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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Fj Capital Management Mclean VA US 731.1 
Fj Labs Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Fj Labs, Inc. New York NY US 0.0 
Fje Capital, LLC. 2.0 
Fjm Management, LLC San Rafael CA US 0.0 
Fjp Portfolio Management 13.0 
Fjy Financial Reston VA US 438.2 
Flagpole Capital, LLC 40.0 
Flagship Capital Management Inc Media PA US 87.2 
Flagship Financial Advisors, LLC Wakefield MA US 51.8 
Flagship Harbor Advisors, LLC Boston MA US 1065.6 
Flagship Pioneering, Inc. Cambridge MA US 0.0 
Flagship Private Wealth Woburn MA US 110.9 
Flagstone Financial Advisors, Inc. Basalt CO US 50.4 
Flagstone Financial Management, LLC Lincoln NE US 117.5 
Flaharty Asset Management, LLC Clearwater FL US 277.7 
Flaherty & Crumrine Inc Pasadena CA US 4767.1 
Flanagan Financial Management Norwich NY US 5.5 
Flannell, Kenneth G. 4.1 
Flare Capital Management Company, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Flat Creek Capital Management, LP 0.0 
Flat Rock Global New York NY US 0.0 
Flatiron Financial Group, LLC Manchester NH US 0.0 
Flatiron Partners, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Flatirons Investment Group, Limited. 0.0 
Flavin Financial Service, Inc. Melbourne FL US 30.0 
Flb Capital Management, LLC Rowlett TX US 3.0 
Flc Capital Advisors Palm Desert CA US 238.2 
Fleckenstein Capital, Inc. 29.0 
Fleet Capital Management, LLC 19.0 
Fleetstar Advisors, LLC Boston MA US 2.6 
Fleetwood Asset Management Limited. White Plains NY US 60.9 
Fleischmann, Holmes, Bozanic & Vuong LLP Los Alamitos CA US 0.0 
Fleishel Financial Associates, Inc. Deland FL US 0.0 
Fleming & Associates, LLC San Diego CA US 8.7 
Fleming Financial Advising Walnut Creek CA US 25.5 
Fleming Financial Group, LLC 0.0 
Fleming Financial Service Gilbert AZ US 0.0 
Fleming Wealth Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 60.9 
Fleming Wealth Strategies, LLC Phoenix AZ US 28.6 
Fleschner Investments 5.0 
Fletcher Asset Management, Inc. New York NY US 0.0 
Fletcher Capital Management, LLC South Jordan UT US 10.8 
Fletcher Financial Group Monroe LA US 0.0 
Fletcher Financial, LLC Carlsbad CA US 9.8 
Fletcher Spaght, Inc. Boston MA US 0.0 
Fletcher Wealth Management, Inc. 7.5 
Fleurus Investment Advisory, LLC 6.7 
Fleury Financial Group, Inc. Silverdale WA US 0.0 
Flexible Plan Investments Limited Bloomfield Hills MI US 1678.6 
Flexis Capital New York NY US 0.0 
Flexpath Strategies Aliso Viejo CA US 3256.9 
Flexpoint Ford, LLC Chicago IL US 2427.5 
Flight Capital Management, LLC Bend OR US 37.0 
Flight Line Financial, LLC Princeton NJ US 0.0 
Flight Ventures Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Flint Ridge Capital LLC Rye NY US 0.0 
Flinthill Investment Management, LLC 3.8 
Flippin Bruce & Porter Inc Lynchburg VA US 484.5 
Flohr Asset Management, LLC Mercer Island WA US 81.9 
Flomartin Securities Corporation 3.1 
Flood, Bumstead, Mccready & Mccarthy, Inc. Nashville TN US 4.9 
Floodgate Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Florek Financial, LLC Duxbury MA US 98.6 
Florence Capital Advisors, LLC New York NY US 308.3 
Flores Wealth Planning, LLC New York NY US 0.4 
Florian Financial Group LLC Williamsville NY US 74.8 
Florida Atlantic Securities Corporation. Miami FL US 0.0 
Florida Estate And Retirement Planning Advisors, LLC Miami Lakes FL US 0.0 
Florida Tax & Financial Advisors, LLC Largo FL US 0.0 
Florida Wealth And Insurance Strategies LLC 0.0 
Florin Court Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Florin Group, LLC Mclean VA US 17.1 
Florin Pensions LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Florissant Investment Advisors,LLC Denver CO US 6.8 
Flourish Wealth Management Inc. Edina MN US 96.8 
Flow Financial Planning, LLC. 1.3 
Flower City Capital LLC 14.4 
Flowering Tree Investment Management Singapore SG 0.0 
Floyd Capital Management Texarkana TX US 173.6 
Floyd Financial Group LLC Springfield MO US 12.0 
Floyd Green Financial Service, Inc. Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Fluent Financial, LLC Dallas TX US 139.2 
Fluent Wealth Partners San Jose CA US 136.3 
Flybridge Capital Partners Boston MA US 0.0 
Flying Cloud Moneymanagement, LLC 8.1 
Flying Fish Management, LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Flying Point Asset Management LLC 16.1 
Flynn Capital Management LLC 21.2 
Flynn Financial, LLC Eynon PA US 49.0 
Flynn Planning Group, LLC Lakeville MN US 8.7 
Flynn Zito Capital Management, LLC Garden City NY US 284.8 
Flyover Capital Partners, LLC Overland Park KS US 0.0 
Flywheel Ventures, LLC Santa Fe NM US 0.0 
Fm Capital Group Pasadena CA US 1.2 
Fma Advisory Inc Harrisburg PA US 356.7 
Fmb Retirement Service Westlake Village CA US 83.1 
Fmb Wealth Management Westlake Village CA US 208.2 
Fmd Capital Management, LLC 11.0 
Fmf&e Wealth Management, LLC East Syracuse NY US 200.1 
Fmr Co., Inc. Boston MA US 919536.2 
Fmr Investment Management uk Limited London UK 16910.0 
Fmsa Lafayette LA US 115.0 
Fmt Investment Advisory 10.3 
Fnancial Depot Auberry CA US 2.0 
Fnb Wealth Management Pittsburgh PA US 2710.5 
Fnj 3, LLC 28.5 
Fo Investments, LLC Canton OH US 23.3 
Focal Point Capital Management Burlingame CA US 20.4 
Focal Point Ventures, LLC Saint Charles IL US 0.0 
Focus 401 k Group, LLC Addison TX US 0.0 
Focus Advisory, LLC 19.0 
Focus Asset Management Company Virginia Beach VA US 48.0 
Focus Capital, LLC Seattle WA US 2.8 
Focus Financial Minneapolis MN US 2254.1 
Focus Financial Advisors, Inc. Rockford IL US 117.3 
Focus Financial, LLC 0.0 
Focus Investment Advisors Encinitas CA US 390.8 
Focus Investment Advisors, LLC Miami FL US 70.0 
Focus Investment Group, LLC 0.0 
Focus Investments, LLC 0.0 
Focus Investments, LLC 0.0 
Focus On Success, LLC Ft. Mitchell KY US 0.0 
Focus Planning Group Bayport NY US 10.1 
Focus Point Capital LLC Boulder CO US 104.2 
Focus Ventures Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Focus Wealth Advisors LLC 17.9 
Focus Wealth Advisors, LLC Houston TX US 130.0 
Focus Wealth Management, Limited. Fairfax VA US 294.8 
Focus You Foster City CA US 18.4 
Focus1advisors Torrance CA US 5.2 
Focused Finances, LLC Oakland CA US 35.5 
Focused Financial Management, LLC Baton Rouge LA US 42.9 
Focused Financial Planning LLC 6.3 
Focused Investors LLC Beverly Hills CA US 2761.8 
Focused Wealth Management, Inc. Highland NY US 518.8 
Focuspoint Solutions, Inc. Portland OR US 2277.0 
Fodera Investments Inc. 0.0 
Fogel Capital Management Inc Stuart FL US 289.0 
Fogel Financial Planning Crawfordsville IN US 0.0 
Fogel Investment Advisory Group, Inc. 15.5 
Fogel Neale Wealth Management, LLC New York NY US 15.2 
Foghorn Fund GP, LLC Berkeley CA US 0.0 
Folger Hill Asset Management LP New York NY US 1683.5 
Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Capital Management, Inc. Washington DC US 817.8 
Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Inc Washington DC US 194.4 
Folio Research, LLC Mclean VA US 0.0 
Folium Capital LP Boston MA US 260.1 
Followthru Planning Associates LLC 0.7 
Folmar Advisory, LLC Southfield MI US 0.0 
Fondren Management LP Houston TX US 278.6 
Fondsmaeglerselskabet Maj Invest A/s Copenhagen K DN 9619.9 
Fong Ronald 14.0 
Fontinalis Partners, LLC Detroit MI US 0.0 
Fontis Management LLC Pasadena CA US 0.0 
Fonville Wealth Management LLC 9.8 
Foord, Van Bruggen & Pajak Financial Service Sacramento CA US 43.0 
Foothill Financial Advisors, Inc. Claremont CA US 137.6 
Foothills Asset Management Limited Scottsdale AZ US 178.8 
Foothills Financial Planning, Inc. Phoenix AZ US 28.0 
Footprint Ventures Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Footprints Asset Management & Research, Inc. Omaha NE US 75.5 
For Retired Only Greenbrae CA US 0.0 
Forager Capital Management, LLC 6.5 
Forbes Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Forbes Family Trust, Lgl Partners, LLC relying Adviser West Conshohocken PA US 2231.5 
Forbes Fiduciary & Financial, LLC 0.0 
Forbes Financial Planning, Inc. East Greenwich RI US 31.2 
Forbes Investment Management Santa Monica CA US 0.0 
Forbion Capital Partners Naarden NL 0.0 
Force Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 192.8 
Ford Asset Management, LLC Houston TX US 0.0 
Ford Financial Group, Inc. Fresno CA US 266.3 
Ford Financial Solutions, LLC 0.0 
Ford, Suzanne Collins 8.1 
Fordham Financial Service, Inc. Lilburn GA US 8.4 
Fordham Goodfellow Financial Service, LLC Hillsboro OR US 0.0 
Fore Research And Management, LP New York NY US 566.8 
Forebright Capital Management Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0, LLC 0.3 
Forefront Analytics, LLC W. Conshohocken PA US 622.5 
Forefront Asset Management, LLC Virginia Beach VA US 64.5 
Forefront Capital Advisors, LLC New York NY US 10.4 
Forem Investments LLC Miami FL US 61.1 
Forerunner Ventures Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Foresight Advisors 3.8 
Foresight Capital LLC Wexford PA US 1.1 
Foresight Capital Management Advisors, Inc. Saline MI US 139.9 
Foresight Financial Planning 0.0 
Foresight Financial Planning LLC Lebanon PA US 0.0 
Foresight Financial Service, Inc. Mesa AZ US 6.3 
Foresight Global Investors, Inc. Purchase NY US 45.1 
Foresight Investing 1.1 
Foresight Investment Advisors, LLC Hot Springs AR US 31.0 
Foresight Investments Management, Inc. 9.9 
Foresight Personal Financial Planning, LLC 6.4 
Foresight Wealth Management, LLC Draper UT US 260.6 
Foresite Capital San Francisco CA US 1230.5 
Forest Asset Management LLC Berwyn IL US 66.0 
Forest Capital Concord NC US 131.9 
Forest Capital Management, LLC Chicago IL US 565.0 
Forest Hill Capital, LLC Little Rock AR US 394.9 
Forest Hill Financial Advisory Group LLC 0.0 
Forest Investment Associates Atlanta GA US 5689.4 
Forester Capital Management Limited Lake Forest IL US 117.0 
Forester Capital, LLC. Greenwich CT US 3314.7 
Foresters Advisory Service, LLC New York NY US 1488.7 
Foresters Equity Service, Inc. San Diego CA US 16.0 
Foresters Investment Management Company, Inc. New York NY US 15068.6 
Forestis Financial Analytics, Inc. 10.4 
Forestline LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Forever Financial Advisors, LLC 7.0 
Forevest Capital Partners, LLC George Town, Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Formation Capital Atlanta GA US 6011.2 
Formation Group Management, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Formation8 Partners, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Formative Ventures Management Company, LLC Santa Clara CA US 0.0 
Formidable Asset Management, LLC Cincinnati OH US 322.1 
Formula Capital Investments San Antonio TX US 0.0 
Formula Folio Investments Grand Rapids MI US 2224.2 
Formula Growth Limited Montreal CA 784.4 
Formula Growth Management Corporation New York NY US 784.4 
Formulafolios Distributors, Inc. Wheaton IL US 0.0 
Forness Financial LLC Needham MA US 91.0 
Forrest Financial Service Des Moines IA US 55.0 
Forrest Investment Management, Inc. Jacksonville FL US 24.6 
Forrester Financial Advisors Grapevine TX US 46.1 
Forstrong Global Asset Management Inc. Toronto, Ontario CA 397.3 
Forsyth Street Advisors LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Forsyth Street Asset Management New York NY US 0.0 
Forsyth Wealth Management, Inc. Martinsville VA US 0.5 
Fort Baker Capital Management LP Larkspur CA US 0.0 
Fort Des Moines Financial Service, Inc. Des Moines IA US 51.7 
Fort Henry Capital, LLC Wheeling WV US 107.5 
Fort Pitt Capital Group, LLC Pittsburgh PA US 2060.2 
Fort Point Capital Boston MA US 0.0 
Fort Point Capital Partners LLC San Francisco CA US 666.0 
Fort Ross Capital Management, LLC Monrovia CA US 80.0 
Fort Sheridan Advisors LLC Highland Park IL US 53.0 
Fort Vancouver Investment Management, LLC Vancouver WA US 89.9 
Fort Warren Capital Boston MA US 376.3 
Fort Washington Investment Advisors Inc Cincinnati OH US 47401.4 
Fort, L.P. Chevy Chase MD US 1586.0 
Fortaleza Asset Management Inc Chicago IL US 47.8 
Fortaleza Capital Partners, LLC San Juan PR US 10.5 
Forte Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 182.7 
Forte Capital LLC Rochester NY US 683.1 
Forte Capital Management, LLC. Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Forte Investment Advisors LLC Vancouver WA US 0.2 
Forte Wealth Consulting LLC Oklahoma City OK US 4.1 
Forte Wealth Management Group 2.2 
Fortem Financial, LLC Palm Desert CA US 200.9 
Forteris Wealth Management, Inc. Purchase NY US 108.7 
Forthright Financial Planning LLC Albuquerque NM US 8.1 
Forthright Wealth Management, LLC Alpharetta GA US 237.5 
Fortifi Capital, LLC 6.0 
Fortified Financial Service, Inc. Geneva IL US 0.0 
Fortigent, LLC Fort Mill SC US 2054.9 
Fortin Financial Service Greenwood Village CO US 0.0 
Fortiphi Financial, LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Fortis Advisors, LLC King Of Prussia PA US 250.8 
Fortis Capital Management LLC Seattle WA US 9.8 
Fortis Wealth Management 1.9 
Fortissimo Capital Management Limited Rosh Ha'ayin IS 0.0 
Fortiter Wealth Management, LLC Houston TX US 174.2 
Fortitude Advisory Service, LLC 0.0 
Fortitude Financial 0.0 
Fortitude Investment Advisors, LLC 2.5 
Fortitude Wealth Management Murfreesboro TN US 16.0 
Fortius Financial Advisors, LLC Salt Lake City UT US 69.6 
Fortney Investment Advisors Inc. Reno NV US 26.6 
Fortpoint Investment Management Bellevue WA US 0.0 
Fortress Capital 0.5 
Fortress Estate Solutions, Pllc Frisco TX US 16.9 
Fortress Investment Advisors Tucson AZ US 49.2 
Fortress Investment Advisory, LLC Jefferson GA US 5.2 
Fortress Investment Group New York NY US 56936.2 
Fortress Investment Group, LLC Denville NJ US 0.0 
Fortress Investment Service, Limited 30.8 
Fortress Partners Capital Management, Limited. 12.8 
Fortress Planning Group 10.8 
Fortress Retirement, Inc. Culver City CA US 76.6 
Fortress Wealth Management Urbandale IA US 5.0 
Fortress Wealth Management, LLC 8.7 
Fortuna Asset Management LLC Newport Beach CA US 44.0 
Fortuna Capital Advisors LLC Wayne PA US 35.6 
Fortuna Investors LLC Miami Beach FL US 8.0 
Fortuna Investors LLC 14.1 
Fortunato Asset Management Atlanta GA US 5.3 
Fortunatus Investments, LLC Brighton MI US 0.0 
Fortune 360 Group LLC Plantation FL US 60.4 
Fortune 401 Inc. 1.6 
Fortune 45, LLC. 21.4 
Fortune Financial 0.8 
Fortune Financial Advisors, LLC Overland Park KS US 117.3 
Fortune Financial Group, Inc. Glen Ellyn IL US 40.0 
Fortune Partners Group LLC Miami FL US 557.5 
Fortune Wealth Management, LLC Dallas TX US 214.5 
Forty Three Eighteen Advisors, LLC Bentonville AR US 23.0 
Forum Asset Management LLC New York NY US 39.9 
Forum Financial Management, LP Lombard IL US 3046.9 
Forum Investment Advisors, LLC Portland ME US 0.0 
Forum Partners Investment Management LLC Old Greenwich CT US 782.8 
Forum Private Client Group LLC Fishers IN US 158.0 
Forumcore Advisory, LLC Atlanta GA US 4.0 
Forusall San Francisco CA US 104.3 
Forward Financial Advisors LLC Woodland Hills CA US 0.0 
Forward Financial Planning,LLC 0.0 
Forward Investment Advisors, Inc. Madison WI US 23.3 
Forward Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 3055.5 
Forward Thinking Wealth Management 5.9 
Forward Ventures Service, LLC San Diego CA US 0.0 
Forward Wealth Management, LLC Charlotte NC US 20.8 
Forza Investment Advisory, LLC 26.2 
Forza Wealth Advisory Service LLC Rochester NY US 0.3 
Forza Wealth Management, LLC Sarasota FL US 46.6 
Foss Wealth Management, Inc. La Grange NC US 0.0 
Fossel Capital Management LLC 29.0 
Foster & Motley Inc Cincinnati OH US 1164.2 
Foster Dykema Cabot & Co Inc Boston MA US 1229.3 
Foster Financial Service, Inc. Walker MN US 0.0 
Foster Group, Inc. West Des Moines IA US 2041.0 
Foster Investment Management, LLC Winnetka IL US 7.1 
Foster Victor Wealth Advisors, LLC Greenville SC US 141.8 
Foster Wealth Lake Oswego OR US 49.0 
Fosun Equity Investment Management Limited. Shanghai CN 0.0 
Foundation Asset Management White Plains NY US 580.9 
Foundation Capital Management, LLC East Norriton PA US 39.0 
Foundation Capital, LLC Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Foundation Energy Management Dallas TX US 420.6 
Foundation Financial Advisors, Inc. Linthicum MD US 0.0 
Foundation Financial Inc. 3.7 
Foundation Resource Management, Inc. Little Rock AR US 1709.5 
Foundation Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC Valley Stream NY US 74.1 
Foundation Service LLC Greenwich CT US 48.8 
Foundation Wealth Management, LLC St. Louis MO US 245.1 
Foundation Wealth Management, LLC Media PA US 51.5 
Foundational Retirement Solutions LLC Carlsbad CA US 0.0 
Foundations Asset Management, LLC Anchorage AK US 168.0 
Foundations Financial Planning, LLC 0.0 
Foundations Investment Advisors LLC Scottsdale AZ US 120.5 
Founder Collective Cambridge MA US 0.0 
Founder Family Financial, LLC 70.0 
Founder's Co-op Management Ii, LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Founder's Co-op Management, LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Founders Capital Management Inc Houston TX US 168.9 
Founders Capital Management, LLC East Hartford CT US 313.7 
Founders Circle Capital, LLC San Francisco CA US 390.4 
Founders Equity Inc New York NY US 0.0 
Founders Equity Partners San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Founders Financial Alliance, LLC Chapel Hill NC US 129.7 
Founders Financial Securities, LLC Towson MD US 754.9 
Founders Fund LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Foundry Capital Group, LLC Indianapolis IN US 0.0 
Foundry Capital Management 10.1 
Foundry Group, LLC Boulder CO US 2100.5 
Foundry Partners, LLC Minneapolis MN US 3119.6 
Fountain Financial Associates, Inc. Wilmington NC US 335.4 
Fountain Financial Group, Inc. Fountain Hills AZ US 0.0 
Fountain Leasing, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Fountain Strategies, LLC 25.2 
Fountainhead Am, LLC Edison NJ US 0.0 
Fountainhead Capital Management, LLC Edison NJ US 147.4 
Fountainhead Financial Management, Inc. Northville MI US 0.0 
Fountainhead Financial, LLC Chicago IL US 145.2 
Fountainvest Advisors Limited Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Four Corners Capital Management, LLC Philadelphia PA US 44.8 
Four Oaks Capital Management,LLC 32.8 
Four Peaks Wealth Management, LLC Flagstaff AZ US 40.6 
Four Points Advisors, LLC New York NY US 11.3 
Four Ponds Financial Planning Falmouth MA US 29.1 
Four Quadrant Wealth Advisors, Inc. Carmel IN US 41.0 
Four Rivers Group San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Four Seasons Asia Investment Pte. Limited. Singapore SG 0.0 
Four Seasons Financial Planning, Inc. Houston TX US 23.9 
Four Seasons Investment Advisors, Inc. Montrose CO US 54.0 
Four Tree Island Advisory LLC Portsmouth NH US 35.4 
Four Wood Capital Advisors New York NY US 371.0 
Fourpoints Asset Management, Inc. New York NY US 111.4 
Fourpoints Investment Managers S.a.s Paris FR 285.7 
Fourstar Wealth Advisors, LLC Chicago IL US 100.3 
Fourth Dimension Capital Partners, LLC 0.0 
Fourth Dimension Financial Perrysburg OH US 19.3 
Fourth Street Performance Partners, Inc. Covington KY US 4123.2 
Fourthpoint Advisors 12.0 
Fourthstone LLC St. Louis MO US 27.6 
Fourworld Capital Management LLC New York NY US 55.8 
Fowler Financial Management 3.4 
Fowler, Melody Azure Jean Fredericksburg VA US 0.0 
Fox Custom Financial Planning LLC Greenwood IN US 0.0 
Fox Financial Service, Inc. White Plains NY US 74.8 
Fox Investing Rancho Cucamonga CA US 20.0 
Fox Point Capital Management LLC New York NY US 120.3 
Fox River Advisers, LLC Naperville IL US 0.0 
Fox River Capital Appleton WI US 6.2 
Fox Run Management LLC Greenwich CT US 242.4 
Fox Wealth Advisors LLC Carrollton TX US 3.8 
Foxhall Capital Management, Inc. Middleburg VA US 2.1 
Foxhaven Asset Management, LP Charlottesville VA US 2196.2 
Foxhill Capital Partners, LLC Princeton NJ US 114.0 
Foy Financial Service, Inc. 40.5 
Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc. Toronto CA 9666.3 
Fpa Real Estate Advisers Group, LLC Irvine CA US 112.1 
Fpc Investment Advisory, Inc. Petaluma CA US 103.7 
Fpl Capital Management, LLC Metairie LA US 300.6 
Fpr Partners LLC San Francisco CA US 4776.1 
Fqs Capital Partners LP Port Jefferson NY US 104.0 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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