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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Libbie Agran Financial Service & Seminars Santa Monica CA US 691.9 
Liberate, Inc. Lawrenceville GA US 0.0 
Liberated Investor Advisors, LLC Old Fort NC US 0.0 
Liberation Capital, LLC 0.0 
Libertas Wealth Management Group, Inc. Columbus OH US 54.5 
Liberty Advisers Inc. Lincoln NE US 13.2 
Liberty Advisor Managed Assets 0.2 
Liberty Advisory Service, LLC Santa Ana CA US 45.3 
Liberty Asset Management Allentown PA US 41.1 
Liberty Asset Management, Inc. Willowbrook IL US 84.6 
Liberty Capital Portland OR US 26.4 
Liberty Capital Management Inc Birmingham MI US 272.6 
Liberty Centre Capital Management, LLC North Liberty IA US 0.0 
Liberty Financial Advisors, LLC Kokomo IN US 0.0 
Liberty Financial Advisors, LLC 3.5 
Liberty Financial Group, Inc. Elm Grove WI US 109.8 
Liberty Financial Planning, Inc. 0.0 
Liberty Hall Capital Partners, L.P. New York NY US 578.3 
Liberty Hill Capital, LLC Rogersville MO US 0.0 
Liberty Park Capital Management, LLC Austin TX US 87.7 
Liberty Partners New York NY US 10.8 
Liberty Partners New York NY US 100.1 
Liberty Partners Capital Management, LLC Bakersfield WY US 100.6 
Liberty Retirement Consultants LLC 43.0 
Liberty Street Advisors, Inc. New York NY US 3216.5 
Liberty Street Capital, LLC 0.0 
Liberty Wealth Advisors, LLC Stamford CT US 151.5 
Liberty Wealth Management, LLC Oakland CA US 857.9 
Libertyview Capital Management, LLC Jersey City NJ US 337.9 
Libremax Capital, LLC New York NY US 3289.1 
Lido Advisors, LLC Los Angeles CA US 1726.1 
Liebert Investment Management Keene NH US 0.0 
Lieblong & Associates, Inc. Little Rock AR US 111.7 
Liebman Associates, Inc. 0.0 
Lien, Lester 0.0 
Lif General Partner Limited San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Life & Wealth LLC Valparaiso IN US 0.0 
Life Advisors Financial Planning And Wealth Management, LLC Munfordville KY US 6.2 
Life Cycle Financial Planning 6.9 
Life Financial Planning, Inc. 53.2 
Life Goals Asset Management LLC Harrison NY US 29.2 
Life Line Wealth Management LLC 47.2 
Life Plan Financial Advisory Group, LLC Rochester Hills MI US 80.2 
Life Planning Agency, Inc 15.2 
Life Planning Partners, Inc. Jacksonville FL US 146.3 
Life Planning Solutions 5.0 
Life Stewardship Advisors Lancaster PA US 0.0 
Life Strategies, Inc. La Jolla CA US 38.2 
Life Transition Planning 0.0 
Life Yield Advisor Boston MA US 0.0 
Life&wealth Advisors, Inc. Walnut Creek CA US 55.9 
Life, Inc. Retirement Service 1.0 
Lifecare Funding Solutions, LLC 0.0 
Lifecourse Capital, Inc. Madison AL US 54.5 
Lifecycle Financial Advisors, LLC East Windsor NJ US 2.2 
Lifefocus Financial Advisors, LLC Walla Walla WA US 31.3 
Lifeforce Capital San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Lifegoals Financial Group Owosso MI US 33.1 
Lifeguard Wealth, LLC San Rafael CA US 40.8 
Lifeguide Financial Advisors, LLC Mechanicsburg PA US 113.7 
Lifeinvest Wealth Management, Limited New York NY US 400.0 
Lifeline Financial, LLC Wethersfield CT US 71.3 
Lifeline Wealth Advisors, Inc. Woodland Hills CA US 17.1 
Lifelong Investment Management Service LLC 0.0 
Lifelong Investment Solutions, LLC Schaumburg IL US 0.0 
Lifelong Investsments West Lafayette IN US 0.0 
Lifelong Wealth Strategies, LLC White Plains NY US 13.1 
Lifemark Securities Corporation. Rochester NY US 39.4 
Lifeplan Advisors, Inc. 2.6 
Lifeplan Advisory Service, LLC Okemos MI US 21.0 
Lifeplan Financial Group, Inc. Miamisburg OH US 278.1 
Lifeplan Financial Service, LP Kingwood TX US 15.8 
Lifeplan Financial, LLC Mankato MN US 73.1 
Lifeplan Group dba Raleigh NC US 0.0 
Lifes Business, Inc. Atlanta GA US 0.6 
Lifesci Index Partners, LLC New York NY US 68.0 
Lifescience Management, LLC San Antonio TX US 43.1 
Lifesmart Wealth Management, LLC Little Rock AR US 0.0 
Lifespan Financial Strategies, Inc. Weston FL US 0.0 
Lifestage Wealth Management LLC Minnetonka MN US 123.2 
Lifestage Wealth Management, Inc. Apple Valley MN US 32.9 
Lifestyle Design Group LLC 7.3 
Lifestyle Financial Strategies, LLC Middletown CT US 15.7 
Lifestyle Freedom Advisory Group, LLC Bradenton FL US 0.0 
Lifestyle Planning Solutions, LLC Frisco TX US 0.0 
Lifetime Advisors Group Warwick RI US 4.6 
Lifetime Capital Group San Mateo CA US 19.5 
Lifetime Capital Management Greenwood Village CO US 47.8 
Lifetime Equity Investments LLC 21.6 
Lifetime Financial 17.3 
Lifetime Financial Advisors Inc Encinitas CA US 0.0 
Lifetime Financial Planning Solutions, LLC Lancaster OH US 0.0 
Lifetime Financial Planning, Inc. Leesburg VA US 0.0 
Lifetime Financial, Inc. Newport Beach CA US 0.0 
Lifetime Investment Management, LLC. 0.0 
Lifetime Investments & Insurance LLC Phoenix AZ US 0.0 
Lifetime Planning Pinnacle Advisors, Inc Mansfield OH US 0.0 
Lifetime Planning, Inc. Camarillo CA US 0.0 
Lifetime Strategies, LLC Griffin Ga 0.0 
Lifetime Wealth Advisors, LLC Grand Junction CO US 13.4 
Lifetime Wealth Management P.c. Rockwall TX US 78.2 
Lifetime Wealth Management, LLC 95.3 
Lifetime Wealth Planning And Management, LLC National Harbor MD US 76.5 
Lifetrack Financial Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Lifetyme Financial Advisors, LLC Phoenix AZ US 0.0 
Lifeway Financial Corporation Plano TX US 160.5 
Lig Capital Management, LLC Oklahoma City OK US 47.0 
Light Financial Service, Inc. Fargo ND US 48.5 
Light Sky Macro LP New York NY US 653.0 
Light Street Capital Management, LLC Palo Alto CA US 1205.2 
Lightbank Chicago IL US 0.0 
Lightbox Management Limited Ebene MU 0.0 
Lighter Capital Seattle WA US 0.0 
Lighthaven Capital Management LLC 2.4 
Lighthorse Asset Management hk Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Lighthorse Asset Management, LLC Tustin CA US 0.4 
Lighthouse Advisers, LLC Mentor OH US 52.2 
Lighthouse Canton Pte Limited Singapore SG 0.0 
Lighthouse Capital Management, LLC Bowling Green KY US 1.2 
Lighthouse Capital, LLC Quincy MA US 41.1 
Lighthouse Financial Largo FL US 31.6 
Lighthouse Financial & Consulting Service, LLC Springfield IL US 0.0 
Lighthouse Financial Advisors Carnegie PA US 0.0 
Lighthouse Financial Advisors LLC Pittsburgh PA US 16.5 
Lighthouse Financial Advisors, Inc. Red Bank NJ US 244.4 
Lighthouse Financial LLC Broomfield CO US 104.5 
Lighthouse Financial Management, LLC Westerly RI US 111.6 
Lighthouse Financial Planning LLC Murrysville PA US 0.0 
Lighthouse Financial Planning, LLC 0.0 
Lighthouse Financial Planning, LLC Ludington MI US 1.6 
Lighthouse Financial Service Inc Brea CA US 226.4 
Lighthouse Financial Wealth Management, LLC Wilmington DE US 57.0 
Lighthouse Institute North Aurora IL US 28.0 
Lighthouse Investment Advisors, Inc. 0.0 
Lighthouse Investment Partners, LLC Palm Beach Gardens FL US 21794.1 
Lighthouse Management, LLC Calabasas CA US 0.0 
Lighthouse Point Capital Management LLC 0.0 
Lighthouse Retirement Vero Beach FL US 11.2 
Lighthouse Swiss Wealth Advisors AG Zug CZ 19.8 
Lighthouse Wealth Management New Market MD US 255.2 
Lighthouse Wealth Management, Inc. Ashland OH US 49.2 
Lighthouse Wealth Management, LLC New York NY US 30.0 
Lightpoint Business Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Lightspeed Venture Partners Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Lightstone Capital Advisers, LLC 29.9 
Lightstone Singapore Pte. Limited. Singapore SG 0.0 
Lightstone Ventures Boston MA US 0.0 
Lightyear Capital LLC New York NY US 2215.8 
Ligonier Capital Company LLC Pittsburgh PA US 3.6 
Lilani Wealth Management Roseville CA US 16.9 
Lillehei Investments, Inc. 14.8 
Lilly Ventures Indianapolis IN US 0.0 
Lim Advisors Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Lime Rock Westport CT US 7975.6 
Lime Tree Capital LP Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Limerick Financial Group, LLC Limerick PA US 10.0 
Limerston Capital LLP London, England UK 0.0 
Limestone Capital Advisors, LLC Austin TX US 0.0 
Limestone Value Partners, LLC Houston TX US 130.5 
Limetree Capital Partners Holdings Limited George Town, Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Limiar Capital Management LLC Arlington VA US 0.0 
Limitless Capital Management, Inc. Atlanta GA US 8.1 
Limoges Investment Management Pc Vancouver WA US 88.1 
Lin & Company, LLC 17.9 
Lin Capital Management, LLC Issaquah WA US 4.9 
Linc Wealth Solutions Norristown PA US 1.6 
Lincap Management Company 92.5 
Linch Financial, LLC 0.0 
Lincoln Advisory Group, Limited. Chicago IL US 1021.6 
Lincoln Asset Management 1.8 
Lincoln Capital Corporation Providence RI US 206.9 
Lincoln Capital, LLC Lincoln NE US 235.3 
Lincoln Douglas Investments, LLC Mount Vernon OH US 8.2 
Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation Fort Wayne IN US 15325.7 
Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation Fort Wayne IN US 2112.3 
Lincoln Investment Fort Washington PA US 6293.6 
Lincoln Investment Advisers, LLC 2.1 
Lincoln Investment Advisors Corporation Radnor PA US 66280.5 
Lincoln Management 63.5 
Lincoln Sparrow Advisors, LLC Williamsville NY US 25.6 
Lincolnshire Management, Inc. New York NY US 1197.1 
Lind Capital Partners Northfield IL US 157.3 
Linda A. Barlow, Cfp Santa Ana CA US 161.9 
Linda A. Walker, Cfp Long Beach CA US 0.0 
Linda L. Graff, C.p.a., P.c. 6.5 
Linda Parks, Financial Advisor, LLC 0.1 
Linda Susan Cornish Dba Calhoun Financial Service Company 0.0 
Linda Zimmermann Financial Planning And Counseling 31.1 
Lindahl & Mansager Inc Fairlawn OH US 98.7 
Lindamar Capital, LLC 0.0 
Lindbergh Capital Management Inc St. Louis MO US 46.0 
Lindbrook Capital, LLC Los Angeles CA US 924.3 
Linde Equity Vancouver US 97.3 
Linde, Hansen & Co., LLC Florham Park NJ US 76.1 
Linden Advisors LP New York NY US 4749.9 
Linden Ash Capital Cincinnati OH US 5.5 
Linden Capital Partners Chicago IL US 1508.3 
Linden Financial Consultants, LLC Pittsford NY US 0.0 
Linden Financial Group 0.6 
Linden Global Strategies LLC New York NY US 5215.3 
Linden Rose Investment LLC 2.5 
Linden Wealth Management LLC Oak Park IL US 13.0 
Lindengrove Capital LLP London UK 4350.3 
Linder Financial Service, Inc. 50.0 
Lindisfarne Investments, LLC 3.2 
Lindner Capital Advisors, Inc. Marietta GA US 553.5 
Lindsell Train Limited London UK 8845.2 
Lindsey Financial, Inc. Redlands CA US 0.0 
Lindsey Wealth Management Vincennes IN US 7.2 
Lindus Advisors, Inc. Dallas TX US 17.9 
Lindy S. Diamond, Personal Financial Service 4.7 
Lineage Capital, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Lineguard Investments, LLC Troy MI US 48.0 
Linenger Wealth Management, LLC Glen Ellyn IL US 56.1 
Lineweaver Wealth Advisors Valley View OH US 257.4 
Lingerfelt Commonwealth Partners, LLC Glen Allen VA US 0.0 
Link Asset Management, LLC 1.8 
Link Financial Corporation Dallas TX US 32.8 
Linker Capital Management Inc Prospect KY US 63.4 
Linker Financial Group, Inc. Fresno CA US 0.0 
Linkhorn Capital LLC 0.0 
Linnard Financial Management & Planning, Inc. 6.2 
Linsalata Capital Management, LLC Mayfield Heights OH US 527.7 
Linscomb & Williams Houston TX US 2570.0 
Linse Capital LLC Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Linwood Investment Advisors Inc. Cheektowaga NY US 201.5 
Linx Equities, LLC 11.9 
Linx Partners, LLC Atlanta GA US 213.3 
Lion Cao Asset Management LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Lion Capital (americas) Inc. Santa Monica CA US 1115.0 
Lion Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Lion Point Capital, LP New York NY US 1475.3 
Lion Street Advisors, LLC Austin TX US 206.6 
Lionheart Financial Planning, Inc. 3.0 
Lionheart Strategic Management LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Lionrock Capital (cayman) Limited Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Lionsbridge Wealth Management LLC Jacksonville Beach FL US 82.9 
Lionsgate Investments, Inc. Chesapeake VA US 7.8 
Lionshead Wealth Management, LLC New York NY US 77.4 
Lionsight Capital, LLC 9.0 
Lionstone Capital Management LLC New York NY US 367.9 
Liontree Partners LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Liontrust Investment Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Lipe & Dalton Investment Counsel Syracuse NY US 333.6 
Lipper Advisory Service Inc 221.8 
Lipscomb Investment Group, LLC Auburn AL US 48.1 
Lipton Capital Management 10.6 
Lipton Financial Corporation 0.0 
Liquid Strategies, LLC Atlanta GA US 149.3 
Lisa B. Weinstein Cpa, P.c. 0.0 
Lisch Investment Management LLC 28.9 
Litespeed Management, LLC. New York NY US 1184.1 
Litkor Consultants Inc. 2.0 
Litman Gregory Asset Management, LLC Walnut Creek CA US 4897.8 
Litman Gregory Fund Advisors LLC Walnut Creekt CA US 2752.3 
Litmore New York NY US 37.9 
Litorina Capital Advisors AB Stockholm SE 0.0 
Litorina Partners Iv Limited St. Helier JE 0.0 
Litovsky Asset Management 6.0 
Little Harbor Advisors, LLC Marblehead MA US 3.3 
Little Point Capital, LLC 41.5 
Little Woods Capital Advisors, LLC. 0.0 
Littlefield Asset Management, Inc. 56.3 
Littlejohn & Co., LLC Greenwich CT US 5821.0 
Littlejohn Financial Service, LLC 15.0 
Litton Financial La Jolla CA US 0.0 
Litvak Wealth, LLC Westport CT US 55.6 
Live Oak Advisors, LLC 8.5 
Live Oak Family Offices LLC 72.6 
Live Oak Financial Management Summit NJ US 0.0 
Live Oak Resource Partners Houston TX US 0.0 
Live Oak Wealth Advisory Group, LLC Houston TX US 74.1 
Livelife Capital Partners LLC Southborough MA US 0.0 
Livelsberger Financial Advisory Ashland OH US 83.8 
Liveoak Venture Partners Austin TX US 0.0 
Livian & Co. New York NY US 92.5 
Living Earth Investments, LLC 9.0 
Livingbridge Ent LLP London UK 0.0 
Livingbridge Ep LLP London UK 0.0 
Livingston & Associates, Limited. Edwardsville Il 0.0 
Livingston & Haynes Investment Advisors, Inc. Wellesley MA US 21.6 
Livingston & Jefferson Inc Cincinnati OH US 167.9 
Livingston Financial Planning, Inc. Santa Rosa Beach FL US 14.7 
Liwa Capital Advisors Limited. Abu Dhabi UAE 0.0 
Lizard Investors LLC Chicago IL US 314.6 
Lj Investment Advisors LLC Miami FL US 134.2 
Ljcooper Capital Management, LLC Orem UT US 195.1 
Lji Wealth Management, LLC Indianapolis IN US 170.0 
Ljm Funds Management, Limited. Chicago IL US 383.2 
Ljpr Financial Advisors Troy MI US 698.6 
Lk Financial Planning LLC New York NY US 54.1 
Lk Wealth Management, LLC 14.0 
Lkl Investment Counsel LLC Phoenix AZ US 101.1 
Ll Funds Philadelphia PA US 1343.6 
Ll Investments Group LLC 3.2 
Llm Capital Partners LLC Boston MA US 26.9 
Lloyd Capital Wealth Management Geneva CH 91.7 
Lloyd Crescendo Advisors LLC Miami FL US 127.3 
Lloyd George Management (hk) Limited Hong Kong HK 127.5 
Lloyd Park, LLC Evanston IL US 118.0 
Lloyds Bank PLC London UK 0.0 
Llr Management, L.P. Philadelphia PA US 1792.5 
Lm Advisors LLC San Diego CA US 1344.3 
Lm Capital Group, LLC San Diego CA US 4973.7 
Lm GP Investors Manager, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Lmc Financial Service Arcadia CA US 42.0 
Lmc Investments, Inc. Wellesley MA US 12.7 
Lmcg Investments, LLC Boston MA US 7180.1 
Lmf Amalgamated Planning, LLC 0.0 
Lmj Capital LP New York NY US 0.0 
Lmk Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Lmr LP Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Lmr Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Lng Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Lnk Partners, LLC White Plains NY US 1110.3 
Lnz Capital LP New York NY US 1558.5 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

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