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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
co op Funeral Fund Inc Madison CT US 503.4 
Co=creation=capital Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Coach Capital Management, LLC Nashua NH US 0.0 
Coachman Energy Partners LLC Greenwood Village CO US 64.4 
Coachwise Financial Solutions, Inc. Tulsa OK US 22.1 
Coalescence Partners Investment Management Ii, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Coalescence Partners Investment Management LP Boston MA US 0.0 
Coalson Financial Service, LLC Las Cruces NM US 6.9 
Coast Asset Management, LLC Los Angele CA US 6930.0 
Coast Capital Management 10.4 
Coast Capital Management, LP New York NY US 0.0 
Coast Wealth Management, Inc. San Clemente CA US 34.9 
Coastal Asset Management LLC 0.1 
Coastal Bridge Advisors Westport CT US 1740.9 
Coastal Capital Group, Inc. Danvers MA US 1075.0 
Coastal Capital Management LLC Skaneateles NY US 6.3 
Coastal Capital Management LLC Wilmington NC US 4.3 
Coastal Capital Management, LLC Savannah GA US 6.2 
Coastal Financial Advisors, Inc. 10.8 
Coastal Financial Planning, Inc. Lincoln RI US 24.9 
Coastal Income And Capital Preservation Strategies, LLC Savannah GA US 6.6 
Coastal Investment Advisors Wilmington DE US 277.7 
Coastal Investment Management New York NY US 0.0 
Coastal Management Group LLC Narragansett RI US 8.4 
Coastal Partners Limited. Nassau BS 0.0 
Coastal Wealth Advisors, LLC Johns Island SC US 15.3 
Coastal Wealth Management, LP Houston TX US 8.3 
Coastedge Partners, LLC La Jolla CA US 367.4 
Coastland Capital LLC Palo Alto CA US 2633.2 
Coastlight Capital, LLC Palo Alto CA US 1.4 
Coastwise Capital Group, LLC La Jolla CA US 64.3 
Coatl Wealth, LLC Sunrise FL US 39.4 
Coats Financial Planning Louisville KY US 0.0 
Coatue Management, LLC. New York NY US 13755.1 
Cobalt Financial Partners LLC Sykesville MD US 52.2 
Cobalt Private Wealth LLC Colorado Springs CO US 20.0 
Cobb Financial, LLC 4.8 
Cobb Planning Group Santa Ana Ca 0.0 
Cobb Wealth Management, LLC Kansas City MO US 16.3 
Cobblestone Capital Advisors, LLC Rochester NY US 1494.2 
Cobblestone Wealth Advisors Brooklyn NY US 0.0 
Cobe Venner Cfp 32.2 
Cobey Jacobson & Gordon Inc Pasadena CA US 105.3 
Cobia Capital Management LP New York NY US 0.0 
Cobia Financial 0.0 
Cobiz Wealth Denver CO US 848.7 
Cobler Capital Management Silver Lake KS US 28.4 
Coburn & Meredith, Inc. Simsbury CT US 237.1 
Coburn Barrett, LLC San Francisco CA US 135.0 
Coburn Ventures, LLC Pleasantville NY US 8.7 
Cochran & Associates, Inc. 23.2 
Cochran Wealth LLC Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Coco Ent, LLC Whitefish MT US 72.3 
Cocoon Investment Management Bloomington MN US 1.7 
Cocozza Financial Planning, Limited. 0.0 
Coddington Capital Management, LLC Kingston RI US 0.0 
Coe Capital Management, LLC Deerfield IL US 174.4 
Coe Financial Service, Inc. Wichita KS US 89.5 
Coelho & Callahan 0.0 
Coeli Frontier Markets AB Stockholm SE 240.0 
Cofactor LLC 2.3 
Coffey Private Wealth Management Houston TX US 113.1 
Cofunder Advisors 0.0 
Cogent Advisory Group LLC Texarkana TX US 119.7 
Cogent Capital Group Marina Del Rey CA US 63.7 
Cogent Independent Advisors, Inc. Thousand Oaks CA US 16.3 
Cognios Capital, LLC Leawood KS US 525.4 
Cognis Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Cognis Retirement Group LLC Greenwood Village CO US 0.0 
Cognitiant Portland OR US 10.0 
Cognition Capital Management, LLC 2.0 
Cognitive Trader 10.3 
Cognizant Wealth Advisors Palo Alto CA US 18.8 
Cohanzick Management LLC Pleasantville NY US 1644.5 
Cohen & Company Financial Management, LLC Philadelphia PA US 2605.1 
Cohen & Steers Asia Limited Central HK 2924.1 
Cohen & Steers Capital Management Inc. New York NY US 57198.0 
Cohen & Steers Uk Limited London UK 3900.8 
Cohen Capital Management Inc Corte Madera CA US 507.4 
Cohen Capital Management, LLC Brooklyn NY US 35.0 
Cohen Investment Advisors, LLC Bedford NH US 84.2 
Cohen Klingenstein, LLC New York NY US 683.3 
Cohen, Robert J. 0.0 
Cohen, Steven J Cfa 1.0 
Coherence Capital Partners LLC New York NY US 365.0 
Coherent Financial Advisers, LLC 12.1 
Cohesion Capital Providence RI US 0.0 
Cohesive Capital Partners New York NY US 678.3 
Cohn Financial Service Greenfield MA US 58.5 
Cohnreznick Wealth Management LLC Roseland NJ US 0.0 
Coho Partners, Limited. Berwyn PA US 3245.4 
Coign Capital Advisors LLC Draper UT US 94.4 
Cojo Bay Advisors, LLC 11.4 
Coker & Palmer Jackson MS US 150.8 
Colbeck Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 225.7 
Colbert Investment Management Co Miami FL US 283.1 
Colburn Wealth Management, LLC Mt. Sterling OH US 6.4 
Colchester Global Investors London UK 36222.3 
Colchester Investment Counsel LLC Ridgefield CT US 98.4 
Colchis Capital Management, L.P. San Francisco CA US 1579.2 
Cold Creek Capital 0.2 
Coldstream Wealth Management Bellevue WA US 761.8 
Coldstream Wealth Management Bellevue WA US 2097.2 
Cole Financial Consulting, LLC 0.0 
Cole Financial Solutions, LLC 9.6 
Cole Investment Advisors, Inc. Portage MI US 43.7 
Cole Wealth Management, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 87.5 
Colefp 29.0 
Coleman River Capital, LLC 6.1 
Coleman Scherer Investments, Inc. Palatine IL US 3.7 
Coleridge Frost & Associates Inc Sarasota FL US 0.0 
Coliseum Capital Management, LLC Rowayton CT US 1025.6 
Coliseum Wealth Management, LLC North Bethesda MD US 26.6 
Collaborative Financial Partners LLC Columbus OH US 0.0 
Collaborative Wealth Lake Mary FL US 112.3 
Collaborative Wealth Advisors, LLC Westford MA US 25.3 
Collabria Capital, Inc 18.4 
Collar Capital Management, LLC 38.6 
Collateral Financial Advisors, LLC Birmingham AL US 1.6 
Colleen Weber Cpa, LLC Chanhassen MN US 36.5 
Collega Capital Management Santo Domingo DO 41.4 
Collegiate Capital Management, Inc. Raleigh NC US 270.2 
Coller Capital Inc New York NY US 2630.8 
Coller Capital Limited London UK 0.0 
Coller Investment Management Limited St. Peter Port GG 16766.9 
Colley Asset Management, Inc. Saratoga Springs NY US 123.0 
Collie Financial Planning, Inc. Asheville NC US 32.9 
Collier Consulting 0.0 
Collier Financial, Inc Denver CO US 32.5 
Colligan Advisory, LLC Hanover NH US 27.0 
Collins Advisors, LLC Buffalo NY US 83.8 
Collins Advisory 43.7 
Collins Capital Investments, LLC Coral Gables FL US 293.3 
Collins Capital Management Millbrook NY US 80.6 
Collins Financial Management, Inc. Wilson NC US 5.8 
Collins Financial Service 8.0 
Collins/bay Island Securities, LLC Newport Beach CA US 0.0 
Collins/moody Financial Service, LLC. Athens GA US 30.5 
Collinson Howe Venture Partners, Inc. Stamford CT US 0.0 
Collwick Funds GP, LLC Charlotte NC US 0.0 
Colman Knight Advisory Group, LLC 105.9 
Cologny Advisors LLP London UK 0.0 
Colomb Investment Management Company, LLC Metairie LA US 0.0 
Colonial Consulting, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Colonial First State Global Asset Management Sydney Nsw AU 89489.5 
Colonial First State Global Asset Management Sydney, Nsw AU 1862.2 
Colonial First State Global Asset Management Sydney AU 560.9 
Colonial First State Global Asset Management Grand Cayman Ky1-9008 KY 671.3 
Colonial River Investments, LLC Midlothian, Va VA US 34.4 
Colonial Trust Advisors, Inc. Spartanburg SC US 629.7 
Colony Capital Investment Advisors, LLC Los Angeles CA US 17067.4 
Colony Capital Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 44.2 
Colony Family Offices, LLC Charlotte NC US 1260.9 
Colorado Capital Management Boulder CO US 292.4 
Colorado Diversified Financial Longmont CO US 0.8 
Colorado Financial Advisory Resources, Inc. Aurora CO US 1.2 
Colorado Financial Management LLC Boulder CO US 1172.5 
Colorado Financial Service Corporation Centennial CO US 4.4 
Colorado Western Financial Cheyenne WY US 25.2 
Colt Financial 1.0 
Colton Groome Financial Advisors, LLC Asheville NC US 0.0 
Colton Investment Management, LLC 29.0 
Colton Wealth Management Arcadia CA US 58.8 
Coltrane Asset Management, L.P. New York NY US 819.2 
Coltwood Advisors, LLC 0.7 
Columbia Advisory Partners, LLC Spokane WA US 16.0 
Columbia Asset Management, LLC. Ann Arbor MI US 500.6 
Columbia Benefits, LLC Centennial CO US 47.0 
Columbia Capital Alexandria VA US 0.0 
Columbia Capital Management, LLC Overland Park KS US 429.2 
Columbia Dubrin Realty Advisors LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Columbia Financial Advisors Inc Houston TX US 59.0 
Columbia Financial Advisors LLP Washington DC US 10.2 
Columbia Financial Planning LLC 0.0 
Columbia Lake Partners London UK 0.0 
Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC Boston MA US 350215.3 
Columbia Pacific Advisors, LLC Seattle WA US 1364.8 
Columbia Pacific Wealth Management Seattle WA US 3040.0 
Columbia Partners, LLC. Investment Management Chevy Chase MD US 1867.9 
Columbia Ridge Capital Management Johnson City NY US 152.1 
Columbia River Advisors Tacoma WA US 372.7 
Columbia Wanger Asset Management, LLC Chicago IL US 13836.1 
Columbia Wealth Management, LLC Longview WA US 0.0 
Columbus Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 70.4 
Columbus Circle Investors Stamford CT US 8238.8 
Columbus Hill Capital Management, L.P. Short Hills NJ US 2114.0 
Columbus Investment Advisory Inc. New Albany OH US 323.3 
Columbus Macro, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 559.5 
Column Capital Advisors, LLC Indianapolis IN US 715.9 
Column Park Asset Management, LP New York NY US 613.3 
Colver Asset Management, LLC 2.7 
Colwyn Investments Lc 9.3 
Colyzeo Investment Advisors Limited London UK 0.0 
Colyzeo Investment Management Limited London UK 0.0 
Combest Financial Service, Inc. Duncan OK US 52.0 
Comerica Securities Detroit MI US 1035.0 
Comgest Asset Management International Limited Dublin 2 IR 12669.0 
Comgest Us LLC Dublin 2 Ire 0.0 
Command Capital Management LLC. Oak Brook IL US 19.8 
Commandiv LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Commencement Financial Planning LLC 25.4 
Commerce Advisors, LLC Memphis TN US 276.6 
Commerce Asset Management, LLC Memphis TN US 7.6 
Commerce Brokerage Service, Inc Clayton MO US 382.1 
Commerce Investment Advisors, Inc. Kansas City MO US 2506.3 
Commerce Street Investment Management Dallas TX US 113.8 
Commerce Ventures San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Commission Free Financial Planning Solutions, Inc. 8.3 
Committed Advisors S.a.s. Paris FR 0.0 
Commodities & Securities, Inc. 1.6 
Commodities World Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Commodore Asset Management, LLC 15.5 
Common Cents Wealth Management, LLC Pembroke Pines FL US 38.6 
Common Sense Advisors 20.3 
Common Sense Financial Investing, LLC 1.4 
Common Wealth Management LLC Delaware OH US 9.8 
Commoncents Wealth Advisors, LLC Trinity FL US 4.9 
Commonfund Asset Management Company, Inc. Wilton CT US 14853.6 
Commonfund Capital, Inc. Wilton CT US 10363.6 
Commons Capital Advisors, LLC Needham MA US 92.6 
Commonwealth Advisors Inc Baton Rouge LA US 55.2 
Commonwealth Advisory Group, Limited. Pittsburgh PA US 325.2 
Commonwealth Asset Management Group, LLC Fairfax VA US 10.8 
Commonwealth Capital Management LLC Richmond VA US 12.9 
Commonwealth Financial Advisors, LLC Louisville KY US 28.0 
Commonwealth Financial Network Waltham MA US 61475.2 
Commonwealth Financial Planners Inc Roswell GA US 82.0 
Commonwealth Financial Planning, LLC 0.0 
Commonwealth Financial Service, LLC Parkersburg WV US 157.6 
Commonwealth Investment Advisors LLC Denver CO US 8.2 
Commonwealth Opportunity Capital GP, LLC Los Angeles CA US 2209.0 
Commonwealth Retirement Investments LLC Richmond VA US 96.8 
Commonwealth Strategic Advisory New Canaan CT US 650.0 
Commonwealth Venture Management Corporation. Woburn MA US 0.0 
Communication Capital Partners, LLC Chevy Chase MD US 0.0 
Communitas Financial Planning Inc. San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Community Bancapital (cbc) Portland OR US 0.0 
Community Capital Management, Inc. Weston FL US 2401.4 
Community DEVE Associates, LLC. Frisco TX US 0.0 
Community DEVE Fund Advisors, LLC 29.9 
Community Financial Group, Inc. Marlborough MA US 38.6 
Community First Credit Union Santa Rosa CA US 0.0 
Community Investment Management LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Community Ladders 0.0 
Community Reinvestment Advisors, Inc. Palm Beach Gardens FL US 0.0 
Communityamerica Financial Solutions, LLC Lenexa KS US 120.3 
Compak Asset Management Newport Beach CA US 417.4 
Companion Portfolio Management, Inc. Sequim WA US 30.6 
Compass Westport CT US 27.0 
Compass Advisors Plainview NY US 80.0 
Compass Advisors LLC 15.2 
Compass Advisory Partners LLC Cookeville TN US 127.0 
Compass Analytics, LLC San Francisco CA US 17165.4 
Compass Asset Management, LLC Guilford CT US 277.0 
Compass Capital Corporation Braintree MA US 179.5 
Compass Capital Management Southbury CT US 0.0 
Compass Capital Management Group LLC Redwood City CA US 18.7 
Compass Capital Management Inc Minneapolis MN US 909.8 
Compass Capital Management, LLC 13.2 
Compass Capital Management, LLC Mcalester OK US 39.4 
Compass Equity Advisors LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Compass Financial Advisors LLC Fort Wayne IN US 195.0 
Compass Financial Advisors, LLC 11.7 
Compass Financial Advisory, LLC New York NY US 3.1 
Compass Financial Consulting, LLC Atlanta GA US 230.9 
Compass Financial Group Sioux Falls SD US 310.0 
Compass Financial Group, Inc. Deerfield Beach FL US 283.3 
Compass Financial Group, LLC Dublin OH US 38.0 
Compass Financial Management LLC Parsippany NJ US 57.1 
Compass Financial Planning 7.0 
Compass Financial Planning, Inc. Highland Park IL US 0.0 
Compass Financial Planning, LLC San Luis Obispo CA US 0.0 
Compass Financial Service West Des Moines IA US 0.0 
Compass Financial Service, Inc. Winston Salem NC US 10.4 
Compass Financial Strategies Abilene TX US 42.9 
Compass Financial Usa, Inc. 7.6 
Compass Financial, LLC 0.8 
Compass Group LLC New York NY US 2055.0 
Compass Group Management LLC Westport CT US 919.6 
Compass Investment Advisers, LLC Portland OR US 34.2 
Compass Investments LLC 64.1 
Compass Ion Advisors, LLC Conshohocken PA US 554.0 
Compass Partners International Ii LLP London UK 0.0 
Compass Partners International Jersey L.P. St Helier JE 315.0 
Compass Planning Associates, Inc. Boston MA US 69.4 
Compass Point Asset Management, LLC Washington DC US 0.0 
Compass Point Retirement Planning, Inc. Wakefield MA US 0.0 
Compass Portfolios LLC 3.5 
Compass Private Wealth Consulting, LLC 17.9 
Compass Private Wealth Management, LLC 1.8 
Compass Retirement Group LLC St. Louis MO US 0.0 
Compass Retirement, LLC 0.0 
Compass Rose Advisors, Inc. San Francisco CA US 15.9 
Compass Rose Financial Planning & Investment Management Palm Springs CA US 0.0 
Compass Rose Strategic Partners LLC New London CT US 57.0 
Compass Tech Group, Inc. Redwood City CA US 8.1 
Compass Wealth Advisors Petaluma CA US 5.1 
Compass Wealth Advisors, LLC Elkhart IN US 202.3 
Compass Wealth Management, LLC Concord MA US 50.5 
Compass Wealth Management, LLC Wood Ridge NJ US 0.0 
Compass Wealth Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 153.5 
Compendium Finance LLC Herdon VA US 0.0 
Comperio Retirement Consulting, Inc. Cary NC US 1200.0 
Complete Financial Planning,Inc. 30.3 
Complete Investment Advisory, LLC Fargo ND US 15.7 
Completeadvisors Valley Stream NY US 75.1 
Complus Asset Management Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Composed Financial Management 12.5 
Composite Capital Management (hk) Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Composition Capital Partners B.v. Amsterdam NL 0.0 
Compound Asset Management Inc. Fort Lauderdale FL US 2.1 
Compound Capital Management Nashville TN US 0.0 
Compound Capital Management LLC Midland TX US 0.8 
Compound Interest Investing LLC 0.0 
Compound Value Advisers, LLC Tustin CA US 19.0 
Comprehensive Capital Management, Inc. Parsippany NJ US 272.9 
Comprehensive Financial Advisers Exton PA US 0.0 
Comprehensive Financial Consultants Institutional, Inc. Bloomington IN US 148.0 
Comprehensive Financial Management LLC Los Gatos CA US 10981.0 
Comprehensive Financial Planning Inc Oklahoma City OK US 127.5 
Comprehensive Financial Planning Inc East Petersburg PA US 288.1 
Comprehensive Financial Planning Inc 93.5 
Comprehensive Financial Planning Service Corporation. Zionsville IN US 29.5 
Comprehensive Financial Planning, Inc. Durango CO US 12.8 
Comprehensive Investment Management, LLC 0.0 
Comprehensive Money Management Service LLC 60.0 
Comprehensive Partners, LLC 0.3 
Comprehensive Physicians Retirement Investing 17.8 
Comprehensive Planning Advisory Corporation Southfield Mi 0.0 
Comprehensive Planning Corporation Kokomo IN US 0.0 
Comprehensive Planning, Inc. 0.0 
Comprehensive Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC Oak Brook IL US 0.0 
Comprehensive Wealth Management Lynnwood WA US 263.5 
Comprehensive Wealth Management 1.5 
Comprehensive Wealth Management Group, LLC Staten Island NY US 0.0 
Comprehensive Wealth Service, LLC Morristown NJ US 46.0 
Comprehensive Wealth Solutions, LLC Boca Raton FL US 176.8 
Compton Advisors, LLC 9.0 
Compton Capital Management Inc Providence RI US 285.7 
Compton Financial Group Towson MD US 138.3 
Compton Wealth Advisory Group, LLC Virginia Beach VA US 484.6 
Comvest Advisors LLC West Palm Beach FL US 2593.7 
Cona Investment Advisors, LLC La Verne CA US 3.2 
Conaghan Financial Service 0.2 
Conatus Capital Management LP Greenwich CT US 1926.7 
Concentio Capital Management, LLC Dallas TX US 2.4 
Concentrated Risk Solutions Inc. 0.0 
Concentric Wealth Advisors LLC Lake Oswego OR US 90.0 
Concentric Wealth Management LLC Lafayette CA US 227.4 
Concentrum Wealth Management San Jose CA US 197.2 
Concentus Global Partners, LLC Lehi UT US 3.9 
Concentus Partners Management LLC New York NY US 43.7 
Concentus Wealth Advisors King Of Prussia PA US 463.5 
Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC Appleton WI US 55.8 
Conceptual Wealth Management LLC 0.0 
Conceptwealth San Antonio TX US 0.0 
Concert Wealth Management San Jose CA US 1105.5 
Concierge Financial Planning, LLC 0.0 
Concierge Private Wealth Management, LLC Boise ID US 20.5 
Concierge Wealth Advisors, LLC 1.5 
Concinnity Advisors, LP 219.8 
Concinnus Financial, Inc Spokane WA US 5.9 
Concise Capital Management, L.P. Miami FL US 263.9 
Concord Advisors Ria Concord OH US 0.0 
Concord Advisory Group Limited Princeton NJ US 13705.8 
Concord Atlantic, Inc. 31.3 
Concord International Investments, L.P. New York NY US 293.4 
Concord Investment Counsel Irvine CA US 190.2 
Concord Investment Management New York NY US 222.2 
Concord Public Financial Advisors, Inc. Reading PA US 0.0 
Concord Wealth Partners Abingdon VA US 180.7 
Concorde Asset Management, LLC Livonia MI US 195.2 
Concorde Capital Corporation Dallas TX US 0.0 
Concorde Financial Resources, LLC Wilkesboro NC US 95.7 
Concorde Investment Management Dallas TX US 160.4 
Concordia Wealth Management, LLC Concord MA US 139.0 
Concourse Capital Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 210.8 
Condata Group Inc New York NY US 3.2 
Condit Capital Management Co. Fargo Nd 0.0 
Condon Wealth Management, LLC Plymouth MA US 33.3 
Condor Capital Wealth Management Martinsville NJ US 900.5 
Conduent Hr Service New York NY US 0.0 
Conduent Human Resource Service New York NY US 174.7 
Coneeny Investment Management LLC Nashua NH US 0.0 
Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC Wayne PA US 1813.2 
Conestoga Wealth Management Exton PA US 0.0 
Conexus Capital Management, LLC Parker CO US 20.0 
Confiance, Financial & Investment Advisors Cleveland OH US 17.6 
Confidant Financial Solutions, LLC 15.9 
Confidant Wealth Management Group, LLC Austin TX US 0.7 
Confidential Management Advisors, Inc. Troy MI US 102.5 
Confidential Planning I, LLC Syracuse NY US 28.4 
Confluence Capital Advisors, LLC 17.0 
Confluence Financial Advisors Boulder CO US 0.0 
Confluence Investment Management LLC Saint Louis MO US 6198.7 
Confluence Wealth Management LLC Portland OR US 592.8 
Conger Wealth Management Little Rock AR US 63.1 
Congress Asset Management Company, LLP Boston MA US 5693.4 
Congress Park Capital LLC 138.8 
Congress Wealth Management LLC Boston MA US 1348.4 
Congruent Investment Partners, LLC Dallas TX US 307.1 
Congruent Management, LLC Oakland CA US 0.0 
Conifer Investments Limited Hartford CT US 245.4 
Conifer Management, LLC New York NY US 191.4 
Conley Advisors, Inc 32.0 
Conley Capital Group Eugene OR US 58.5 
Conley, William J. Portland OR US 0.0 
Conlon Dart Wealth Management Seattle WA US 404.7 
Connected Wealth Solutions, LLC La Grande OR US 20.0 
Connecticut Cambridge Advisors 0.0 
Connecticut Wealth Management, LLC Farmington CT US 546.5 
Connective Capital Management, LLC Palo Alto CA US 103.8 
Connelly Investment And Financial Service, LLC 2.4 
Conner Management Group, LLC Pearland TX US 0.0 
Conning Investment Products, Inc. Hartford CT US 303.4 
Conning, Inc. Hartford CT US 72040.6 
Connolly Asset Management, LLC 0.7 
Connolly Financial Farmington NM US 9.0 
Connolly Financial Advisors, Inc. North Andover MA US 33.4 
Connolly Financial Group 14.0 
Connolly Wealth Management, LLC 0.0 
Connor Capital Management, LLC Vienna VA US 20.7 
Connor Capital Sb, LLC Santa Barbara CA US 0.0 
Connor Clark & Lunn Investment Management Limited Vancouver, Bc CA 36177.9 
Connors Global Asset Management LLC Jersey City NJ US 18.7 
Connors Investor Service Inc Wyomissing PA US 719.2 
Connors James Capital LLC Jersey City NJ US 15.7 
Conover Capital Management Bellevue WA US 318.8 
Conover Securities Corporation Bellevue WA US 24.4 
Conrad A. May, Cpa, P.c. 0.0 
Conrad Capital Management, Inc. Islandia NY US 70.8 
Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors Harrisburg PA US 4206.6 
Conrad, Craig And Martin, Inc. Chicago IL US 0.0 
Conroy Investment Service Great Falls MT US 4.5 
Conscient Capital, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 40.0 
Conscious Capital Cedar Rapids IA US 1.1 
Conscious Capital Management LLC Madison WI US 11.9 
Conscious Capital Wealth Management, LLC Glastonbury CT US 4.5 
Conscious Life Planning 1.6 
Conscious Money Solutions, LLC Amarillo TX US 24.0 
Consector Capital, LP New York NY US 111.1 
Consequent Capital Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 3874.4 
Conservation Capital, LLC 3.0 
Conservation Resource Partners, LLC Exeter NH US 768.1 
Conservative Asset Management, Inc. 16.9 
Conservative Equity Investment Advisors 3.2 
Conservative Wealth Management LLC 206.3 
Conservativemoney LLC Rocky River OH US 19.3 
Conservest Capital Advisors Inc Wynnewood PA US 1070.0 
Conservest Management Co Woodstock VT US 19.1 
Consilium Investment Management LLC Fort Lauderdale FL US 776.1 
Consilium Wealth Advisory, LLC 95.6 
Consilium Wealth Management San Ramon CA US 365.9 
Consist Capital Management LLC Telluride CO US 4.9 
Consistent Values, Inc. Greenwood Village CO US 0.0 
Consolidated Asset Management, Limited. Southport NC US 53.1 
Consolidated Financial Dublin OH US 241.2 
Consolidated Financial Management Corporation. Beaverton OR US 0.0 
Consolidated Investment Advisors Charlotte NC US 291.9 
Consolidated Investment Advisors LLC Rock Hill SC US 0.0 
Consolidated Planning Corporation Atlanta GA US 422.8 
Consolidated Portfolio Review Corporation Locust Valley NY US 188.0 
Consonance Capital Management LP New York NY US 917.8 
Consonance Capital Partners, LP New York NY US 893.5 
Conspecta Capital, LLC 0.8 
Constant Guidance Financial, LLC North Attleboro MA US 22.9 
Constant Wealth Management, LLC 24.6 
Constantia Capital LLC Lawrenceville NJ US 9.5 
Constantiam St Louis MO US 124.0 
Constantine Barry Asset Management (cbam) Clarks Summit PA US 133.2 
Constellation Asset Management, Inc. Fayetteville NY US 31.7 
Constellation Capital Management LLC White Plains NY US 375.2 
Constellation Investimentos E Participaes LTDA Sao Paulo BR 790.9 
Constellation Wealth Advisors, LLC Cincinnati OH US 0.0 
Constitution Capital Partners, LLC Andover MA US 2066.7 
Constitution Research & Management Inc Boston MA US 23.9 
Consulting Group Advisory Service LLC Purchase NY US 5287.4 
Consultiva Internacional Inc Guaynabo PR US 3133.1 
Contego Capital Advisors, LLC Excelsior MN US 62.0 
Contemporary Planning Alternatives 21.2 
Content Partners LLC Los Angeles CA US 834.6 
Context Advisers Ii, L.P. Bala Cynwyd PA US 103.6 
Context Advisers Iii, LLC Bala Cynwyd PA US 10.9 
Context Bh Capital Management, LP Bala Cynwyd PA US 397.1 
Context Capital Management LLC La Jolla CA US 150.0 
Context Financial Group White Bear Lake MN US 26.4 
Context Financial LLC Lexington KY US 14.8 
Contextual Investments LLC 0.0 
Continental Advisors LLC Chicago IL US 327.0 
Continental Five Investment Group, LLC Darien CT US 6.0 
Continental Investment Management Company Red Bluff Ca 0.0 
Continental Investors Service, Inc. Longview WA US 11.0 
Continental Nine Financial Management 5.7 
Contingent Macro Advisors LLC Lafayette CA US 1.0 
Continuity Partners Group, LLC Fairfield IA US 0.0 
Continuum Advisory, LLC Pleasanton CA US 190.8 
Continuum Capital Advisory, LLC Rock Hill SC US 0.0 
Continuum Capital Management LLC 2.3 
Continuum Financial Omaha NE US 28.7 
Continuum Financial Partners, LLC El Dorado Hills CA US 14.7 
Continuum Financial, LLC Humble TX US 76.4 
Continuum Global Asset Management, LLC 23.5 
Continuum Wealth Advisors, LLC Saratoga Springs NY US 147.6 
Continuum Wealth Management, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 0.0 
Continuum Wealth Strategies, LLC 14.0 
Contour Asset Management LLC New York NY US 2324.5 
Contour Capital Reno NV US 20.0 
Contour Financial Orland Park IL US 33.8 
Contour Venture Partners New York NY US 0.0 
Contrafactum Research & Management LLC Glenolden PA US 0.0 
Contrarian Capital Management LLC Greenwich CT US 4450.7 
Contrariwise Investments LLC 1.9 
Contrary Investment Advisors Mclean VA US 20.1 
Contrast Capital Management, LLC Boston MA US 28.7 
Contravest Inc. Austin TX US 10.0 
Contravisory Investment Management, Inc. Norwell MA US 463.6 
Contryman Wealth Advisors Hastings NE US 98.0 
Conventus Asset Management LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Convergence Investment Management, LLC 12.4 
Convergence Investment Partners, LLC Grafton WI US 398.4 
Convergence Wealth Advisors, LLC Providence RI US 38.1 
Convergent Capital Partners, LLC Boston MA US 13.0 
Convergent Financial Strategies LLC Wayne PA US 42.6 
Convergent Wealth Advisors, LLC Beverly Hills CA US 54.9 
Convergent Wealth Management, LLC Chesterfield MO US 31.7 
Convex Capital Management LLC Warrenville IL US 3.1 
Convex Wealth Management 9.7 
Convexity Capital Management LP Boston MA US 5828.7 
Convoy Investments, LLC 35.3 
Conway Capital Management, Inc. Studio City CA US 49.5 
Conway Financial Group, LLC Chesterfield MO US 0.0 
Conway Investment Research, LLC Saint Louis MO US 522.9 
Conway Jarvis LLC Seattle WA US 241.0 
Conway Mackenzie Investment Advisors, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Conway Morgan, Inc 3.1 
Cook & Associates Troy MI US 28.9 
Cook & Bynum Capital Management, LLC Birmingham AL US 316.1 
Cook Financial Designs, Inc. Virginia Beach VA US 43.1 
Cook Pine Capital LLC Greenwich CT US 249.4 
Cook Street Consulting, Inc. Greenwood Village CO US 1066.4 
Cook Wealth Management Group LLC Raleigh NC US 289.6 
Cooke & Bieler, L.P. Philadelphia PA US 5303.4 
Cooke Wealth Management, LLC Newport Beach CA US 47.4 
Cooks Financial Service, LLC 5.3 
Cookson Financial, LLC Excelsior MN US 18.0 
Cookson Peirce Wealth Management Pittsburgh PA US 1119.1 
Coolidge & Company, LLC Memphis Tn 0.0 
Coombe, Bender & Company, LLC Wawarsing NY US 95.9 
Coombs Wealth Advisory, LLC Blue Bell PA US 14.4 
Cooney Financial Advisors Inc Marlton NJ US 22.6 
Cooper Capital, Inc. Arlingtion VA US 39.2 
Cooper Creek Partners Management LLC New York NY US 338.7 
Cooper Financial Service, Inc. Hamden CT US 127.2 
Cooper Investment Partners LLC New York NY US 323.6 
Cooper Lapman Financial, LLC Boston MA US 154.1 
Cooper Malone Mcclain, Inc. Wichita KS US 0.0 
Cooper Mcmanus Irvine CA US 520.6 
Cooper Point Advisors LLC 0.0 
Cooper, Clay Stephen Pineville LA US 58.6 
Cooper/haims Advisors, LLC Victor NY US 447.8 
Coordinated Capital Securities, Inc. Madison WI US 114.3 
Coordinated Financial Management Wichita KS US 2.9 
Coordinated Financial Planning Corporation Cincinnati OH US 237.8 
Coordinated Planning Group, Inc. Melville NY US 2.4 
Coordinated Wealth Management, LLC Glendale CA US 0.0 
Coordinated Wealth Management, LLC. Nashville TN US 55.1 
Copeland Advisory Group Inc. Fort Worth TX US 2.3 
Copeland Capital Management, LLC Conshohocken PA US 1867.2 
Copeland Financial Service LLC 3.6 
Copeland Wealth Management, LLC Clarksville TN US 26.6 
Copeley Capital Charlotte NC US 0.0 
Copernico Capital Partners LLC Stamford CT US 0.0 
Copernicus Capital Management LLC San Francisco CA US 105.5 
Copia Financial Solutions, Inc. 0.0 
Copiam Wealth Management, LLC 6.1 
Copley Financial Group, Inc. San Diego CA US 0.0 
Copley Financial Service Corporation Fall River MA US 114.3 
Copley Investment Management, LLC Wilmington NC US 80.0 
Copper Beech Advisors, LLC Malvern PA US 7.5 
Copper Beech Wealth Management Bloomfield Hills MI US 95.1 
Copper Crescent Capital Management, LLC 0.9 
Copper Harbor Investment Advisors, LLC Little Chute WI US 201.0 
Copper River Advisors LLC Englewood CO US 31.1 
Copper Rock Capital Partners Boston MA US 5095.3 
Copper Street Capital LLP Maidenhead, Berkshire UK 0.0 
Copperleaf Capital, LLC Raleigh NC US 179.5 
Copperleafe Wealth Management, LLC Okeechobee FL US 0.0 
Copperline Trading Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Copperlion Investments Murray UT US 4.3 
Copperpine, Inc. 1.5 
Copperplate Capital LLC Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Coppertreeu, LLC Westborough MA US 133.6 
Copperwynd Financial Scottsdale AZ US 220.9 
Coppin Collings London UK 1.0 
Coral Gables Asset Management LLC 0.0 
Coral Group Minneapolis MN US 0.0 
Coral Reef Capital LP New York NY US 0.0 
Coramerica Capital, LLC El Segundo CA US 1947.1 
Coraticum Asset Management, LLC Midvale UT US 138.8 
Corazon Group LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Corbel Capital Partners Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Corbenic Partners, LLC Bethlehem PA US 419.3 
Corbin Capital Partners, L.P. New York NY US 5311.9 
Corbyn Investment Management Inc Lutherville MD US 1011.9 
Corcoran Wealth Management LLC 3.5 
Corda Investment Management, LLC Houston TX US 864.9 
Cordant, Inc. Portland OR US 164.5 
Cordasco Financial Network, LLC Philadelphia PA US 387.6 
Cordatus Advisors, LLC Dallas TX US 20.0 
Cordatus Wealth Management LLC Newtown PA US 157.4 
Cordiant Capital Inc. Montreal CA 744.0 
Cordillera Investment Partners, L.P. San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Cordus Wealth Advisors LLC 3.0 
Core Advisors, Limited. Chapin SC US 32.6 
Core Advisory, LLC Arlington VA US 0.0 
Core Alpha, Inc. Rochester NY US 36.5 
Core And Value Advisors, LLC San Francisco CA US 4037.8 
Core Asset Management Company Sausalito CA US 40.2 
Core Asset Management Strategies Newport Beach CA US 24.0 
Core Capital Advisors, LLC Olympia WA US 2.7 
Core Capital Management And Research Inc. Houston TX US 911.0 
Core Capital Management, LLC Irvine CA US 15.8 
Core Capital Management, LLC 11.1 
Core Capital Management, LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Core Capital Markets, LLC Atlanta GA US 1.4 
Core Capital Partners Washington DC US 0.0 
Core Capital Solutions LLC Naperville IL US 126.8 
Core Capital Strategies Johnston IA US 14.7 
Core Equity Holdings GP Limited Grand Cayman Cay 0.0 
Core Financial Venice CA US 146.3 
Core Financial Advisors San Bernardino CA US 133.5 
Core Financial Advisors, Inc. Alpharetta GA US 1.2 
Core Financial Planning Bloomfield Hills MI US 0.0 
Core Group Financial 0.0 
Core Investment Advisors LLC Columbus OH US 581.5 
Core Investment Management, LLC Pasadena CA US 4.2 
Core Venture Capital Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Core Wealth Advisors Indianapolis IN US 55.0 
Core Wealth Advisors, Inc. Lakeland FL US 141.6 
Core Wealth Consultants, LLC 15.0 
Core Wealth Management Oklahoma City OK US 19.0 
Core Wealth Management, Inc. Jupiter FL US 91.0 
Corecap Advisors Southfield MI US 600.0 
Coreco Central America Partners I, LLC Miami FL US 0.0 
Corecommodity Management, LLC Stamford CT US 4349.4 
Coregroup Service Inc 1.1 
Corepro Capital, LLC Wayne PA US 1.7 
Corestates Capital Advisors, LLC Yardley PA US 505.4 
Coretrust Investment Management, LLC Los Angeles CA US 253.0 
Corfman Capital, Inc 9.0 
Corient Capital Partners, LLC Newport Beach CA US 1729.2 
Corinthian Capital Company Denver CO US 43.3 
Corinthian Capital Group, LLC New York NY US 242.4 
Corinthian Partners Asset Management LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Coriolis Capital Limited London UK 581.5 
Corless & Associates, LLC 25.6 
Corley Investment Management Folsom CA US 0.0 
Cormorant Asset Management, LLC Boston MA US 1928.0 
Cornell Capital New York NY US 1303.8 
Cornell Pochily Investment Advisors, Inc. Ithaca NY US 302.2 
Corner Market Capital Us, Inc. Burnaby CA 0.0 
Cornercap Investment Counsel Inc Atlanta GA US 962.0 
Cornerstone Acquisition & Management Company LLC Rancho Santa Fe CA US 67.3 
Cornerstone Advisors Topeka KS US 116.6 
Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, LLC Bethlehem PA US 4239.8 
Cornerstone Advisors Inc Bellevue WA US 3331.4 
Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Asheville NC US 553.9 
Cornerstone Advisory Mandeville LA US 6.5 
Cornerstone Advisory Hunt Valley MD US 991.1 
Cornerstone Advisory Corporation 92.5 
Cornerstone Asset Advisors Inc. 30.6 
Cornerstone Asset Management Winchester VA US 26.3 
Cornerstone Asset Management Service, Inc. Broadview Heights OH US 15.6 
Cornerstone Asset Management, Inc. Ventura CA US 0.0 
Cornerstone Asset Management, Inc. Naperville IL US 15.0 
Cornerstone Asset Management, LLC 2.1 
Cornerstone Asset Management, LLC 1.5 
Cornerstone Capital Advisors Uniontown OH US 472.5 
Cornerstone Capital Advisors, Inc. Lakewood CO US 38.7 
Cornerstone Capital Corporation. New York NY US 330.4 
Cornerstone Capital Group LLC 0.0 
Cornerstone Capital Inc. New York NY US 881.9 
Cornerstone Capital Management New York NY US 14003.0 
Cornerstone Capital Management, Inc. Troy MI US 0.0 
Cornerstone Capital Management, Limited. 1.3 
Cornerstone Capital Management,, Limited Lynchburg VA US 6.0 
Cornerstone Capital Partners Inc., N.a. Greenwich CT US 6.1 
Cornerstone Capital Systems, Inc. Richmond CA US 0.0 
Cornerstone Capital, Inc. Palo Alto CA US 815.4 
Cornerstone Family Office, LLC Mayfield Heights OH US 0.0 
Cornerstone Financial Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Cornerstone Financial Advisors 0.0 
Cornerstone Financial Advisors 42.0 
Cornerstone Financial Advisors Inc. Haddon Heights NJ US 0.0 
Cornerstone Financial Advisors Limited. Las Vegas NV US 7.0 
Cornerstone Financial Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Cornerstone Financial Consulting LLC 0.0 
Cornerstone Financial Group,LLC Omaha NE US 57.5 
Cornerstone Financial Management LLC Burlington MA US 48.2 
Cornerstone Financial Planning LLC Williamsville NY US 63.5 
Cornerstone Financial Planning, Inc. Appleton WI US 42.0 
Cornerstone Financial Planning, Inc. 0.0 
Cornerstone Financial Planning, LLC 129.7 
Cornerstone Financial Service, Inc. Dallas TX US 30.4 
Cornerstone Financial Service, Inc. Greenfield IN US 0.0 
Cornerstone Institutional Investors, LLC Bethlehem PA US 786.8 
Cornerstone Investment Advisors Group, LLC Shreveport LA US 1.1 
Cornerstone Investment Advisors, Inc. 13.6 
Cornerstone Investment Advisors, LLC Boulder CO US 156.1 
Cornerstone Investment Advisory Group, LLC Oklahoma City OK US 39.0 
Cornerstone Investment Management And Consulting,LLC Daphne AL US 78.4 
Cornerstone Investment Management, LLC Hinsdale IL US 10.0 
Cornerstone Investment Partners, LLC Atlanta GA US 2718.3 
Cornerstone Investment Service Providence RI US 37.2 
Cornerstone Investment Service, Inc. 21.9 
Cornerstone Management (bermuda) Limited. Hamilton BM 0.0 
Cornerstone Management, Inc. Peachtree Corners GA US 758.4 
Cornerstone Partners LLC Charlottesville VA US 9074.5 
Cornerstone Professional Advisor Service, LLC Garden City NY US 50.5 
Cornerstone Retirement Group, Inc. Reno NV US 170.8 
Cornerstone Securities LLC Overland Park KS US 12.0 
Cornerstone Select Advisors, LLC St. Louis MO US 65.8 
Cornerstone Trust Management Service LLC Trevose PA US 796.2 
Cornerstone Wealth Huntersville NC US 805.2 
Cornerstone Wealth & Tax Advisory Group Roseville CA US 0.0 
Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, Inc. Carlsbad CA US 72.0 
Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, Inc. Edina MN US 213.7 
Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, LLC Overland Park KS US 117.8 
Cornerstone Wealth Management Westlake OH US 171.9 
Cornerstone Wealth Management San Diego CA US 266.1 
Cornerstone Wealth Management LLC Boston MA US 67.5 
Cornerstone Wealth Management, Inc. San Ramon CA US 0.0 
Cornerstone Wealth Management, Inc. Fort Collins CO US 37.1 
Cornerstone Wealth Management, LLC St. Peters MO US 1394.6 
Cornerstone Wealth Partners, LLC Okemos MI US 0.0 
Cornerstone Wealth Planning Matthews NC US 63.1 
Cornet Capital LLC 0.0 
Cornice Trading, LLC 0.0 
Cornwall Capital Management LP New York NY US 1286.5 
Coroebus Wealth Management, LLC Newark NJ US 5.5 
Corollary Capital LLC 0.0 
Corombos Investment Management, Inc. 12.8 
Coronado Financial Group LLC. 1.2 
Coronado Investment Advisors, LLC Coronado CA US 35.0 
Coronado Resources Dallas TX US 166.2 
Coronation Asset Management Pty Limited Claremont, Cape Town ZA 31000.0 
Coronation Global Fund Managers ireland Limited Dublin US 3382.5 
Coronation Investment Management International pty Limited Claremont, Cape Town ZA 0.0 
Corporate Benefits Consultants, Inc. Wexford PA US 34.5 
Corporate Consulting Group, Inc. Tulsa OK US 0.0 
Corporate Partners Ii Management LLC New York NY US 192.0 
Corpus Capital Management, Inc. Jacksonville FL US 0.0 
Corre Partners Management, LLC New York NY US 350.8 
Correlation Management, LLC San Diego CA US 0.0 
Correll Co. Investment Service Corporation. Hickory Hills IL US 165.1 
Corrib Capital Management LP Minneapolis MN US 355.3 
Corridor Capital, LLC Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Corriente Advisors, LLC Fort Worth TX US 0.0 
Corrigan Financial Inc Middletown RI US 662.0 
Corrum Capital Management Charlotte NC US 816.4 
Corry Capital Advisors, LLC Sewickley PA US 418.1 
Corsair Capital LLC New York NY US 6032.8 
Corsair Capital Management, L.P. New York NY US 924.5 
Corson Capital Management San Diego CA US 0.0 
Cortec Group Management Service, LLC New York NY US 4861.1 
Cortina Asset Management, LLC Milwaukee WI US 2481.5 
Cortland Associates Inc St. Louis MO US 577.0 
Corum Asset Management Paris FR 0.0 
Corvex Management LP New York NY US 7417.7 
Corvus Capital Management LLC Nashville TN US 16.0 
Corvus Financial LLC 0.0 
Corwell Asset Management Inc 46.5 
Cosey Financial Service, Inc. Knoxville TN US 50.0 
Cosner Financial Group, LLC Fort Collins CO US 123.2 
Costanoa Ventures Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Costello Asset Management, Inc. Feasterville PA US 125.8 
Costello Financial Planning, Inc. Ann Arbor MI US 17.5 
Coston And Mcisaac Investment Advisers, LLC Bar Harbor ME US 108.0 
Coston, Mcisaac & Shea Financial Advisors Bar Harbor ME US 101.4 
Cosyntris Advisory Network, LLC Denver CO US 148.9 
Cota Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Cote Financial Management 35.0 
Cote Financial Planning, LLC 1.4 
Cothran Capital, LLC Memphis TN US 0.0 
Cottage Capital, LLC Needham MA US 0.0 
Cottage Street Advisors Marion MA US 159.5 
Cottingham Management Company, LLC Carlsbad CA US 13.0 
Cotton Creek Capital Management, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Cottonwood Asset Management LLC 6.0 
Cottonwood Investment Group, LLC Shawnee Mission KS US 1.7 
Cottonwood Wealth Management, LLC Wichita KS US 0.6 
Cougar Global Investments Toronto CA 146.0 
Coughlen Financial Service, Inc. 0.0 
Coughlin Associates 10.3 
Coughlin Financial Service, Inc. Larchmont NY US 22.3 
Coughlin Ii, George Harper 0.0 
Couleur, John T. Northfield IL US 8.2 
Coulston Financial Service 43.0 
Council Capital Funds Management, LLC Nashville TN US 0.0 
Council Capital Management, LLC Nashville TN US 0.0 
Councilmark Asset Management, LLC Chattanooga TN US 160.2 
Counsel Fiduciary, LLC New York NY US 48.0 
Counsel Wealth Management, Inc. Arden Hills MN US 145.1 
Counterpoint Asset Management LLC San Diego CA US 64.0 
Counterpoint Capital Advisers, LLC 1.3 
Counterpoint Mutual Funds, LLC San Diego CA US 399.5 
Country Club Financial Service, Inc. Kansas City MO US 46.4 
Coupland Cardiff Asset Management LLP London UK 0.0 
Courage Capital Management, LLC Nashville TN US 483.8 
Courage Miller Partners, LLC Norfolk VA US 219.3 
Courant Investment Management LLC 108.3 
Courier Capital Corporation Buffalo NY US 1186.8 
Courier Capital, LLC Buffalo NY US 1329.8 
Course 26, LLC Fort Worth TX US 40.5 
Course Pilot Financial LLC 2.0 
Court Place Advisors LLC Ellicott City MD US 257.1 
Court Square Capital New York NY US 4339.9 
Court Square Ventures Charlottesville VA US 0.0 
Courter Financial, LLC Bellefonte PA US 5.5 
Courtesy Investment Advisory Service LLC Deerfield Beach FL US 0.0 
Courtland Partners, Limited. Cleveland OH US 69887.1 
Coury Investment Advisors, Inc. Pittsburgh PA US 6.0 
Couture Financial Inc. Sarasota FL US 28.4 
Cova Investment Solutions, LLC 0.0 
Coval, Robert L., Cpa Easton MA US 0.0 
Covalent Partners LLC Waltham MA US 722.5 
Covalis Capital america LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Covalis Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Covariance Capital Management, Inc. Houston TX US 3807.9 
Covato Capital Management, LLC 1.7 
Cove Capital Management Inc. 23.2 
Cove Capital Management Inc. Brentwood TN US 161.0 
Cove Five Capital, LLC Sun Prairie WI US 0.7 
Cove Hill Partners, L.P. Boston MA US 950.0 
Cove Key Management LP Houston TX US 106.9 
Cove Property Group LLC New York NY US 551.0 
Cove River LLC 0.0 
Cove Street Capital, LLC El Segundo CA US 1108.1 
Covell Financial Baton Rouge LA US 0.0 
Covenant San Antonio TX US 1393.9 
Covenant Asset Management, LLC Chester NJ US 208.7 
Covenant Financial Planning And Resource Management, Inc. 0.2 
Covenant Financial, LLC St. Charles IL US 46.0 
Covenant Investment Advisors, LLC Moscow ID US 14.9 
Covenant Partners, LLC Nashville TN US 288.9 
Covenant Wealth Advisors Westlake OH US 0.0 
Covenant Wealth Management, Limited Dba Covenant Wealth Advisors Williamsburg VA US 148.4 
Coventry Capital Partners, Inc. 0.0 
Covera Ventures Management, LLC Austin TX US 0.0 
Coverage Solutions Group 0.0 
Covered Bridge Financial LLC 12.3 
Covered Bridge Financial LLC Powder Springs Ga 0.0 
Covered Call LLC 7.7 
Covered Edge Asset Management, LLC 22.1 
Covest Raleigh NC US 0.0 
Covexic LLC 8.8 
Covey & Covey San Diego CA US 0.0 
Covey Capital Advisors, LLC Atlanta GA US 347.0 
Covington & Associates, Inc. Westfield NJ US 179.6 
Covington Capital Management Los Angeles CA US 2368.1 
Covington Investment Advisors, Inc. Ligonier PA US 298.7 
Covington Investment Management, LLC New Orleans LA US 0.0 
Covision Advisors LLC New York NY US 172.1 
Cowan Financial Service, LLC 3.2 
Cowboy Capital 0.0 
Cowdell Investments & Insurance, LLC 1.6 
Cowen & Associates 11.7 
Cowen Advisors LLC New York NY US 157.2 
Cowen Investment Management LLC New York NY US 283.7 
Cowen Prime Advisors New York NY US 299.5 
Cox & Company Investment Advisors, Inc. 4.9 
Cox & Cook Wealth Advisors Dublin OH US 49.8 
Cox Advisors, LLC Chandler AZ US 3.6 
Cox Capital Management Suo Paulo BZ 323.9 
Cox Capital Management LLC Andover MA US 121.1 
Cox Financial Group, Limited. Schaumburg IL US 47.5 
Cox Global Associates Inc Katy TX US 46.6 
Cox Planning Service Pllc Paducah KY US 0.0 
Cox Wealth Management, LLC 10.5 
Cox Wealth Management, LLC Chattanooga TN US 50.5 
Coxe Advisors LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Coy Capital Management Pittsburgh PA US 21.8 
Coyle Capital, LLC Austin TX US 20.0 
Coyle Financial Counsel, LLC Glenview IL US 481.2 
Coyne Capital Management fundwatcher 0.1 
Coyne Capital Management, LLC Westlake OH US 40.1 
Cozad Asset Management Inc Champaign IL US 1128.1 
Cozzene Advisors Inc. White Plains NY US 0.0 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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