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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Cp Advisors, Inc Warsaw NC US 24.4 
Cp Capital Securities, Inc. Miami FL US 0.0 
Cp Wealth Management, LLC Putnam Valley NY US 4.5 
Cp2 Limited Sydney AU 380.2 
Cpa Advisory Service, Inc. 34.0 
Cpa Financial Planning, LLC 0.0 
Cpa Group Investment Management, LLC Panama City FL US 30.2 
Cpa Investment Advisors Virginia Beach VA US 77.8 
Cpa Investment Solutions, Inc. Sarasota FL US 21.4 
Cpa Wealth Advisors, LLC Fort Myers FL US 0.0 
Cpa Wealth Advisors, LLC Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Cpaplace Financial City Of Industry Ca 0.0 
Cpasset Management, Inc. 31.7 
Cpc Financial Planning, Inc King Of Prussia PA US 0.0 
Cpf Texas Plano TX US 206.8 
Cpic International San Francisco CA US 117.0 
Cpmg, Inc. Dallas TX US 2250.1 
Cpr Financial & Insurance Service, Inc. 2.5 
Cpr Investments Inc Shelby Twp MI US 64.8 
Cps 0.8 
Cps Investment Advisors Lakeland FL US 979.8 
Cqs Cayman LP Camana Bay KY 0.0 
Cqs uk LLP London UK 0.0 
Cqs us, LLC New York NY US 2837.8 
Cr Capital Real Estate LP Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Cra Financial Service, LLC. Northfield NJ US 525.7 
Crabel Capital Management, LLC Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Crabtree Asset Management LLC. 1.0 
Craft Wealth Management LLC Garden City NY US 10.5 
Crafted Finance, LLC Seattle WA US 5.8 
Crafted Wealth Management 2.6 
Craig B. Johnson, Cfp 7.0 
Craig Barrett Financial, PLC 2.4 
Craig Drill Capital Corporation New York NY US 0.0 
Craig Duvarney, Cfp Concord MA US 0.0 
Craig R Tesch, Cpa Cfp Mba LLC 3.5 
Craig Ritchie & Associates Asset Management 2.0 
Craig V. Castanos Cpa San Diego CA US 0.0 
Cramer & Rauchegger, Inc. Maitland FL US 8.8 
Cramer Rosenthal Mcglynn LLC New York NY US 7894.6 
Cranbrook Wealth Management, LLC Troy MI US 540.1 
Crandell Financial Planning, LLC 0.0 
Crane Asset Management, LLC Beverly Hills CA US 83.3 
Crane Investments Inc Newport Beach CA US 4.9 
Crane Street Fw GP LLC Woodside CA US 0.0 
Cranston Capital Management, LLC 13.1 
Craton Capital Management, LLC Santa Monica CA US 45.0 
Craton Equity Partners Beverly Hills CA US 0.0 
Cratty & Swanson Advisors LLC. Seal Beach CA US 0.0 
Cratus Capital, LLC Savannah GA US 4.6 
Craven Capital LLC New York NY US 1.0 
Cravens & Company Wealth Management Cookeville TN US 66.5 
Cravens Brothers Private Wealth Management LLC Dallas TX US 81.4 
Crawford Advisory Group, LLC Austin TX US 9.2 
Crawford Asset Management, LLC 15.8 
Crawford Capital Management, Inc San Diego CA US 17.7 
Crawford Fund Management, LLC Boston MA US 29.0 
Crawford Investment Counsel Inc Atlanta GA US 5043.8 
Crawford Lake Capital Management, LLC Lakewood NJ US 479.4 
Crawford N. Kirkpatrick, Investment Advisor Providence RI US 26.0 
Crayhill Capital Management LP New York NY US 539.2 
Crc Capital LLC 23.8 
Crcm L.P. San Francisco CA US 159.5 
Creador Kuala Lumpur MY 0.0 
Creation Investments Chicago IL US 311.1 
Creatis Manager LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Creative Asset Management 4.3 
Creative Asset Management 0.0 
Creative Capital Management Inc San Diego CA US 298.1 
Creative Capital Management Investments LLC San Diego CA US 306.9 
Creative Financial Concepts, Inc. Wilmington DE US 0.0 
Creative Financial Concepts,LLC 13.2 
Creative Financial Design 25.8 
Creative Financial Designs, Inc. Kokomo IN US 917.9 
Creative Financial Planning Advisors, Inc. South Bend IN US 13.3 
Creative Financial Service, Inc Colorado Springs CO US 28.6 
Creative Financial Solutions Inc. Englewood CO US 65.0 
Creative Financial Solutions, LLC Washington C. H. OH US 0.0 
Creative Financial Strategies, Inc. Littleton NH US 22.0 
Creative Funding Corporation Bloomfield CT US 24.1 
Creative Growth Strategies 24.9 
Creative Planning Leawood KS US 28030.6 
Creative Planning Concepts, LLC Nashville TN US 0.0 
Creative Resources Investment Advisors LLC Warwick RI US 58.1 
Creative Retirement Planning Sequim WA US 5.2 
Creative Wealth Builders, LLC 9.2 
Creative Wealth Management, LLC Islandia NY US 65.7 
Crecera Finance Management Company, LLC San Francisco CA US 296.1 
Creciente Partners Investment Management, LLC Chapel Hill NC US 0.0 
Credence Rock Capital Management, LLC Houston TX US 0.0 
Credentia Group, LLC Leawood KS US 0.0 
Credere Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Credit Capital Investments Short Hills NJ US 210.5 
Credit Industriel Et Commercial, SA Paris FR 0.0 
Credit Suisse Asset Management Limited London england UK 3482.6 
Credit Suisse Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 59762.0 
Credit Suisse Hedging-griffo Servi?os Internacionais S.a. Sao Paulo BR 0.0 
Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies Limited Zurich CZ 0.0 
Credit Suisse Securities usa LLC New York NY US 168.3 
Credit Union Enhancements LLC 0.0 
Credit Union Investment Service Raleigh NC US 0.0 
Credit Value Partners, LLC Greenwich CT US 1904.1 
Creditease Wealth Management usa Limited New York NY US 30.0 
Creditsights Advisory Service, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Creegan & Nassoura Financial Group, LLC Portsmouth NH US 205.2 
Creekside Advisors, Inc. 36.1 
Creekside Consulting LLC 0.0 
Creekside Investment Management, Inc. Brenham TX US 67.5 
Creekside Partners Financial Advisers LLC Petaluma CA US 486.4 
Creekstone Capital Management, LLC 15.0 
Creighton James Germeroth 9.4 
Crellin Capital, LLC Phoenix AZ US 16.1 
Crenshaw Associates New York NY US 0.0 
Crenshaw Capital Management 0.0 
Creo Capital Greenwood Village CO US 0.0 
Creo Global Capital LLC Ann Arbor MI US 23.6 
Cresap, Inc. Radnor PA US 156.3 
Crescat Portfolio Management LLC Denver CO US 240.0 
Crescendo Advisors Ii, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Crescendo Capital Management, LLC 4.1 
Crescendo Financial Planners Inc. 0.0 
Crescent Advisor Group, Inc. Dallas TX US 38.3 
Crescent Asset Management Asia Pte Limited Singapore SG 0.0 
Crescent Bay Advisors, Inc. Corona Del Mar CA US 0.0 
Crescent Capital & Research,Inc. Branford CT US 4.4 
Crescent Capital Consulting, LLC New Orleans LA US 517.8 
Crescent Capital Group LP Los Angeles CA US 24561.2 
Crescent Capital Partners Sydney Nsw AU 0.0 
Crescent City Retirement Group Kenner LA US 21.4 
Crescent Fund Management Pte Limited Singapore SG 0.0 
Crescent Grove Advisors Lake Forest IL US 2078.2 
Crescent Hill Partners LLC Saratoga Springs NY US 182.8 
Crescent Investment Advisors LLC New Orleans LA US 0.0 
Crescent Park Management, L.P. East Palo Alto CA US 594.7 
Crescent Real Estate LLC Fort Worth TX US 1584.0 
Crescent Sterling Limited. Metairie LA US 157.6 
Crescent Wealth Capital Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 13.0 
Cresset Wealth Advisors Chicago IL US 8.6 
Cressey & Company LP Chicago IL US 1092.8 
Cresskill Financial 0.0 
Cressman Esser Investment Advisors, Inc. Naperville IL US 23.9 
Cressman Investment Management, LLC. 12.0 
Crest International 0.0 
Cresta Advisors Laredo TX US 164.1 
Cresta Energy Fund Management, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Crestlight Venture Productions 0.0 
Crestline Capital, LLC 30.6 
Crestline Denali Capital, L.P. Oak Brook IL US 1107.2 
Crestline Management, L.P. Fort Worth TX US 8410.5 
Crestmont Advisors, LLC. Mill Valley CA US 12.7 
Crestone Asset Management LLC Boulder CO US 1761.2 
Crestone Financial Advisors, LLC 5.7 
Crestpoint Capital Management, LLC 233.8 
Crestview Partners New York NY US 7503.8 
Crestwood Advisors Boston MA US 1469.1 
Crestwood Capital Management, L.P. New York NY US 557.1 
Creveling & Creveling Private Wealth Advisory Khlong Toey, Bangkok TH 0.0 
Crew Capital Management, Limited. 66.2 
Crew Wealth Management San Luis Obispo CA US 0.0 
Crewe Advisors Salt Lake City UT US 381.6 
Crews & Associates, Inc. Little Rock AR US 2.1 
Crews Capital Management, LP 16.0 
Crf Financial Group Indianapolis IN US 150.0 
Crg Houston TX US 1548.3 
Crg Financial Service, Inc. Brookfield WI US 19.2 
Cri Securities, LLC St.paul MN US 970.5 
Cribstone Capital Management, LLC Augusta ME US 421.9 
Crimmins Wealth Management, LLC Woodcliff Lake NJ US 42.4 
Crimson Investment Managers, LLC Irvine CA US 2.0 
Crimson Management Houston TX US 333.8 
Crimson Oak Wealth Management, LLC Lexington KY US 22.2 
Crimson Ventures, Limited. San Francisco CA US 65.5 
Crinite Financial Strategies Las Vegas NV US 12.6 
Cris Capital, Limited. Katy TX US 3.6 
Crispian Venture Capital, LLC 0.0 
Crispin Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Cristata Investment Management 52.5 
Criterion Asset Management, LLC 15.0 
Criterion Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 3374.4 
Criterion Wealth Management Valencia CA US 190.5 
Crj Financial Security Consultants 0.0 
Crockett & Associates, Inc. 14.1 
Crocketts LLC Rowayton CT US 9.7 
Croft & Bender, LP Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Croft Leominster Inc Baltimore MD US 616.8 
Cromarty Market Research cromarty Research & Wealth Management 0.0 
Cromwell Investment Advisory, LLC College Park MD US 4.5 
Crone Wealth Management Pleasanton CA US 0.0 
Cropsey Asset Management, LLC 17.1 
Crosby Advisory Group, LLC Ashland OH US 6.0 
Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, Inc. Radnor PA US 0.0 
Cross Borders Advisors LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Cross Creek Advisors, LLC Salt Lake City UT US 527.7 
Cross Culture Ventures Culver City CA US 0.0 
Cross Financial Advisors Beaverton OR US 116.4 
Cross Financial Service Franklin IN US 34.0 
Cross Ocean Adviser LLP London UK 0.0 
Cross Ocean Aviation Management Limited Grand Cayman CY 0.0 
Cross Ocean Ess Management Limited Grand Cayman CY 0.0 
Cross Ocean Partners Management LP Greenwich CT US 157.2 
Cross Peak Capital Management LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Cross Research LLC Millburn NJ US 0.0 
Cross River Management, LLC Ridgefield CT US 40.3 
Cross Roads Divorce Advisors Pittsford NY US 0.0 
Cross Shore Capital Management, LLC Great Neck NY US 397.1 
Cross Sound Management LLC Wilton CT US 234.2 
Cross State Financial Group LLC 43.5 
Cross Stone Capital Management LP Purchase NY US 0.0 
Crossbow Capital Mangement 0.0 
Crosscap Management, Inc. Houston TX US 15.0 
Crosscurrent Wealthmanagement, LLC Little Rock AR US 0.4 
Crosscut Ventures Management, LLC Venice CA US 0.0 
Crossgate Wealth Advisors, LLC Yardley PA US 125.7 
Crossharbor Capital Partners LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Crossingbridge Advisors, LLC Pleasantville NY US 304.0 
Crosslink Capital, Inc. San Francisco CA US 1748.0 
Crossmark Global Investments, Inc. Houston TX US 4951.6 
Crossmarket Capital, LLC Ontario CA US 24.0 
Crossover Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Crossover Capital Management, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Crossover Capital Partners, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Crossplan Money Management Seminole FL US 40.7 
Crosspoint Financial, LLC Tustin CA US 80.0 
Crosspoint Venture Partners 0.0 
Crossroads Asset Management LLC 27.3 
Crossroads Capital Management LLC 13.6 
Crossroads Capital Management, Inc. Carlsbad CA US 1.9 
Crossroads Financial Management Lenexa KS US 150.0 
Crossroads Investments, LP New York NY US 0.0 
Crossroads Planning 0.5 
Crosstimbers Capital Group, LLC 102.5 
Crossvault Capital Management LLC San Antonio TX US 267.7 
Crosswalk Investment Advisory, Inc. Strasburg PA US 5.0 
Crosswell Advisors, LLC Houston TX US 92.9 
Crosswind Advisors, LLC Bothell WA US 0.0 
Crosswinds Aum LLC New York NY US 41.6 
Crouch Investment Group, Inc. 9.5 
Croudify 0.3 
Crow Financial Advisors Albuquerque NM US 38.3 
Crow Holdings Capital Dallas TX US 10641.0 
Crow Point Investment Management Hingham MA US 15.0 
Crow Point Partners, LLC Hingham MA US 807.0 
Crowd Approach Capital 0.0 
Crowdcheck Alexandria VA US 0.0 
Crowdfunder Investment Network Santa Monica CA US 0.0 
Crowe Financial Group LLC Hillsboro OH US 13.0 
Crowell Roberts Investment Counsel 16.2 
Crowley Wealth Management, Inc. Wilmington DE US 221.0 
Crown Advisors Management, Inc. Greenbrae CA US 142.2 
Crown Capital Corporation 3.6 
Crown Capital Securities, L.P. Orange CA US 745.4 
Crown Equity Management Jupiter FL US 1.8 
Crown Financial Group, Inc. Arlington Heights IL US 21.0 
Croxall Capital Planning Aptos CA US 16.7 
Crr Wealth Management Wakefield MA US 0.0 
Cruden Bay Investment Management, LLC Westlake Village CA US 451.0 
Cruice Financial Organization Or Cruice Financial Planning Westport CT US 137.9 
Cruiser Capital Advisors, LLC New York NY US 87.0 
Cruit Financial, LLC 0.0 
Crunch Fund Management, LLC. Burlingame CA US 0.0 
Crunch Fund Venture Management, LLC Burlingame CA US 0.0 
Cruse Investments 20.3 
Cruson, Gerald T 0.0 
Crutchfield Advisors, Inc Apex NC US 52.0 
Cruz Investments & Wealth Management Aurora IL US 0.0 
Cruz Registered Investment Advisor, LLC Olympia WA US 0.0 
Cruzan & Associates, Inc. 0.0 
Crv, LLC Cambridge MA US 0.0 
Cryder Capital London UK 349.2 
Cryptocomm Partners Management San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Crystal Asset Management AG Zollikon CH 531.0 
Crystal Brook Advisors 3.1 
Crystal Capital Advisors, LLC 14.6 
Crystal Capital Management Corporation Saugus MA US 24.9 
Crystal Capital Partners, LLC Bay Harbor Islands FL US 759.8 
Crystal Clear Finances, Inc. 0.0 
Crystal Investment Management 5.0 
Crystal Research LLC 0.0 
Crystal Rock Capital Management, LLC. Bannockburn IL US 153.1 
Crystal Sbic GP LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Crystal Towers Management Company LLC 0.0 
Cs Advisors Inc. Boca Raton FL US 55.0 
Cs Capital Management Inc El Segundo CA US 2519.3 
Cs Planning Corporation Portland OR US 208.1 
Csa Financial Management, Inc. 20.5 
Csa Wealth Management, LLC 33.2 
Csc Upshot Ventures Management, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Cscott Financial, Inc. Colorado Springs CO US 0.0 
Cse Capital Management, LLC 13.3 
Csenge Advisory Group, LLC Clearwater FL US 301.2 
Csg Wealth Management Mcdonough Ga 0.0 
Csh Investment Management Taylorville IL US 22.0 
Csim Investment Management LLC Plymouth Meeting PA US 0.0 
Csiof I Jersey GP Limited St Helier JE 0.0 
Csj Wealth Management, LLC Solana Beach CA US 33.4 
Csl Capital Management, LLC Houston TX US 807.9 
Csm Capital Corporation New York NY US 952.5 
Csop Asset Management Limited Hong Kong HK 3404.0 
Csr Financial Service, LLC Grafton MA US 0.0 
Css Capital Advisory LLC Miami FL US 0.0 
Cssc Investment Advisory Service, Inc. Troy MI US 174.0 
Cst Advisory Service, LLC Reston VA US 0.0 
Csv Capital Management Limited. Shanghai CN 13.9 
Csv Managers, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Csw Investment Service Inc. Victoria, B.c. CA 0.0 
Csw Partners, LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Ct Capital, LLC 35.0 
Ct Investment Management Co., LLC New York NY US 575.6 
Cta Financial New York NY US 0.0 
Ctb Financial Service, Limited. Saint Louis Park MN US 148.7 
Ctc Mycfo, LLC Palo Alto CA US 12406.7 
Ctc Wealth Management, LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Ctd Ria, LLC 0.0 
Ctf Financial Service, Inc. Ocala FL US 1.1 
Ctm Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Ctm Financial, LLC Knoxville TN US 99.1 
Ctm Financial, LLC 8.4 
Ctma Wealth Management East Haven CT US 111.1 
Ctr Financial Group LLC Summit NJ US 23.1 
Cts Consulting, LLC 13.4 
Cts Financial Planning, Inc. Chicago IL US 236.0 
Cu Capital Market Solutions, LLC Alpharetta GA US 4870.8 
Cu Investment Solutions LLC Overland Park KS US 0.0 
Cube Capital Investment Management Limited London UK 10.5 
Cube Infrastructure Managers Luxembourg LU 0.0 
Cubed Systems 16.0 
Cubera Private Equity AS Oslo NO 0.0 
Cubetech Capital, LLC Newport Beach CA US 0.0 
Cubic Advisors, LLC Devon PA US 47.0 
Cubic Asset Management, LLC Boston MA US 600.1 
Cubic Pye Capital Management, Inc. 42.3 
Cudlipp Advisor Service, LLC Pittsford NY US 45.3 
Cue Financial Group, Inc. Phoenix AZ US 418.8 
Cullen Asset Management Lafayette LA US 262.4 
Cullen Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 3105.5 
Cullen Financial Advisors San Francisco CA US 3.5 
Cullen, Fortier Asset Management Westlake Village CA US 26.4 
Cullen, Patterson Capital Management, LLC Los Angeles CA US 119.1 
Cullinan Associates Inc Louisville KY US 1183.1 
Culpepper Group LLC 90.0 
Cultivar Capital, Inc. Denton TX US 146.1 
Cultivation Capital, LLC St. Louis MO US 0.0 
Cultivian Sandbox Venture Management, LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Cultivian Ventures, LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Culver Investment Company, LLC Broomfield CO US 101.4 
Cumberland Advisors Sarasota FL US 2665.5 
Cumberland Associates Investment Counsel Inc. Toronto Ontario CA 92.2 
Cumberland Hill Capital Management LLC Dallas TX US 47.3 
Cumberland Partners, LLC Memphis TN US 0.0 
Cumberland Valley Financial Service Inc. 10.4 
Cumbie Advisory Service, Inc Fort Worth TX US 0.0 
Cumbrian Financial Stewardship 505.0 
Cumrine Wealth Management, LLC Loveland CO US 0.0 
Cumulus Advisors LLC 0.0 
Cumulus Venture Partners San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Cuna Brokerage Service, Inc. Waverly IA US 1868.4 
Cunningham & Associates, LLC Troy MI US 15.4 
Cunningham Investment Management, LLC Reno NV US 1.0 
Cunningham Wealth Management Broadview Heights OH US 39.0 
Cupps Wealth Management 10.7 
Curator Advisory, LLC Santa Maria CA US 28.7 
Curatus Capital LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Curbstone Advisors LLC 1.3 
Curbstone Financial Management Corporation. Manchester NH US 273.0 
Curcio Webb, LLC Pennington NJ US 0.0 
Curian Capital, LLC Denver CO US 0.0 
Curran & Lewis Investment Management, Inc. Redwood City CA US 210.7 
Curran Financial Partners, LLC Dripping Springs TX US 5.0 
Curran Wealth Management Albany NY US 309.0 
Currency Insight Limited. George Town, Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Currey Financial Consulting 22.4 
Curtin Financial Management, Inc. Wellesley MA US 31.9 
Curtin Financial Service, Inc. Burlington Ma 0.0 
Curtis & Bissonette Inc Lake Placid NY US 48.6 
Curtis Advisory Group, LLC Santa Barbara CA US 182.4 
Curtis C. Rose & Associates 2.2 
Curtis Financial Planning Oakland CA US 52.0 
Curtis R. Donnelson & Associates 0.0 
Curtis, Joseph Patch 8.8 
Curve Asset Management LLC St. Petersburg FL US 290.3 
Curve Capital LLC Irvine CA US 10.1 
Cushing Asset Management, LP Dallas TX US 3745.1 
Cuso Financial Service, L.P. San Diego CA US 2569.7 
Custom Funds Management 1.6 
Custom House Capital Corporation 5.9 
Custom Portfolio Group Englewood CO US 114.7 
Customized Investment Advisory Service, LLC 0.0 
Cuthbert Financial Guidance Decatur GA US 0.0 
Cutler Capital Management Worcester MA US 297.6 
Cutler Investment Counsel, LLC Jacksonville OR US 1028.7 
Cutter & Company, Inc. Ballwin MO US 560.1 
Cuttingedge Advisors St. Louis MO US 43.7 
CV Advisors LLC Aventura FL US 5493.5 
Cva Family Office, LLC Denver CO US 101.6 
Cvc Capital Partners Advisory Co L St. Helier, Channel Islands JE 0.0 
Cvc Capital Partners Advisory u.s. Inc. New York NY US 5337.4 
Cvc Credit Partners U.s. Clo Management LLC New York NY US 485.4 
Cvc Credit Partners, LLC New York NY US 16560.8 
Cvc Financial Service, LLC Chantilly VA US 0.0 
Cvf Capital Partners, Inc. Davis CA US 0.0 
Cvf Management Group, LLC Ithaca NY US 0.0 
Cvp Management, Inc. Cambridge MA US 0.0 
Cvr Portfolio Funds LLC Boston MA US 19.6 
Cvt Financial Planning 0.0 
Cw Does Business Under The Dba The Odonnell Group Chico CA US 143.7 
Cw Group LLC 0.0 
Cw Securities, LLC Knoxville TN US 13.8 
Cw Wealth Strategies Bloomington MN US 0.0 
Cwa Asset Management Group Naples FL US 735.9 
Cwc Advisors, LLC Lake Oswego OR US 108.4 
Cwcapital Investments LLC Bethesda MD US 1960.6 
Cwm Financial Group, Inc. Rockville MD US 44.9 
Cwm Wealth Management, LLC 0.0 
Cwm, LLC Omaha NE US 4175.6 
Cwos For Hire LLC St. Peters MO US 1.3 
Cwp Private Wealth Management West Bend WI US 9.2 
Cws Asset Management Visalia CA US 2.1 
Cws Capital Partners LLC Newport Beach CA US 213.8 
Cws Investments Newport Beach CA US 0.0 
Cx Advisors LLP New Delhi IN 0.0 
Cx Capital Management Limited Port-louis MU 0.0 
Cx4 Advisors 0.0 
Cyanotype LLC 0.0 
Cyclops Advisory Service, LLC 0.0 
Cyclus Wealth Management 6.3 
Cygnet Financial Freedom House Waterford MI US 99.8 
Cygnet Investment Co., Inc. 12.7 
Cygnus Asset Management Madrid ES 887.5 
Cygnus Group LLC Charlotte NC US 29.9 
Cynosure Advisors Salt Lake City UT US 468.4 
Cynosure Management, LLC Salt Lake City UT US 339.2 
Cypf Manager Iii, LLC Potomac MD US 0.0 
Cypf Manager, LLC 0.0 
Cypress Asset Management Inc Houston TX US 545.4 
Cypress Asset Management, Inc. Peoria Heights IL US 82.0 
Cypress Capital Group Palm Beach FL US 104.3 
Cypress Capital Management Us Limited Vancouver, British Columbia CA 45.2 
Cypress Capital Management, LLC Sheridan WY US 117.0 
Cypress Capital Management, LLC Greenville DE US 738.5 
Cypress Capital Partners, LLC Chicago IL US 340.0 
Cypress Capital, LLC Brentwood TN US 88.4 
Cypress Coast Investments Pacific Grove Ca 0.0 
Cypress Financial Planning Woodbury NJ US 49.8 
Cypress Growth Capital, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Cypress Partners, LLC Ross CA US 80.9 
Cypress Path Capital, LLC 4.6 
Cypress Point Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 178.6 
Cypress Point Capital, LLC 0.0 
Cypress Point Financial Advisors, LLC Lafayette CA US 24.2 
Cypress Point Wealth Management, LLC Dallas TX US 576.0 
Cypress Praxis, LLC 62.4 
Cypress Strategies Reno NV US 15.8 
Cypress Strategies, LLC 6.6 
Cypress Wealth Advisors San Francisco CA US 1247.5 
Cypress Wealth Advisors, LLC San Antonio TX US 64.7 
Cypress Wealth Management, LLC 2.1 
Cypress Wealth Service, LLC Palm Desert CA US 0.0 
Cyprium Partners Cleveland OH US 561.6 
Cyr Financial Inc. Hennepin IL US 26.2 
Cyril Investments LLC Los Gatos CA US 0.0 
Cyrus Capital Partners, L.P. New York NY US 6192.4 
Cz Capital LLP London UK 389.8 
Cz Hedge Management, LLC 0.0 
Czech Asset Management, L.P. Old Greenwich CT US 3155.8 
Czp Associates Weston CT US 0.0 
Czurak Wealth Management, LLC Tyler TX US 27.5 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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