, LLC Addison TX US 21.2 
Mote Wealth Management, LLC US 31.0 
Motiwala Capital US 1.5 
Motley Fool Asset Management Alexandria VA US 408.5 
Motley Fool Financial Planning Alexandria VA US 0.0 
Moudrost, LLC US 1.2 
Mouly Financial Management, Inc. Davie FL US 14.0 
Mount Kellett Capital Management LP New York NY US 7183.9 
Mount Lucas Management LP Newtown PA US 1386.0 
Mount Vernon Associates Inc Baltimore MD US 199.0 
Mount Yale Asset Management, LLC Denver CO US 310.8 
Mount Yale Inv Advisors, LLC Denver CO US 771.3 
Mountain Capital Inv Advisors, LLC Centennial CO US 22.0 
Mountain Capital Management Inc US 52.6 
Mountain Lake Inv Management LLC Mill Valley CA US 263.0 
Mountain Pacific Advisors, LLC Bellevue WA US 381.0 
Mountain Pacific Inv Advisers Inc Boise ID US 710.1 
Mountain Spruce Inv Management, Inc. US 0.0 
Mountain State Analytics, LLC US 8.0 
Mountaineer Financial Planning, LLC Saint Albans WV US 0.0 
Mountaineer Partners Management, LLC New York NY US 32.0 
Mountebank, LLC US 7.2 
Mountgrange Inv Management LLP London UK 0.0 
Mowell Financial Group, NA Tallahassee FL US 40.8 
Mowen Capital Management US 0.0 
Mowery & Schoenfeld Wealth Management, LLC Lincolnshire IL US 14.6 
Mowery Capital Management, LLC Mckinney TX US 35.0 
Mowrey, Timothy J US 36.2 
Moy Inv Management, LLC Cincinnati OH US 23.5 
Mozaic, LLC Beverly Hills CA US 1348.8 
Mozingo Monitor, Inc. US 1.6 
Mp Ria, LLC Denver CO US 1082.9 
Mp Securitized Credit Partners L.P. New York NY US 569.4 
Mpa Capital Management LLC Wilmington DE US 0.0 
Mpam Credit Trading Partners L.P. Cleveland OH US 491.0 
Mpc Advisers, LLC Brookfield WI US 245.0 
Mpc Capital Advisors, LLC US 745.5 
Mpc Wealth Management Omaha NE US 2.4 
Mpi Advisory Group, LLC San Jose CA US 0.0 
Mpi Inv Management Inc Hinsdale IL US 290.4 
Mpm Asset Management LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Mpm Wealth Advisors, Inc. Holland OH US 377.9 
Mpmg & Partners Usa, LLC New York NY US 41.9 
Mpn Capital Management LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Mps-loria Financial Planners,LLC Burr Ridge IL US 286.0 
Mqs Advisors, LLC Englewood NJ US 0.0 
Mqs Management, LLC New York NY US 1009.4 
Mr Advisors, LLC US 21.0 
Mraz, Amerine & Associates, Inc. Modesto CA US 295.4 
Mrd Financial Advisors, LLC Norfolk VA US 0.0 
Mrd, Inc. US 100.9 
Mrj Capital, Inc. New York NY US 131.2 
Mrm Asset Allocation Group, Inc. St Louis MO US 67.8 
Mrm Wealth Management, LLC Penfield NY US 9.1 
Ms Capital Management, LLC. US 9.9 
Ms Capital Partners Adviser Inc. New York NY US 3000.8 
Msdc Management, L.P. New York NY US 6843.9 
Msdw Real Estate Special Situations Manager LLC New York NY US 43.2 
Msf Capital, LLC New York NY US 436.6 
Msm Financial Strategies US 22.6 
Msouth Equity Partners, LLC Atlanta GA US 813.0 
Msr Capital Management San Francisco CA US 103.3 
Msr Fund Manager, LLC Denver CO US 538.0 
Msref , Inc. New York NY US 88.2 
Msref Real Estate Advisor, Inc. New York NY US 6970.0 
Msref, LLC New York NY US 373.9 
Msref, LLC. New York NY US 1542.4 
Msress Manager, LLC. New York NY US 3324.5 
Msrh, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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