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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
M & I Financial Planning Service 9.8 
M 2, Inc. 0.0 
M Capital Wealth Management, LLC Cheraw SC US 36.5 
M E Sawyer Company Yucca Valley CA US 3.5 
M Financial Asset Management, Inc. Portland OR US 755.6 
M Financial Investment Advisers Inc Portland OR US 640.1 
M Financial Planning Service, Inc Marlton NJ US 0.0 
M Group Investment Advisor, LLC Medford OR US 38.0 
M Holdings Securities, Inc. Portland OR US 1518.5 
M K Schiller Consulting University Park FL US 0.0 
M Premier Partners Indian Wells CA US 120.0 
M Science LLC New York NY US 0.0 
M Square Brasil Investimentos LTDA. Sao Paulo BR 1335.7 
M Squared, LLC 0.0 
M Street Capital, LLC Boston MA US 12.2 
M Wealth Management, LLC San Diego CA US 94.5 
M&g Alternatives Investment Management Limited London, England UK 0.0 
M&g Investment Management Limited. London, England UK 291555.4 
M&l Wealth Advisors LLC Charlotte NC US 0.0 
M&m Wealth Management, LLC Fort Myers FL US 16.2 
M&r Capital Management Inc New York NY US 483.0 
M&t Securities, Inc. Buffalo NY US 0.0 
M. E. Allison & Co., Inc. San Antonio TX US 9.7 
M. Elaine Hawkins, Investments LLC 15.0 
M. Grier Investment Counsel, Inc. New Bern NC US 13.0 
M. Griffith Investment Service, Inc. New Hartford NY US 1262.0 
M. J. Smith And Associates Greenwood Village CO US 689.8 
M. Nilssen, Cpa, Pc 0.0 
M. W. Aragao Investment Advisors, LLC Cumberland RI US 12.7 
M.a. Whelan Financial Planning Peekskill NY US 8.3 
M.b. Engdahl & Co. Jamestown NY US 0.0 
M.c. Byrd Wealth Management, LLC Bellville TX US 204.1 
M.c. Draper Capital Management 22.3 
M.d. Sass Associates Inc. New York NY US 2709.9 
M.d. Sass Investors Service, Inc. New York NY US 1949.4 
M.d. Sass, LLC New York NY US 70.2 
M.d. Sass-macquarie Financial Strategies Management Company, LLC New York NY US 110.0 
M.e. Doll, LLC 5.8 
M.e. Miller Investors, LLC 14.2 
M.k. Brown Wealth Advisory, LLC Kettering OH US 63.0 
M.kraus & Company Shelburne VT US 262.9 
M.n. Bartakke & Associates 2.8 
M.p. Collins Wealth Advisor Alliance, LLC Pittsburgh PA US 0.0 
M.s. Lampe And Associates Oak Forest IL US 0.0 
M.z. Kark & Associates, Inc Denver CO US 168.6 
M1 Capital Management LLC Bloomfield Hills MI US 258.4 
M1 Finance Chicago IL US 0.0 
M2 Investment Advisors, Inc. Fountain Valley CA US 14.4 
M3 Advisors, LLC Savannah GA US 0.0 
M3 Advisory Group, LLC Newton MA US 85.0 
M3 Asset Management, Inc. Los Angeles CA US 7.0 
M360 Advisors, LLC Ladera Ranch CA US 0.0 
M3alpha LLC Charlotte NC US 0.0 
M3f, Inc. Salt Lake City UT US 336.3 
M3sixty Advisors, LLC Fairway KS US 0.0 
M7 Real Estate Limited London UK 0.0 
M?Ítis Financial LLC 0.0 
Ma Wealth Management Long Beach CA US 51.8 
Mab Financial Planning 0.0 
Mabc Investment Advisors, LLC 14.6 
Mabry-calvin, LLC Franklin TN US 55.8 
Mac Adams Wealth Advisors, LLC Dallas TX US 29.7 
Mac Investment Management Saint Petersburg FL US 39.5 
Mac Wealth Management Inc. 73.0 
Macallaster Pitfield Mackay Inc. New York NY US 144.7 
Macaulay & Associates Fort Mill SC US 31.8 
Macc Iv Group 3.1 
Maccio Financial 1.6 
Macdougall Financial Counseling Delmont PA US 302.5 
Mace Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 38.8 
Macguire, Cheswick & Tuttle Investment Counsel LLC Darien CT US 549.1 
Machina Capital Paris FR 0.0 
Maci Family Office Advisors New York NY US 45.0 
Mack Asset & Funding Planners LLC 0.0 
Mack Investment Securities, Inc. Northfield IL US 143.2 
Mack Real Estate Credit Strategies, L.P. New York NY US 531.7 
Mackay Financial Planning, LLC 7.8 
Mackay Shields LLC New York NY US 95737.0 
Mackay Shields Uk LLP London UK 0.0 
Macke Financial Advisory Group Fort Myers FL US 132.4 
Mackenzie Hughes & Hartnett Investment Advisors LLC Syracuse NY US 69.9 
Mackenzie Investments Toronto, Ontario CA 0.0 
Mackenzie Investments Toronto, Ontario CA 48573.9 
Mackey Advisors Bellevue KY US 63.2 
Mackhouse, LLC 3.2 
Maclean Capital Advisors, LLC Indian Wells CA US 94.0 
Maclendon Wealth Management, LLC Delray Beach FL US 167.5 
Macmillan Agencies, Inc. Lebanon Nj 0.0 
Macmunn Financial Management Hudson MA US 0.3 
Macnealy Hoover Investment Management Inc Canton OH US 242.7 
Macneil Capital Management 9.0 
Macoma Capital Group, LLC 0.0 
Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management Limited Sydney Nsw AU 0.0 
Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLC Ny NY US 2103.6 
Macquarie Fonds GmbH Frankfurt/main DE 0.0 
Macquarie Fund Advisers Pty Limited Sydney Nsw AU 0.0 
Macquarie Funds Management Hong Kong Limited Central HK 8616.9 
Macquarie Infrastructure And Real Assets europe Limited London UK 0.0 
Macquarie Infrastructure Management asia Pty Limited Singapore SG 0.0 
Macquarie Infrastructure Partners Inc. New York NY US 10584.7 
Macquarie Investment Management Business Trust Philadelphia PA US 153418.2 
Macquarie Investment Management Global Limited Sydney AU 51565.8 
Macquarie Investment Management Limited Sydney Nsw AU 1140.0 
Macquarie Private Debt Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 550.0 
Macro Advisors, Inc. York PA US 67.9 
Macro Analytics For Professionals 0.0 
Macro Consulting Group Parsippany NJ US 336.2 
Macro Risk Solutions, LLC New York NY US 125.0 
Macro Trend, LLC 36.0 
Macro Wealth Advisors, Inc. Mckinney TX US 8.0 
Macro Wealth Management, Inc. Peoria IL US 0.0 
Macroclimate LLC 98.6 
Macrofocus Portfolios 0.6 
Macroservice Inc. 13.5 
Macrosynergy London UK 0.0 
Macroview Investment Management LLC Bethesda MD US 92.8 
Mad River Investors Boston MA US 207.5 
Madden Advisory Service, Inc. Jacksonville FL US 287.2 
Madden Asset Management Dallas TX US 633.9 
Madden Creek Advisors San Francisco CA US 1.1 
Madden Funds Management Oak Park IL US 180.0 
Maddock Financial, LLC Greenwood Village CO US 71.9 
Maddox Financial Group Visalia CA US 48.2 
Maddux, Charles Emmett Jr. 0.0 
Mader & Shannon Wealth Management Kansas City MO US 160.0 
Madison Advisory Group, Inc. Chicago IL US 0.0 
Madison Advisory Service, Inc. White Plains NY US 125.8 
Madison Asset Advisors, LLC 8.3 
Madison Asset Management Madison WI US 5740.5 
Madison Avenue Securities, LLC San Diego CA US 485.0 
Madison Capital Funding LLC Chicago IL US 2053.2 
Madison Capital Partners Chicago IL US 1189.6 
Madison Dearborn Partners Chicago IL US 12494.1 
Madison Family Advisors, Inc. 71.4 
Madison Financial Research LLC 0.0 
Madison Heights Advisors, LLC 0.9 
Madison India Capital Management LLC Port-louis MU 0.0 
Madison International Realty Holdings, LLC New York NY US 3270.9 
Madison Investment Advisors, LLC Madison WI US 9510.1 
Madison Investment Holdings, Inc Madison WI US 0.0 
Madison Money Management, Inc. 6.3 
Madison Park Capital Advisors, LLC Seattle WA US 130.5 
Madison Realty Capital New York NY US 1144.3 
Madison Street Partners, LLC Denver CO US 74.3 
Madison Wealth Advisors, LLC Lees Summit MO US 46.9 
Madison Wealth Management Cincinnati OH US 465.6 
Madison West Ventures, LLC Kirkland WA US 0.0 
Madison-india Management Advisors Private Limited New Delhi IN 0.0 
Madrague Capital Partners AB Stockholm SE 0.0 
Madrid Financial Service Manhattan Beach CA US 48.4 
Madrona Financial Service, LLC Everett WA US 126.9 
Madrona Funds, LLC Everett WA US 59.0 
Madrona Venture Group, LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Madrona Wealth Management LLC Portland OR US 34.9 
Madrone Hill Capital, LLC San Jose CA US 0.0 
Madrone Investment Advisory, LLC 44.2 
Madryn Asset Management, LP New York NY US 275.0 
Madzin Investments Corporation 22.0 
Magann Capital Corporation. Maumelle AR US 9.3 
Magarian, Richard Dean 12.3 
Magee Thomson Investment Partners, LLC San Diego CA US 297.7 
Magellan Financial Solutions LLC Warwick NY US 11.6 
Maggi Investment Service, LLC Palm Harbor FL US 7.2 
Magis Capital Management LLC 5.0 
Magis Financial Partners Horsham PA US 212.9 
Magis Group, Inc. Tarrytown NY US 25.0 
Magis Management, LLC 3.2 
Magis Private Wealth Management, LLC 1.9 
Magis Wealth Planning Brecksville OH US 0.0 
Magister Capital Management, LLC San Ramon CA US 0.0 
Magister Wealth 1.1 
Maglan Capital LP New York NY US 0.0 
Magna Financial Planning, LLC 15.0 
Magnetar Asset Management LLC Evanston IL US 20.0 
Magnetar Financial LLC Evanston IL US 19895.0 
Magni Global Asset Management LLC 1.0 
Magnitude Capital, LLC New York NY US 6313.1 
Magnolia Capital Group 0.0 
Magnolia Capital Management Cold Spring NY US 155.4 
Magnolia Capital Management LLC Baton Rouge LA US 0.0 
Magnolia Financial Planning Service, Inc. Seneca SC US 62.3 
Magnolia Lane Capital, LLC Newport News VA US 6.6 
Magnolia Lane Financial Advisors, LLC 35.5 
Magnolia Road Capital LP New York NY US 109.9 
Magnum Financial 2.5 
Magnus Capital Management, LLC Naples FL US 235.4 
Magnus Financial Group LLC New York NY US 130.5 
Magpie Consulting LLC 1.6 
Magrath Capital LLC Mapleton UT US 1.0 
Maguire Asset Management, LLC Hinsdale IL US 36.7 
Maguire Investments LLC Wayne PA US 165.5 
Mah Investment Management Brookville IN US 13.7 
Mahaffey Financial 0.0 
Mahak Inc Mountain View CA US 0.9 
Mahalo Advisory Service, LLC 1.9 
Mahan Investment Counsel San Saba TX US 0.0 
Maher Capital Management, Inc. 13.6 
Maher Consulting Service, LLC Carlsbad CA US 0.0 
Mahlon R.edwards Financial Planning & Investment Strategies,Inc. Las Vegas NV US 17.5 
Mahoney Fiorentino & Co P.c. Wakefield MA US 0.0 
Mai Capital Management, LLC Cleveland OH US 3913.5 
Maiden Lane Partners LLC New York NY US 3.6 
Maiden Lane Ventures Ii , LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Maiden Lane Ventures, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Maierhofer Wealth Management, LLC 1.6 
Main Avenue Financial Service, LLC. Beaverton OR US 5.0 
Main Line Capital Management LLC Buffalo NY US 16.8 
Main Line Financial Advisors, LLC. Pottstown PA US 281.4 
Main Line Group Wealth Management, LLC Conshohocken PA US 63.2 
Main Line Investors, Inc. 0.0 
Main Line Retirement Advisors, LLC Pottstown PA US 0.0 
Main Management Fund Advisors, LLC San Francisco CA US 23.4 
Main Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 822.1 
Main Post Partners San Francisco CA US 417.1 
Main Stream Advisors, Inc. Centennial CO US 0.3 
Main Street Advisors Santa Monica CA US 2782.1 
Main Street Advisors, LLC Westminster MD US 41.2 
Main Street Advisors, LLC Hays KS US 52.3 
Main Street Asset Management LLC Nanuet NY US 25.0 
Main Street Asset Managment Sherman TX US 4.7 
Main Street Family Advisors, Inc. Sharonville OH US 9.3 
Main Street Financial Mount Kisco NY US 45.3 
Main Street Financial Advisors 4.0 
Main Street Financial Life Advisors, LLC Moorestown NJ US 124.2 
Main Street Financial Solutions, LLC Pennington NJ US 672.4 
Main Street Investment Advisors, LLC Northbrook IL US 93.0 
Main Street Investment Management Edmond OK US 2.2 
Main Street Management Company Dover PA US 29.1 
Main Street Research LLC Sausalito CA US 709.2 
Main Street Resources Bridgeport CT US 0.0 
Maine Advisory Associates, Inc. 27.5 
Maine Center For Wealth Management, LLC Augusta ME US 13.5 
Maine Financial Advisors, Inc. Portland ME US 58.7 
Maine Securities Corporation Portland, ME US 0.5 
Mainland Financial 19.5 
Mainline Investment Advisers, LLC Wynnewood PA US 207.2 
Mainline Private Wealth, LLC Wynnewood PA US 377.5 
Mainline West Fund Manager LLC Denver CO US 658.3 
Mainsail Advisors Service, LLC Milton MA US 0.0 
Mainsail Asset Management, LLC Birmingham AL US 144.2 
Mainsail Partners San Francisco CA US 685.8 
Mainstay Capital Management, LLC Grand Blanc MI US 2213.9 
Mainstreet Advisors Chicago IL US 6471.9 
Mainstreet Capital Management Eau Claire WI US 0.0 
Mainstreet Financial Planning, Inc. Burlingame CA US 0.0 
Mainwall Investment Management, LLC 4.3 
Maiorini, Alex 5.0 
Mairs & Power St Paul MN US 8893.6 
Maisel Financial, Inc 0.9 
Majedie Asset Management Limited London UK 0.0 
Majestic Capital Management, LLC Grosse Pointe Farms MI US 220.0 
Majestic Oak Financial 15.1 
Majority Asset Management, Inc. Sag Harbor NY US 43.0 
Majors & Mondragon, LLC. Houston TX US 8.0 
Mak Capital One, LLC New York NY US 567.4 
Makaira Partners, LLC La Jolla CA US 834.2 
Makena Capital Management, LLC Menlo Park CA US 18655.5 
Makenna & Company, Inc. Darien CT US 8.7 
Mako Capital Management, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Makrod Investment Associates Inc 574.4 
Makuria Investment Management (uk) LLP London UK 0.0 
Malabar Investments, LLC New York NY US 304.8 
Malachite Capital Management LLC New York NY US 282.6 
Malaga Cove Capital, LLC Palos Verdes Estates CA US 167.6 
Malaguti Wealth Management, LLC 1.4 
Malakoff Wealth Castro Valley CA US 0.0 
Malbork Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Malcolm G. Fries & Associates, Inc. Newport News VA US 11.7 
Maletis, James George 0.0 
Maley Financial Planning 0.0 
Mallard Advisors Hockessin DE US 106.3 
Mallard Financial Partners Inc Newark DE US 150.5 
Maltese Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 1682.7 
Maltin Wealth Management, Inc. Paramus NJ US 146.1 
Man Global Private Markets usa Inc. Charlotte NC US 1275.2 
Man Solutions Limited London UK 739.5 
Mana Advisors LLC New York NY US 776.6 
Managed Account Advisors LLC Jersey City NJ US 255702.2 
Managed Asset Portfolios, LLC Rochester MI US 529.1 
Managed Asset Wealth Management LLC Santa Ana CA US 0.0 
Managed Capital Growth 11.5 
Managed Financial Service Corporation Inc Houston TX US 69.3 
Managed Money Concepts Lansing MI US 27.0 
Managed Risk Strategies 0.0 
Managed Solutions Chicago IL US 0.0 
Managed Wealth Advantage, LLC Saint George UT US 0.0 
Managed Wealth Advisors 25.9 
Management Company Milan IT 0.0 
Managistx, LLC 0.0 
Manaia Capital Management, Inc. Bloomfield Hills MI US 14.0 
Manatuck Hill Partners, LLC Westport CT US 423.1 
Manchac Capital LLC 0.0 
Manchester Capital Management LLC Manchester VT US 3265.0 
Manchester Financial Inc Westlake Village CA US 503.9 
Manchester Management Pr, LLC San Juan PR US 0.0 
Mancini Capital Management, Inc. 14.9 
Mandala Capital Limited Ebene MU 0.0 
Mandala Wealth Management, LLC 14.0 
Mandarinfish Management, LLC Palm Beach FL US 354.0 
Mandel Investment Management, Inc. 14.1 
Mandel/overland Park Equity LLC Milwaukee WI US 0.0 
Mandeville Asset Management,LLC 13.0 
Mandl, Mary 0.0 
Mangan Wealth Management Seattle WA US 33.3 
Mangham Associates, Inc. Charlottesville VA US 1493.8 
Mangotree Capital, LLC Sterling Heights MI US 30.6 
Mangrove Capital Partners S.a. Luxembourg LU 0.0 
Mangrove Equity Partners Tampa FL US 183.9 
Mangrove Partners New York NY US 1481.0 
Manhattan Investment Management Service Inc Woodland Hills CA US 0.0 
Manhattan West Asset Management, LLC Manhattan Beach CA US 202.1 
Manifold Partners LLC San Francisco CA US 25.4 
Manikay Partners New York NY US 2507.2 
Manion Capital LLC 1.3 
Manito Asset Management Spokane WA US 0.0 
Manitou Capital Management, Inc. Frankfort MI US 14.0 
Maniv Mobility Tel-aviv IL 0.0 
Manley Capital Management, LLC Summit NJ US 7.8 
Mann Advisory Service, LLC Appling GA US 0.0 
Mann Capital Management LLC Florence KY US 10.5 
Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC Fairport NY US 27026.1 
Manning & Napier Alternative Opportunities, LLC Fairport NY US 0.0 
Manning Wealth Managment, Inc. San Diego CA US 0.0 
Mannix Wealth Management Charlotte NC US 4.5 
Manole Capital Management LLC Tampa FL US 3.0 
Manor Road Capital Partners, LLC New York NY US 1134.2 
Mansford LLP London UK 0.0 
Manske Wealth Management, LLC Houston TX US 179.2 
Mansoor, Yasmin 6.2 
Mantle Ridge LP New York NY US 758.9 
Mantra Asset Management, LLC 1.4 
Mantra Investment Partners SARL Paris FR 0.0 
Mantz, Michele M 1.0 
Manulife Asset Management north America Limited Toronto, On CA 96201.5 
Manulife Asset Management us LLC Boston MA US 185732.5 
Manya D. Otis Dba Financial Service & Seminars 0.0 
Map Royalty, Inc. Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Mapa Investments, LLC Farmington MO US 0.0 
Maple Capital Management, Inc. Montpelier VT US 750.0 
Maple Grove Advisors, LLC 169.2 
Maple Lawn Financial Service, LLC. 0.0 
Maple Rock Capital Partners Inc. Toronto CA 562.6 
Maple Tree Capital Service, LLC Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Maple-brown Abbott Sydney AU 11620.6 
Maplelane Capital LLC New York NY US 1952.5 
Mapleton Capital Management, LLC Los Angeles CA US 24.9 
Mar Vista Investment Partners, LLC Los Angeles CA US 3649.6 
Mar Wealth Management Service, LLC Delray Beach FL US 39.9 
Mara Investments LLC Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Maran Capital Management, LLC 1.2 
Maranatha Mgt Corporation 0.0 
Maranon Capital, L.P. Chicago IL US 1517.8 
Marathon Asset Management, L.P. New York NY US 15633.0 
Marathon Capital Management 25.7 
Marathon Capital Management Hunt Valley MD US 321.1 
Marathon Financial Advisors Pacific Grove CA US 64.7 
Marathon Financial Strategies 25.0 
Marathon Investment Management, Inc. Greenwood Village CO US 87.6 
Marathon Investment Programs 66.8 
Marathon Investments, LLC 6.0 
Marathon Micro Partners, LLC Hunt Valley MD US 0.0 
Marathon Mission Wealth Management Albany NY US 55.2 
Marathon Partners Equity Management, LLC New York NY US 274.8 
Marathon Retirement Planning San Ramon CA US 1.0 
Marathon Strategic Advisors, LLC Steubenville OH US 34.7 
Marathon Trading Investment Management LLC Wayne PA US 280.1 
Marathon Wealth Management, Inc. Melville NY US 0.0 
Marathon-london London UK 56759.4 
Marbell Investments, Inc. 0.0 
Marber Capital, Inc. San Francisco CA US 0.3 
Marble Arch Investments, LP New York NY US 2914.8 
Marble Bar Asset Management LLP London UK 0.0 
Marble Capital Lafayette CA US 44.9 
Marble Capital LP Houston TX US 0.0 
Marble Harbor Investment Counsel, LLC Boston MA US 561.7 
Marble Point Credit Management LLC Greenwich CT US 3639.2 
Marble Ridge Capital LP New York NY US 351.2 
Marblegate Asset Management, LLC Greenwich CT US 626.7 
Marblehead Capital, LLC Beverly MA US 7.3 
Marc E. Anderson, Inc. El Segundo CA US 0.0 
Marc J. Lane Investment Management,Inc. Chicago IL US 56.9 
Marc Sanders Financial Service 0.0 
Marca, Inc Birmingham AL US 68.5 
Marcato Capital Management LP San Francisco CA US 1384.8 
March Altus Capital Management LP Greenwich CT US 0.0 
March Capital Corporation. Chicago Il 0.0 
March Capital Partners Santa Monica CA US 0.0 
March One Capital Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Marchand Faries Financial Management, Inc. 86.1 
Marco Investment Management LLC Atlanta GA US 903.3 
Marco Javier Rimassa 0.8 
Marco Polo Pure Asset Management Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Marcuard Family Office Limited Zurich CZ 3610.8 
Marcum Financial Service LLC Melville NY US 0.0 
Marcus Capital Management, Inc. Boston MA US 14.6 
Marcus Capital, LLC Northbrook IL US 104.4 
Marcus Farquhar Investments, LLC Edna TX US 0.0 
Marcus Management, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Marcus Partners, Inc. Boston MA US 336.6 
Marder Investment Advisors Corporation. 0.8 
Mardin Capital Group LLC Portsmouth NH US 0.0 
Maredin Capital Advisors Miami FL US 3.4 
Marello Investment Advisors, Inc. Valley Village CA US 34.5 
Margarita Anthoine Registered Investment Adviser, LLC 8.2 
Margate Capital Management, LP New York NY US 136.5 
Margel Wealth Management Paramus NJ US 116.6 
Margo Park Financial 0.0 
Maria M. Naye & Associates, Limited Arlington Heights IL US 3.0 
Mariaca Wealth Management, LLC Lake Worth FL US 117.7 
Marian Financial Partners, Inc. Greenwood IN US 0.0 
Marian Financial Service Inc. 30.6 
Marianas Fund Management LLC New York NY US 903.7 
Mariemont Capital LLC Cincinnati OH US 0.0 
Marietta Investment Partners, LLC Milwaukee WI US 405.2 
Marietta Wealth Management, LLC Marietta GA US 354.6 
Marin Bay Wealth Advisors, LLC Sausalito CA US 163.1 
Marin Capital Management Novato CA US 71.5 
Marin Financial Advisors LLC Larkspur CA US 449.6 
Marin Wealth Advisors LLC San Rafael CA US 103.0 
Mariner Capital Management LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Mariner Financial Group, LLC Glastonbury CT US 105.5 
Mariner Institutional Consulting, LLC Overland Park KS US 0.0 
Mariner Investment Group, LLC Harrison NY US 35741.4 
Mariner Retirement Advisors, LLC Overland Park KS US 1269.8 
Mariner Wealth Advisors Overland Park KS US 906.5 
Mariner Wealth Advisors Overland Park KS US 944.2 
Mariner Wealth Advisors Overland Park KS US 2846.8 
Mariner Wealth Advisors Overland Park KS US 551.8 
Mariner Wealth Advisors Overland Park KS US 285.2 
Mariner Wealth Advisors Overland Park KS US 724.1 
Mariner Wealth Advisors Overland Park KS US 2179.5 
Mariner Wealth Advisors Overland Park KS US 416.1 
Mariner Wealth Advisors, LLC Overland Park KS US 896.1 
Marinus Capital Advisors LLC Darien CT US 1324.5 
Marion Equity Partners Management, LLC Waltham MA US 0.0 
Marion Financial Advisors 0.0 
Mariposa Capital Management, LLC Los Angeles CA US 12.8 
Maritime Capital New York NY US 811.2 
Maritime DEVE Partners Miami FL US 0.0 
Marius Wealth Management, LLC New York NY US 1.2 
Marjorie E. Posner Financial Planning LLC Jamaica Plain MA US 0.0 
Mark A Shapiro Cpa Pa Baltimore MD US 0.0 
Mark A. Goldman 1.8 
Mark Allan Capital Management, LLC 0.6 
Mark Andrew Paganelli Pittsford NY US 0.0 
Mark Asset Management Corporation New York NY US 456.8 
Mark Bell Advisory Service, Inc. Chicago IL US 109.4 
Mark Bussey & Associates, Lc Phoenix AZ US 3.0 
Mark C. Huffman, Cpa/ria 30.0 
Mark Capital Management Inc Fresno CA US 61.5 
Mark Cernese & Associates Emmaus PA US 2.5 
Mark E. Reich, Cpa, Cfp New York NY US 0.0 
Mark Gillam Ent Fair Oaks CA US 169.2 
Mark H. Hull Ria San Diego CA US 80.6 
Mark Harris Service 8.5 
Mark I Asset Management, Limited Oklahoma City OK US 96.6 
Mark J Snyder Financial Service Inc Medford NY US 199.6 
Mark J. Angelo Financial Service Toms River NJ US 0.0 
Mark J. Ruthenberg Pension Planning & Administration Kingman AZ US 0.0 
Mark Janer Financial Planning 0.0 
Mark L. Westerman, Cpa Victoria TX US 42.2 
Mark Monreal & Associates 0.8 
Mark P. Shively 10.0 
Mark R. Lemmond Cpa, Pllc Carthage NC US 2.5 
Mark R. Peters 0.0 
Mark Scordato & Associates Parsippany NJ US 0.0 
Mark Shemtob Financial Planner LLC 0.0 
Mark Sheptoff Financial Planning LLC Glastonbury CT US 263.1 
Mark Smith Financial Service, Inc. Thousand Oaks Drive CA US 46.5 
Mark Struthers Dba Sona Financial, LLC 3.0 
Mark T. Harvey Investments Irvine CA US 0.0 
Mark Thomas, LLC 14.8 
Mark Vogel Wealth Management, LLC 22.7 
Markel Catco Investment Management Limited Hamilton BM 0.0 
Markel|eagle Partners, LLC Glen Allen VA US 0.0 
Marker Financial Advisors LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Market Concepts, LLC Charlottesville VA US 2.5 
Market Gauge Asset Management Santa Fe NM US 0.0 
Market Innovations Inc. Washington NJ US 20.9 
Market Logic 1.7 
Market Palace LLC 0.0 
Market Street Advisors, LLC Kirkland WA US 0.0 
Market Street Wealth Management West Chester PA US 130.5 
Market Street Wealth Management Advisors, LLC Indianapolis IN US 288.0 
Market Styles Advisory, LLC 2.0 
Market Trends Investment Management San Rafael CA US 0.0 
Market Trends Research Corporation Glendale CA US 0.0 
Marketcycle Wealth Management, LLC 6.1 
Marketfield Asset Management LLC New York NY US 704.0 
Marketforce, LLC 0.0 
Marketgrader Capital, LLC Coral Gables FL US 0.0 
Marketocracy Capital Management LLC 15.0 
Marketos Wealth Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Marketpro Trading, LLC 2.0 
Marketriders Chesterfield MO US 1.0 
Markettrend Advisors, Limited. 30.6 
Marketwise Private Asset Management 13.4 
Marketx Securities, LLC 0.0 
Markey Investment Management Gainsville FL US 38.3 
Markham Rae LLP London UK 1228.3 
Markham Rae malta Management Co L St Julians MT 0.0 
Marki Financial Service, LLC 18.4 
Markitlend London UK 0.0 
Markle Wealth Management 0.0 
Markowski Investments 148.2 
Marks Advisory Group, LLC 0.0 
Marks Group Wealth Management, Inc. Minnetonka MN US 711.7 
Marks, Todt Robert 2.4 
Markston International LLC White Plains NY US 1084.0 
Marlcroft Asset Management LLC New York NY US 303.9 
Marlin Equity Partners Hermosa Beach CA US 3373.2 
Marlin Sams Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Marlowe Partners LP New York NY US 285.7 
Marlton Capital Advisors Marlton NJ US 0.0 
Marmo Financial Group, LLC Johnson City TN US 70.0 
Marnell Management LLC Farmington Hills MI US 0.0 
Marnie Mcgrath, LLC 0.0 
Marotta Wealth Management, Inc. Charlottesville VA US 307.6 
Marquam Capital Portland OR US 7.9 
Marquette Asset Management Minneapolis MN US 717.9 
Marquette Associates, Inc. Chicago IL US 3284.1 
Marquis Wealth Management Group Ft. Myers FL US 183.2 
Marquise Wealth Management, LLC Charlotte NC US 14.5 
Marram Investment Management, LLC Los Angeles CA US 16.3 
Marrick Wealth Irvine CA US 53.2 
Marrs Wealth Management, LLC Ames IA US 149.8 
Mars Capital Management LLC 3.1 
Marsden Capital Management, LLC. Erie PA US 49.5 
Marsh Asset Management, LLC 7.5 
Marsh Financial Group 3.2 
Marsh Wealth Management, LLC Knoxville TN US 20.4 
Marsha Lee & Company,Inc. Palm Desert CA US 17.5 
Marshall & Sterling Wealth Advisors, Inc. Poughkeepsie NY US 97.0 
Marshall & Sullivan, Inc. Seattle WA US 275.3 
Marshall Financial Advisory, LLC. Aurora CO US 1.0 
Marshall Investment Management, LLC Littleton CO US 66.6 
Marshall Plans, Inc. 5.0 
Marshall Point Advisors LLC 6.8 
Marshall Wace Asia Limited Central HK 0.0 
Marshall Wace LLP London UK 0.0 
Marshall Wace North America L.P. New York NY US 10324.3 
Marshall Wealth Management, LLC Houston TX US 2.0 
Marshall White, Investment Advisor 89.0 
Marshfield Associates Washington DC US 1867.2 
Marshwinds Advisory Co St Simons Island GA US 336.9 
Marsico Capital Management, LLC Denver CO US 2771.0 
Marstone LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Martha Jeanne Wilcoxson Registered Investment Advisor Pueblo CO US 0.0 
Martin & Associates Investment Advisory Service LLC Mandeville LA US 34.9 
Martin & Browne 0.0 
Martin & Company Investment Counsel Knoxville TN US 1717.2 
Martin Capital Advisors, LLP San Antonio TX US 56.3 
Martin Capital Management, LLC Elkhart IN US 62.2 
Martin Capital Partners, LLC Eugene OR US 132.2 
Martin Currie Inc Edinburgh UK 2048.0 
Martin Currie Investment Management Limited Edinburgh UK 5704.8 
Martin D. Verhelst, Cpa Oregon WI US 0.0 
Martin Financial Group, LLC New Albany IN US 186.0 
Martin Financial Management 28.9 
Martin Financial Service, Inc. Swansea IL US 0.0 
Martin Financial Solutions, LLC 2.6 
Martin Fund Management LLC New York NY US 125.0 
Martin Investment Management, LLC Evanston IL US 834.6 
Martin M. Shenkman, P.c. Fort Lee NJ US 0.0 
Martin Nelson & Co., Inc. Seattle WA US 35.0 
Martin Wealth Management, LLC 10.4 
Martin Wealth Management, LLC 64.7 
Martinelli Portfolio Management, Inc. Springfield MA US 42.1 
Martingale Asset Management Boston MA US 7117.9 
Marto Capital LP New York NY US 31.0 
Martone Capital Management, Inc. White Plains NY US 15.3 
Marvin & Palmer Associates Wilmington DE US 149.1 
Marvin Investment Management, Co. Lincoln NE US 17.2 
Marvin M. Slater & Associates 0.6 
Marvize Asset Management, LLC 12.9 
Marwieh Advisory Service, LLC 5.5 
Marwood Group New York NY US 0.0 
Marwood Group Research LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Marwyn Asset Management Limited St Helier, Channel Islands JE 0.0 
Mary Ellen Mccarthy, Responsible Investing 0.0 
Mary J. Spitler, Ms, LLC 17.5 
Maryland Capital Advisors, Inc. Chester MD US 179.8 
Maryland Capital Management, LLC Baltimore MD US 986.4 
Maryland Financial Group, Inc. Rockville MD US 319.2 
Marylebone Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Mas Advisors LLC Miami FL US 410.1 
Masada Capital Advisors LLC 0.0 
Masani Wealth Management, LLC 16.1 
Mascagni Wealth Management, Inc. Clinton MS US 200.1 
Mascoma Wealth Management Hanover NH US 201.1 
Maseco Asset Management Limited Tortola VG 0.0 
Maseco Private Wealth London UK 1186.8 
Masland & Barrick Advisory, Inc Camp Hill PA US 2.0 
Mason & Associates 5.1 
Mason & Associates, Inc. Los Angeles CA US 223.9 
Mason Capital Management LLC New York NY US 3507.8 
Mason Capital Partners Boston MA US 156.2 
Mason Financial Service Redlands CA US 3.9 
Mason Hill Advisors LLC New York NY US 955.0 
Mason Investment Advisory Service Inc Reston VA US 5751.3 
Mason Investments Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Mason Morgan Investments, LLC Auburn CA US 4.8 
Mason Road Wealth Advisors, LLC. Chesterfield MO US 85.4 
Mason Street Advisors, LLC Milwaukee WI US 26440.0 
Mason Wells Buyout Partners Ii, LLC Milwaukee WI US 0.0 
Mason Wells Buyout Partners Iii, LLC Milwaukee WI US 494.5 
Mason Wells Buyout Partners Iv, LLC Milwaukee WI US 574.0 
Mason Wells, Inc. Milwaukee WI US 1135.8 
Mason, L. Hardy 47.4 
Mason-mcbride Capital Advisors, LLC Troy MI US 0.0 
Massachusetts Finance Group, Inc. 19.2 
Masse, J. Pierre Chapel Hill NC US 3.2 
Massey Financial 3.6 
Massey Itschner & Company, P.c. Kerrville TX US 12.1 
Massey Morgan Wealth Management, LLC Medford NJ US 0.0 
Massey Quick Simon & Co., LLC Morristown NJ US 2416.6 
Massey, Joshua Hamilton MA BM 93.7 
Massucci & Associates, LLC Plantsville CT US 15.0 
Mast Capital Management LLC Boston MA US 470.6 
Mast Investment Advisors LLC 0.0 
Masten Capital Management, LLC 8.0 
Master Key Financial Service,LLC Timonium MD US 0.0 
Master Plan Advisory, Inc. 7.2 
Master Plan Wealth Management, LLC. 12.9 
Master Structured Alternative Asset Related Strategies, LLC 45.4 
Masterplan Retirement Consultants Marietta GA US 0.8 
Masters Capital Management, LLC. Atlanta GA US 1106.5 
Masters Consulting Group Chardon OH US 27.0 
Masters Research Partners LLC Aventura FL US 0.0 
Masterworks Fiscal Advisors LLC Budd Lake NJ US 16.5 
Masthead Venture Partners Danvers MA US 0.0 
Mastodon Advisory Group 0.5 
Mastodon Capital Management, LLC 3.6 
Mastrapasqua Asset Management, Inc. Nashville TN US 495.9 
Masus Financial Group, Limited. Batavia IL US 146.0 
Matador Financial Ponte Vedra Beach FL US 4.9 
Matarin Capital Management Stamford CT US 934.0 
Matchpoint Capital Management, LLC 18.0 
Matchstick Ventures, LLC St. Paul MN US 0.0 
Material Impact Management, LLC Waltham MA US 0.0 
Math + Magic Ii LLC Wilmington DE US 0.0 
Math + Magic Iv LLC Wilmington DE US 0.0 
Math + Magic LLC Wilmington DE US 0.0 
Math + Magic V LLC Wilmington DE US 0.0 
Math Venture Partners Chicago IL US 0.0 
Mathematica Capital Management, LLC Sausalito CA US 39.4 
Mathers Associates Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Matheson Financial Bonita Springs FL US 1.9 
Matheys Lane Capital Management L.P. Providence RI US 883.0 
Mathies Financial Partners Colorado Springs CO US 0.0 
Mathis Wealth Management Phoenix AZ US 13.0 
Matin Crane Capital Management, LP 0.0 
Matlinpatterson Global Advisers LLC New York NY US 4386.1 
Matlins Financial Consulting, Inc. 9.1 
Matrix Asset Advisors Inc White Plains NY US 763.9 
Matrix Capital Advisors, LLC Chicago IL US 485.9 
Matrix Capital Management 3.3 
Matrix Capital Management Company, LP Waltham MA US 2972.6 
Matrix Partners Cambridge MA US 0.0 
Matrix Partners China Management, Limited. Central HK 0.0 
Matrix Partners Hk Management, Limited Central HK 0.0 
Matrix Partners India Port Louis MU 0.0 
Matrix Planning Inc Santa Monica CA US 92.9 
Matrix Private Wealth Management Inc. Lake Success NY US 6.0 
Matrix Wealth Advisors, Inc. Charlotte NC US 250.2 
Matrix Wealth Management, Inc. Clackamas OR US 0.0 
Matrix Wealth Partners New York NY US 25.3 
Matson & Cuprill Cincinnati OH US 0.0 
Matson Financial Advisors, Inc. Danbury CT US 175.2 
Matson Financial Group, Inc. 30.4 
Matson Money, Inc. Mason OH US 7401.3 
Matt Montgomery Jacksonville TX US 12.0 
Matter Family Office Clayton MO US 2344.2 
Matter Ventures San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Matterhorn Financial Planning 0.0 
Matterhorn Investment Management asia Limited Hong Kong HK 42.7 
Matterhorn Investment Management LLP London UK 126.0 
Matterhorn Management, LLC. 0.0 
Matthai Capital Management White Marsh MD US 38.2 
Matthew 25 Management Corporation Dresher PA US 396.4 
Matthew Capital Management, Inc. Staten Island NY US 3.6 
Matthew J. Williams 8.0 
Matthew L. Tonkovich Jd, Mba, Cfp 0.0 
Matthews & Co. Private Wealth Advisors LLC Cornelius NC US 0.4 
Matthews Advisors, LLC Colorado Springs CO US 33.0 
Matthews Capital Partners, LP Houston TX US 32.5 
Matthews International Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 24607.9 
Matthias Private Wealth, LLC Winter Park FL US 0.0 
Mattix Wealth Management LLC Loganville GA US 0.0 
Mattson Financial Service, LLC Grand Rapids MI US 5.0 
Matune Basile Advisors Hermitage PA US 69.2 
Mature Money Management, Inc Elk Grove CA US 7.8 
Mauch Investment Service 11.4 
Mauldin Solutions, LLC 0.0 
Maund And Jones Investments LLC Castries LC 0.0 
Maurer & Associates Capital Management, Inc. Denver CO US 75.0 
Mauro Capital Management, Inc. 16.0 
Maurya Capital, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Mavada Personal Wealth Management, Inc. Bainbridge Island WA US 13.1 
Maven Group LLC Lafayette CA US 7.3 
Maven Royalty Management, LLC Shreveport LA US 0.0 
Maven Ventures Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Maverick Capital Limited Dallas TX US 15921.8 
Maverick Value, LLC 4.7 
Maverick Wealth Management Burleson TX US 0.0 
Maverick Wealth Management, Inc. Petaluma CA US 11.6 
Maveron LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Mavors Investment Managers London UK 0.0 
Mawer Investment Management Limited. Calgary CA 25015.8 
Max Capital Corporation Salt Lake City UT US 1.1 
Maxadvisor Private Management 26.4 
Maxele Advisors, LLC Webster Groves MO US 70.4 
Maxim Capital Advisors, Inc. Irvine CA US 21.1 
Maxim Capital Group, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Maxim Financial Advisors LLC New York NY US 56.9 
Maximai Investment Partners, LLC Coral Gables FL US 167.8 
Maximum Asset Strategies 0.0 
Maximum Wealth Advisors, LLC 5.6 
Maximum Wealth Management Inc. Lawrenceville GA US 29.2 
Maxine Weiner, Cfpr 0.0 
Maxon Financial, LLC San Rafael CA US 0.0 
Maxout Savings Advisors LLC Houston TX US 35.0 
Maxwell Financial Group, Inc 25.0 
Maxwell Financial Service, Inc. 9.8 
Maxwell Investment Advisory Service Troy MI US 9.4 
Maxwell Noll Investment Advisors Pasadena CA US 98.9 
Maxwell Wealth Planning, Inc. 16.1 
May & Barnhard, Pc Bethesda MD US 0.0 
May Capital Management, LLC 45.0 
May Financial Group, LLC Vicksburg MS US 0.0 
May Harbor Investment Advisors LLC 0.8 
May River Capital Chicago IL US 0.0 
May Wealth Management Group Santa Maria CA US 0.0 
Maya Advisors, Inc. Palo Alto CA US 15.2 
Maybry Mcshane Family Offices, LLC Charlotte NC US 498.0 
Maycrest Capital Inc. 0.7 
Mayer Capital Management, LLC 4.7 
Mayernick & Associates, Inc. 2.6 
Mayers Investment Company, LLC Vernon AL US 0.0 
Mayfair Equity Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Mayfield Advisors, Inc. Palo Alto CA US 49.4 
Mayfield Fund, LLC., A Delaware LLC Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Mayflower Capital Los Altos CA US 15.9 
Mayflower Capital Homer NY US 8.5 
Maynard Advisory Group Paradise CA US 0.8 
Maynard Investment Management, LLC New Orleans LA US 19.6 
Mayo Investment Advisers LLC Boston MA US 451.9 
Maytech Global Investments New York NY US 181.1 
Maywic GP, LLC Cincinnati OH US 0.0 
Maywic Ii GP, LLC Cincinnati OH US 0.0 
Mazars Usa Wealth Advisors LLC New York NY US 98.0 
Maze Financial Planning, LLC Chapel Hill NC US 60.3 
Maze Investments, LLC Los Angeles CA US 41.0 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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