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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Mb & Associates 1.2 
Mb Advisors LLC 16.0 
Mb Family Advisors New York NY US 109.1 
Mb Global Advisers, LLC New York NY US 424.6 
Mb Inman Investment Advisors, LLC Orinda CA US 0.0 
Mb Investment Advisors, Inc. 0.0 
Mb, Levis & Associates,LLC Bethlehem PA US 184.6 
Mbc Fii Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Mbe Wealth Management, LLC Tomah WI US 120.0 
Mbf Healthcare Management Ii, LLC Coral Gables FL US 293.8 
Mbf Healthcare Management, LLC Coral Gables FL US 0.0 
Mbg Retirement Houston TX US 0.0 
Mbhc, LLC Homewood AL US 0.0 
Mbi LLC Bethesda MD US 100.4 
Mbia Capital Advisors Cincinnati OH US 61.0 
Mbk Management, Inc. Hong Kong HK 13084.7 
Mbm Wealth Consultants, LLC Town & Country MO US 55.4 
Mbo Partenaires SAS Paris FR 0.0 
Mbr Capital Management, Inc. Bakersfield CA US 17.5 
Mbr Financial Houston TX US 519.6 
Mbs Mantra, LLC 2.2 
Mbsc Securities Corporation New York NY US 1320.6 
Mc Credit Partners LP Stamford CT US 1016.5 
Mc Financial Management, Inc. 19.6 
Mc Financial Service, Inc. 41.8 
Mc Taylor Associates Oakland CA US 62.2 
Mc2 Financial Advisers, Inc. Newtown Square PA US 26.8 
Mca Cross Border Advisors Inc. Montreal CA 3.0 
Mcadam LLC Philadelphia PA US 251.0 
Mcallister Capital Management Jackson MS US 83.5 
Mcallister, Gary Richard 0.0 
Mcallister, Thomas Jay 0.0 
Mcalvany Wealth Management, LLC Durango CO US 62.7 
Mcas Lansdowne VA US 0.0 
Mcauliffe Capital Management 12.6 
Mcavoy Kemp Wealth Management, LLC Columbus IN US 59.4 
Mcbeath Financial Group Normal IL US 0.0 
Mcbee Advisors, Inc. Bellevue WA US 27.9 
Mcbrearty Capital Management Inc Knoxville TN US 144.1 
Mcbrearty Financial Service Phoenix AZ US 0.0 
Mcbride Financial 0.0 
Mcbride Financial Advisors, LLC 99.0 
Mcbride Financial Service, Inc. Mesa AZ US 0.0 
Mcbroom & Associates, LLC Las Vegas NV US 90.0 
Mcbryar Advisory Service, Inc. Foley AL US 0.0 
Mcc Advisors LLC New York NY US 1032.9 
Mcc Financial Advisors 50.0 
Mccabe & Associates, Inc Mokena IL US 231.1 
Mccall, Angel B. Greenwood Village CO US 21.3 
Mccann Wealth Strategies,Inc. State College PA US 22.6 
Mccarter Investments, LLC 32.6 
Mccarthy Asset Management, Inc. Redwood Shores CA US 225.4 
Mccarthy Grittinger Financial Group, LLC Milwaukee WI US 227.9 
Mccarthy Partners Management, LLC Omaha NE US 1529.1 
Mccartney Wealth Management LLC Saint Louis MO US 90.3 
Mccaslin Barrow Henderson, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Mccauley Investment Advisory, LLC Chandler AZ US 11.0 
Mccauley Investments Advisors LLC Guilford CT US 13.5 
Mccauley Investments LLC 4.7 
Mcclain Lovejoy Financial Planning, LLC Vestavia AL US 57.9 
Mcclain Value Management, LLC New Canaan CT US 90.8 
Mcclarren Financial Advisors State College PA US 0.0 
Mcclelland Wesley Wealth Management 14.4 
Mccloskey & Associates, P.a. Melbourne FL US 3.4 
Mcclure Capital Advisors, Inc. Addison TX US 0.0 
Mcclure Financial Planning Peoria IL US 0.0 
Mcclure Investment Management, LLC Glendora CA US 31.6 
Mcclurg Capital Corporation San Rafael CA US 213.0 
Mccollum Christoferson Group, LLC Amherst NY US 265.0 
Mccombie Group Advisors, LLC Miami FL US 26.9 
Mcconnell Asset Management LLC Atlanta GA US 1.1 
Mcconnell Financial Advisors Boise ID US 24.0 
Mccormack Financial Planning Inc. Atlanta GA US 56.3 
Mccoy Foat Wealth Management Group, LLC Lake Oswego OR US 21.6 
Mccracken & Company New Braunfels TX US 2.3 
Mccuen & Co Inc San Diego CA US 294.2 
Mccullagh Financial Service 0.0 
Mcculley Financial Group, LLC Westchester IL US 18.0 
Mccullough & Associates LLC Mill Valley CA US 85.8 
Mccurdy, Gillion & Associates, Lllp Orlando FL US 20.9 
Mccutchen Group LLC Seattle WA US 2261.3 
Mcd Advisors 27.6 
Mcdaniel Investments LLC Gaithersburg MD US 0.0 
Mcdaniel Knutson Financial Partners Lawrence KS US 217.9 
Mcdaniel Wealth Management Nevada City CA US 43.0 
Mcdavid & Company Wealth Management Service Gainesville FL US 16.8 
Mcdermott Advisory Group, LLC Wilmington DE US 127.8 
Mcdermott Investment Advisors, LLC 194.1 
Mcdevitt & Bird Investment Management Co Elizabeth IL US 37.0 
Mcdonald & Company LLC Memphis TN US 12.0 
Mcdonald & Hagen Wealth Management Montgomery AL US 231.6 
Mcdonald Capital Investors Inc Orinda CA US 1233.5 
Mcdonald Capital Management Lubbock TX US 149.7 
Mcdonald Capital Management, Inc. 67.3 
Mcdonald Partners LLC Cleveland OH US 984.0 
Mcdonell, Mark Robert Santa Rosa Ca 0.0 
Mcdonnell Capital Management 30.0 
Mcdonnell Financial Service Pasadena CA US 0.0 
Mcdonnell Investment Management, LLC Oakbrook Terrace IL US 11459.2 
Mcdonough Capital Management, Inc. Orlando FL US 22.0 
Mcelhenny Sheffield Capital Management, LLC Dallas TX US 204.7 
Mcelvain Management, LLC Denver CO US 16.5 
Mcenroe Financial Planning LLC 0.0 
Mcf Advisors, LLC Covington KY US 1016.5 
Mcfarland Associates Monterey CA US 0.0 
Mcfarlane Investment Advisory Service Inc. Monterey CA US 2.3 
Mcfee Financial Group, Inc. Minneapolis MN US 0.0 
Mcg Capital Management, LLC 34.8 
Mcgee Wealth Management, Inc. Portland OR US 363.5 
Mcgehee Capital Management, Inc. 1.1 
Mcgehee Wealth Advisory Group, Inc. Charlotte NC US 51.7 
Mcgervey Wealth Management, LLC Canton OH US 57.8 
Mcgibbon Asset Management Greenwood Village CO US 14.5 
Mcgill Advisors, Inc. Charlotte NC US 1360.0 
Mcgill Investment Advisory 0.0 
Mcgillicuddy Financial Advisors, Inc. 0.0 
Mcginn Investment Management Inc Alexandria VA US 76.0 
Mcgirr Financial Service LLC Chicago Il 0.0 
Mcgovern Financial Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Mcgowan & Co LLP Bryn Mawr PA US 284.8 
Mcgowan Group Asset Management, Inc. Dallas TX US 607.6 
Mcgrath Wealthcare, LLC Brewster NY US 48.0 
Mcguire Capital Management, LLC. Oklahoma City OK US 10.1 
Mcguire Financial Solutions 3.2 
Mch Private Equity Madrid ES 0.0 
Mcham Taylor & Co. Spartanburg SC US 142.9 
Mchenry Capital, LLC. 25.0 
Mci Asset Management, LLC London UK 1.3 
Mcilrath & Eck, LLC Arlington WA US 230.9 
Mcinerney Investment Advisors Orlando FL US 0.6 
Mcinnis Group 6.0 
Mcintosh Capital Advisors, Inc. Los Angeles CA US 22.4 
Mcintyre, Freedman & Flynn Investment Advisers, Inc. Orleans MA US 83.0 
Mckay Wealth Management Group LLC Richmond VA US 23.4 
Mckee Investment Planning, Inc. 32.2 
Mckee Wealth Management 2.4 
Mckeel Capital Management Flower Mound TX US 33.0 
Mckenna, Inc. Southampton PA US 2.1 
Mckerahan Financial Service Temecula CA US 0.0 
Mckinley Capital Management, LLC Anchorage AK US 6833.9 
Mckinley Carter Wealth Service, Inc. Wheeling WV US 887.7 
Mckinley Financial Brookville PA US 40.1 
Mckinley Money, LLC 51.7 
Mckinley Partners Walnut Creek CA US 0.0 
Mckinney Asset Management Inc. Atlanta GA US 29.8 
Mckinney Capital Management, LLC Franklin TN US 2.5 
Mckinney Financial Planning & Management Vienna VA US 1.9 
Mckinney-ginsberg Asset Management, LLC 4.7 
Mckissock Capital Management, LLC Warren PA US 7.0 
Mcl Advisors 14.8 
Mclachlan Investment Service LLC 1.7 
Mclaughlin Asset Management, Inc. 39.7 
Mclaughlin Ryder Investments, Inc. Alexandria VA US 143.8 
Mclean Asset Management Corporation. Mclean VA US 934.8 
Mclean Capital Management Sarasota FL US 1.5 
Mclean Financial Planning And Investment Management Mentor OH US 6.0 
Mcliney And Company Kansas City Mo 0.0 
Mcm Advisers, LP Moraga CA US 126.4 
Mcm Advisory, LLC Federal Way WA US 22.2 
Mcm Capital Advisors Iii, LLC Beachwood OH US 0.0 
Mcmahan Capital Management Carmel IN US 61.1 
Mcmahon Capital Management 1.8 
Mcmahon Financial Advisors, LLC Pittsburgh PA US 190.8 
Mcmanemin Wealth Management Salt Lake City UT US 43.0 
Mcmillan Analysis Corporation 29.1 
Mcmillan Capital Management Group & Indicore Capital Durango CO US 4.5 
Mcmillan Capital Management, LLC Dallas TX US 35.3 
Mcmillan Office, Inc. St. Clair Shores MI US 381.4 
Mcmillen & Company, Inc. Boise ID US 69.9 
Mcmillion Capital Management Inc Greensboro NC US 196.5 
Mcmorgan & Company LLC San Francisco CA US 5752.2 
Mcmurrey Investment Advisors LLC Houston TX US 329.7 
Mcnally Advisors, LLC Chicago IL US 168.9 
Mcnally Financial Service Corporation San Antonio TX US 10.1 
Mcnally Wealth Management Redding CA US 8.4 
Mcnally Wealth Management 7.2 
Mcnally, David D. 0.0 
Mcnamara Capital Investment Group, LLC Palos Heights IL US 0.0 
Mcnamara Financial Service, Inc. Marshfield MA US 354.3 
Mcnaron Group, Inc. Anniston AL US 10.7 
Mcnary Investments Castle Rock CO US 20.0 
Mcnellis & Asato, Limited. Bloomington MN US 0.0 
Mcp Asset Management Co L Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Mcp Capital Management Limited Channel Islands JR 0.0 
Mcp Investment Management Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Mcpherson & Mayberry Personal Wealth Management Dallas TX US 25.6 
Mcpherson Financial Advisors, Inc. Brooklyn NY US 8.9 
Mcquade, Kathleen Mary 0.0 
Mcqueen Financial Advisors Ii, Inc. Clawson MI US 3671.2 
Mcqueen, Ball & Associates Inc. Bethlehem PA US 1182.4 
Mcrae Capital Management Inc. Morristown NJ US 350.5 
Mcrae Capital Management LLC. Edmonds WA US 15.0 
Mcray Money Management, LLC. 34.3 
Mcs Family Wealth Advisors Eugene OR US 192.0 
Mcshea Properties, LLC Gaithersburg MD US 0.0 
Mcvittie Financial Advisors 80.0 
Mcwhorter Capital Investments 0.0 
Mcwilliams Financial Advisory Group LLC Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Md Financial / Vestment Financial Chanhassen MN US 29.2 
Md Frontier, LLC 0.0 
Md Investment Advisors Bradenton FL US 16.2 
Md Wendell Wealth Partners Westlake Village CA US 23.7 
Mdc Financial Consulting, LLC 8.5 
Mdc Financial Research, LLC 0.0 
Mdh Investment Management, Inc. 72.0 
Mdic Investment Advisory Service, LLC Bronxville NY US 19.1 
Mdk Financial Group, Inc. Houston TX US 173.8 
Mdm Financial Strategies Brockton MA US 11.4 
Mdo Management Company S.a. Luxembourg LU 0.0 
Mdp Associates LLC 3.5 
Mdr Capital Partners, LLC Bethesda MD US 5.2 
Mds Wealth Advisors, LLC 18.7 
Mdt Advisers, A Division Of Federated Mdta LLC Boston MA US 2234.4 
Mdx Wealth Management Houston TX US 44.6 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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