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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Sm Investors New York NY US 212.1 
Sm Trading LLC San Jose CA US 0.0 
Smallwood Wealth Investment Management, LLC Red Bank NJ US 0.0 
Smarr Financial Service Inc. Atlanta GA US 18.2 
Smart & Responsible Financial Life Torrance CA US 0.0 
Smart Choice Financial Planning, Inc. 40.0 
Smart Choice Tax Accounting Financial Group, Inc. 0.0 
Smart Decisions Of Ga LLC 2.0 
Smart Financial Group, LLC Pittsburgh PA US 0.0 
Smart Investments Advisory Inc Redlands CA US 27.1 
Smart Investor Roseville CA US 248.0 
Smart Money Advisors, LLC Fenton MI US 1.5 
Smart Money Advisory Service, LLC Overland Park KS US 0.0 
Smart Money Group, LLC Eastland TX US 218.3 
Smart Money Management 4.6 
Smart Path Wealth Management, LLC Pleasanton CA US 1.1 
Smart Planning LLC 0.0 
Smart Portfolios, LLC Lake Forest Park WA US 155.7 
Smart Stewardship Advisors 0.0 
Smart Tax And Financial Service Cleveland OH US 0.0 
Smart401k, LLC Overland Park KS US 38.9 
Smarter Money Consulting Cherry Hill NJ US 0.0 
Smartinvest Capital LLC Miami FL US 96.3 
Smartleaf Asset Management LLC Cambridge MA US 0.4, LLC Fremont CA US 0.0 
Smartplan Investing Jupiter FL US 0.0 
Smartt Wealth Solutions, LLC Gilbert AZ US 0.0 
Smartvalue Investment Management, LLC 3.3 
Smartx Advisory Solutions West Palm Beach FL US 126.7 
Smathers Financial Group, Inc. The Villages FL US 15.0 
Smb Financial Service LLC Lake Oswego OR US 77.7 
Smc Global Usa Inc. New York NY US 26.6 
Smc Portfolio Mangement Cincinnati OH US 4.0 
Smead Capital Management, Inc. Seattle WA US 2013.7 
Smedley Financial Service Inc Salt Lake City UT US 200.3 
Smg Financial Advisors LLC Northville MI US 9.9 
Smh Capital Advisors LLC Fort Worth TX US 440.5 
Smh Life Sciences Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Smh Peg Management Ii, LLC Houston TX US 0.0 
Smi Advisors LLC 0.0 
Smi Advisory Service, LLC Columbus IN US 423.7 
Smith & Associates, Cpas Yarmouth ME US 0.0 
Smith & Cox, LLC Tucson AZ US 0.0 
Smith & Gesteland, LLP Middleton WI US 0.0 
Smith & Howard Wealth Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 480.2 
Smith Advisory 4.8 
Smith Affiliated Capital Corporation. New York NY US 2006.1 
Smith Anglin Financial, LLC Dallas TX US 554.0 
Smith Asset Management Co., LLC Chiefland FL US 146.1 
Smith Asset Management, Inc. Yardley PA US 30.8 
Smith Associates, LLC Holland MI US 8.2 
Smith Brook Investment Advisors, LLC 4.2 
Smith Capital Management Fort Worth TX US 10.7 
Smith Capital Management Inc Little Rock AR US 393.7 
Smith Capital Management, LLC 10.8 
Smith Cove Capital Management LP Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Smith Financial Advisors Inc. Wheaton IL US 11.8 
Smith Financial Concepts, LLC 0.0 
Smith Financial Investment Advisors, Inc. Kokomo IN US 164.6 
Smith Financial Service 0.0 
Smith Graham & Co Investment Advisors, L.P.** Houston TX US 6421.4 
Smith Group Asset Management Dallas TX US 3725.6 
Smith Group Financial Corporation Marietta Ga 0.0 
Smith Investment Management 2.7 
Smith Moore & Co. Clayton MO US 748.2 
Smith Patrick Advisors LLC 8.0 
Smith Shellnut Wilson Madison MS US 1972.3 
Smith Street Capital Houston TX US 0.0 
Smith W B & Co Inc 547.3 
Smith Wealth Advisors, LLC Austin TX US 0.0 
Smith Whiley & Co 0.0 
Smith, Blair 3.6 
Smith, Brown & Groover, Inc. Macon GA US 135.0 
Smith, O. Franklin Raleigh NC US 24.0 
Smith, Salley & Associates, LLC Greensboro NC US 1227.4 
Smithbridge Asset Management Inc Chadds Ford PA US 181.6 
Smithwood Advisers, L.P. Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Sml Advisory San Diego CA US 0.9 
Sml Capital LLC 0.0 
Smm Corporate Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Smn Capital Partners, L.P. 0.0 
Smoker, Smith & Associates, Pc Hershey PA US 0.0 
Smolin Wealth Advisors, LLC Fairfield NJ US 0.0 
Smp Asset Management, LLC Larchmont NY US 0.0 
Sms Capital Management Bellaire TX US 65.8 
Sms Financial & Investment Management Tulsa OK US 184.5 
Sms Financial LLC Monterey CA US 10.3 
Sms Investment Company, LLC Gig Harbor WA US 0.0 
Snavely Associates Financial Service 31.4 
Snider Advisors Irving TX US 115.2 
Snider Financial Group Bellevue WA US 70.2 
Snider Talbot Financial Planning LLC Liberty MO US 16.6 
Snook Housey Advisors, Inc. Troy MI US 93.0 
Snow Capital Management, L.P. Sewickley PA US 2851.9 
Snow Creek Wealth Management Nashville TN US 206.9 
Snow Financial Management, LLC 173.7 
Snow Garrett Wealth Management Weatherford TX US 234.5 
Snow Lake Capital (hk) Limited Central HK 0.0 
Snow Lake Capital Limited Central HK 0.0 
Snow Park Capital Partners, LP New York NY US 195.4 
Snow Phipps Group, LLC New York NY US 2222.4 
Snow Ventures San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Snowball Capital Management Limited Wanchai, Hong Kong CN 0.0 
Snowbird Financial LLC 4.8 
Snowcap Capital Management Dallas TX US 156.7 
Snowcrest Capital 3.4 
Snowden Capital Advisors LLC New York NY US 1320.9 
Snp Investing Inc 0.4 
Snr Ventures Management, LLC 0.0 
Snug Harbor Capital Management, LLC Duxbury MA US 27.7 
Snw Asset Management, LLC Seattle WA US 2752.2 
Snyder Capital Management LP San Francisco CA US 1734.3 
Soapstone Management L.P. Chevy Chase MD US 212.9 
Soard Financial Management, LLC Edmond OK US 0.0 
Soares Financial, Inc. Napa CA US 7.6 
Soaring Investment Management, LLC 0.7 
Sobel Financial Advisors, LLC Livingston NJ US 0.0 
Socha Financial Group Corning NY US 213.8 
Social Capital Palo Alto CA US 1885.2 
Social Information Arbitrage Capital Management, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Social Leverage Coronado CA US 0.0 
Society Investment Management 12.6 
Socius Family Office, LLC Fort Lauderdale FL US 287.5 
Socratic Fund Management, LP Steamboat Springs CO US 140.5 
Sof Advisors LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Sof Management, LLC Houston TX US 0.0 
Sofi Capital Advisors LLC San Francisco CA US 108.3 
Sofi Wealth LLC San Francisco CA US 12.2 
Sofinnova Partners Paris FR 0.0 
Sofinnova Ventures Menlo Park CA US 1693.7 
Sofis Consulting, LLC 64.5 
Softbank Capital Newton MA US 0.0 
Softtech Vc Inc. Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Softwealth 1.4 
Sohn, Julia 12.0 
Soho Financial Service LLC Montecito CA US 1.2 
Soho Income Advisors LLC 1.2 
Soje Capital, LLC Durham NC US 46.6 
Sojourn Financial Strategies, LLC 25.9 
Sol Capital Management Co Rockville MD US 1944.1 
Solace Capital Partners, L.P. Los Angeles CA US 583.6 
Solamere Capital, LLC Boston MA US 956.3 
Solano Wealth Management, Inc. Fairfield CA US 104.6 
Solar Capital Partners, LLC New York NY US 2274.4 
Solara Investment Advisors LLC 0.0 
Solari Financial Planning, LLC 0.0 
Solari Investment Advisory Service, LLC 0.0 
Solaris Advisors, LLC New York NY US 1646.9 
Solaris Asset Management New York NY US 251.1 
Solaris Private Wealth Management Austin TX US 0.0 
Solas Capital Management, LLC Darien CT US 209.6 
Solberg Advisors, LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Soler Investments 0.0 
Solera Capital New York NY US 107.1 
Solic Capital Management, LLC Evanston IL US 31.0 
Solid Rock Wealth Management Bozeman MT US 26.0 
Solid Street Capital Management 0.0 
Solidian Management, LLC. 0.0 
Solidity Financial LLC Shoreview MN US 7.0 
Solido Financial LLC 3.5 
Solis Capital Partners, LLC Newport Beach CA US 0.0 
Solitude Canyon Investment Advisors, LLC 4.0 
Solitude Financial Service, Inc. 86.7 
Soloman Hill I LLC 0.0 
Solomon Advisors Dallas TX US 8.0 
Solomon Group Financial Service, LLC Austin TX US 7.0 
Solomon Hess Capital Management Falls Church VA US 596.1 
Solomon Investment Consulting, Inc. Los Angeles CA US 11.5 
Solomon Investment Group, Inc. 5.5 
Solstein Capital, LLC San Francisco CA US 66.2 
Solstice Capital Management Corporation 0.0 
Solstice Credit Funds Management, LLC 0.0 
Soltis Investment Advisors, LLC St. George UT US 1395.1 
Solus Alternative Asset Management LP New York NY US 7937.9 
Solutia Global, LLC Austin TX US 0.0 
Solutions 4 Wealth Southlake TX US 60.5 
Solutions For Divorce Gloucester MA US 0.0 
Solutions For Tuition Lone Tree CO US 0.0 
Solutions Funds Group, Inc. Lincolnshire IL US 25.8 
Solytix Capital, LLC 0.0 
Soma Equity Partners, LP San Francisco CA US 393.9 
Somar Capital Management, LP New York NY US 0.0 
Somayaji Asset Management 0.0 
Somers Capital Advisers, LLC 0.0 
Somerset Capital Advisers LLC New York NY US 65.1 
Somerset Capital Management LLP London UK 7309.3 
Somerset Capital Management Singapore Pte. Limited. Singapore SG 698.8 
Somerset Cpas, P.c. Indianapolis IN US 0.0 
Somerset Group LLC Wayzata MN US 136.0 
Somerset Wealth Management, LLC Portland OR US 0.0 
Somerset Wealth Strategies, LLC Glastonbury CT US 0.0 
Somerville Associates 27.5 
Sommers Financial Management St. Helens OR US 32.0 
Somnio Financial Group, LLC Glastonbury CT US 32.5 
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management Co., Limited. Tokyo JP 30945.8 
Sonas Financial Group, Inc. Kansas City MO US 78.6 
Sonata Capital Group Inc Seattle WA US 224.1 
Sondhi Capital, LLC 3.0 
Sonen Capital LLC San Francisco CA US 445.9 
Song Asset Management Co. LLC 6.0 
Songbird Capital, LLC Princeton NJ US 8.0 
Sonian Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Sonica Capital New York NY US 48.8 
Sonnet, LLC Spring TX US 33.2 
Sonoma Asset Management 7.7 
Sonoma Securities Corporation Blairsden CA US 3.0 
Sonoman Investments LLC 0.2 
Sonora Investment Management LLC Tucson AZ US 567.7 
Sonoran Capital Management LLC 3.2 
Sonoran Capital Management, LLC 21.7 
Sontag Advisory LLC New York NY US 4790.6 
Soo Financial LLC. 0.0 
Soos Global Capital Advisors, LLC 21.6 
Sophos Capital Management, L.P. Menlo Park CA US 1414.8 
Sorensen Financial Management Evergreen CO US 26.8 
Sorenson Investments 8.4 
Sorin Capital Management, LLC Stamford CT US 1291.7 
Sorinsky & Associates, Inc. Northbrook IL US 0.0 
Soroban Capital Partners LP New York NY US 11626.4 
Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC San Diego CA US 58.9 
Sorsby Financial Corporation Chicago IL US 23.0 
Sortino Advisory Partners, LLC Louisville KY US 147.3 
Sorum Financial 14.3 
Sosv Investments LLC (f/k/a Sosventures LLC) Princeton NJ US 0.0 
Soteira Capital, LLC Irvine CA US 220.0 
Sothic Capital Management LLP London UK 0.0 
Souede & Hodge Associates 0.0 
Sound Accounting, Pllc Chickamauga GA US 3.1 
Sound Asset Management Group, LLC Brooklyn NY US 78.7 
Sound Asset Management Inc 36.0 
Sound Asset Management, Inc. 38.0 
Sound Asset Management, Inc. Mason OH US 9.3 
Sound DEVE, LLC Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Sound Energy Partners, Inc. Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Sound Financial Advisors, Inc. 6.8 
Sound Financial Center Sequim WA US 9.1 
Sound Financial Investment Management, LLC Vandalia OH US 1.8 
Sound Financial Management, Inc. Raleigh NC US 46.7 
Sound Financial Management, LLC 18.3 
Sound Financial Planning, Inc. Mount Vernon WA US 51.6 
Sound Financial Solutions LLC. Melbourne FL US 0.0 
Sound Financial Solutions, Inc. Princeton NJ US 71.1 
Sound Financial Strategies Group, Inc. Flowood MS US 45.9 
Sound Guidance Financial Advice, LLC 0.0 
Sound Income Strategies, LLC Fort Lauderdale FL US 405.2 
Sound Investment Management Inc Tualatin OR US 148.3 
Sound Investment Strategies, Inc. 0.0 
Sound Investment Strategies, Inc. Mukilteo WA US 42.2 
Sound Investments Inc. Overland Park KS US 12.0 
Sound Mark Partners, LLC Greenwich CT US 259.3 
Sound Money Management, Inc. 8.1 
Sound Planning And Investments, LLC 44.8 
Sound Point Capital Management, LP New York NY US 11253.2 
Sound Point Cre Management, LP New York NY US 0.0 
Sound Portfolio Advisors, LLC Mystic CT US 30.5 
Sound Sense Money Management LLC Bellevue WA US 27.8 
Sound Shore Management Inc Greenwich CT US 6091.5 
Sound Stewardship, LLC Overland Park KS US 111.6 
Sound Trust Wealth Advisors, LLC 12.7 
Sound View Financial Advisors Walpole MA US 4.2 
Sound View Financial Service Westhampton Beach NY US 0.0 
Soundbridge Capital Management,LLC San Francisco CA US 2.1 
Soundcore Capital Partners, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Soundhaven Capital Management 47.2 
Soundlink Partners, LLC New Rochelle NY US 0.0 
Soundmark Wealth Management, LLC Kirkland WA US 600.5 
Soundriver Advisors, LLC Atlanta GA US 58.9 
Soundview Advisors Olympia WA US 207.1 
Soundwatch Capital, LLC New York NY US 59.0 
Sounion Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Source Advisors, LLC 1.0 
Source Capital Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Source Capital Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Source Capital Group, Inc. Westport CT US 106.0 
Source Capital Mezzanine Advisors Ii, LLC Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Source Financial Advisors, LLC New York NY US 277.7 
Sousa Financial 10.5 
South Africa Alpha Capital Management Limited. Hamilton BM 0.0 
South Atlantic Capital Management Group, Inc. Wilmington NC US 40.7 
South Avenue Investment Partners, LLC 0.0 
South Bay Advisors, LLC. Los Gatos CA US 0.0 
South Bay Financial Partners Torrance CA US 120.9 
South Beach Capital Management, LLC Bainbridge Island WA US 15.3 
South Carolina Wealth Management Group, LLC 0.5 
South County Financial Advisors, LLC 3.4 
South County Financial Planning San Juan Capistrano CA US 0.0 
South Georgia Capital, LLC Naperville IL US 116.3 
South Jersey Advisors, LLC Moorestown NJ US 7.4 
South Lane Wealth Management LLC 18.9 
South Ocean Management Limited. Wanchai HK 14.2 
South Shore Asset Management, LLC Bradenton FL US 0.0 
South Shore Capital Advisors, LLC Cohasset MA US 149.4 
South State Advisory, Inc. Columbia SC US 437.1 
South Street Advisors, LLC New York NY US 458.2 
South Texas Advisors For Retirees, LLC San Antonio TX US 12.7 
South Texas Money Management, Limited. San Antonio TX US 3023.9 
Southcoast Advisory Group, Inc Fall River MA US 0.0 
Southeast Asset Advisors Inc Thomasville GA US 2037.8 
Southeast Financial Advisors, LLC Greenville SC US 56.4 
Southeast Financial Planning And Consulting, Inc. Stuart FL US 14.7 
Southeast Investments, N.c., Inc. Charlotte NC US 0.0 
Southeast Venture Partners Iii, Inc. Raleigh NC US 0.0 
Southeastern Advisory Service Inc Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Southeastern Asset Management Inc. Memphis TN US 19468.9 
Southeastern Asset Management International (singapore) Pte. Limited Singapore City SG 159.7 
Southeastern Asset Management International (uk) Limited. London UK 0.0 
Southeastern Financial Planning, LLC Mt. Pleasant SC US 0.0 
Souther Capital Management LLC. 1.3 
Southern Bridge Capital Georgetown, Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Southern Capital Advisors Ii Limited Cayman Islands KY 0.0 
Southern Capital Group Private Limited Singapore SG 0.0 
Southern Capital Management Corporation Charleston SC US 0.0 
Southern Capital Management, Inc. Carrollton GA US 16.1 
Southern Capital Service Inc Daphne AL US 101.9 
Southern Cross Capital Management Santiago CL 0.0 
Southern Cross Group Management, L.P. Santiago CL 671.2 
Southern Cross Management Santiago CL 1214.3 
Southern Financial Group, LLC Birmingham AL US 474.5 
Southern Trust Financial Planning Sarasota FL US 95.8 
Southern Utah Wealth Navigation, LLC Kanab UT US 0.0 
Southern Wealth Management LLP Dallas TX US 2359.5 
Southernsun Asset Management LLC Memphis TN US 4187.3 
Southfield Capital, LLC Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Southlake Capital Advisors, Inc. 8.0 
Southlake Equity Group Southlake TX US 0.0 
Southland Advisors, LLC Palm Beach Gardens FL US 9.0 
Southland Capital Management, LLC 3.4 
Southland Equity Partners, LLC. 129.1 
Southland Investments Huntington Beach CA US 38.7 
Southocean Capital Partners, LLC Ft. Lauderdale FL US 513.9 
Southocean Investment Partners, LLC Ft. Lauderdale FL US 0.0 
Southpaw Asset Management, LP Greenwich CT US 1550.3 
Southpeak Investment Management LLC Stamford CT US 988.9 
Southpoint Capital Advisors LP New York NY US 3865.8 
Southport Capital Chattanooga TN US 394.5 
Southport Management, LLC. Wilson WY US 0.0 
Southport Station Financial Management, LLC Southport CT US 119.7 
Southward Financial Service, LLC 26.7 
Southwest Insurance Service, Inc. Plano TX US 0.0 
Southwest Investment Advisors, Inc. Tucson AZ US 44.7 
Southwest Money Management Inc 150.0 
Southwest Retirement Advisors, LLC Austin TX US 44.5 
Southwest Value Partners San Diego CA US 1080.5 
Southwestern Advisory Group Stephenville TX US 40.0 
Southwestern Capital Markets Advisory Service, LLC San Antonio TX US 0.0 
Southwestern Investment Advisory Service, Inc. Franklin TN US 1107.9 
Southworth Investment Management, LLC 38.7 
Sovarnum Capital L.P. New York NY US 793.8 
Sovereign Asset Management 39.6 
Sovereign Capital Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Sovereign Financial Group Raleigh NC US 20.8 
Sovereign Financial Service Rocky Hill CT US 6.5 
Sovereign Financial Service, LLC 0.0 
Sovereign Global Advisors, LLC Melville NY US 0.0 
Sovereign Investment Advisors LLC Phoenix AZ US 375.0 
Sovereign Investment Advisory Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Sovereign Legacy, Inc. 23.4 
Sovereign Private Equity Management, LLC Highlands Ranch CO US 17.3 
Sovereign Solutions LLC 0.0 
Sovereign Wealth Advisors LLC Houston TX US 119.0 
Sovereign Wealth Advisors, Inc. Bellevue WA US 181.0 
Sovereign Wealth Solutions, Inc. 3.1 
Sowa Financial Group Lincoln RI US 225.6 
Sowell Management Service North Little Rock AR US 1138.2 
Sozo Ventures Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Sozo Ventures GP I, L.P. Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
SP Asset Management Cupertino CA US 350.0 
SP Investments Management, LLC Menlo Park CA US 95.5 
SP Partners Clinton NJ US 31.1 
Space Angels Network New York NY US 0.0 
Spacetime Capital Corvallis OR US 0.0 
Spahr Financial Group, LLC Huntington Beach CA US 16.6 
Spain Wealth Management, LLC Franklin TN US 0.0 
Spanish Peaks Capital Management 1.0 
Spano Advisory Service Inc. Mahopac NY US 25.1 
Spari, Inc. Manhattan KS US 0.0 
Spark Asset Management Group Statesville NC US 3.5 
Spark Capital Boston MA US 0.0 
Spark Investment Management LLC New York NY US 2862.6 
Sparklabs Management LLC 0.0 
Sparrow Capital Management Inc St. Louis MO US 117.0 
Sparrow Fund Management New York NY US 0.0 
Sparrow Wealth Management Las Vegas NV US 44.0 
Spartan Planning & Wealth Management Greensboro NC US 52.8 
Sparx Asia Investment Advisors Limited Central HK 170.3 
Sparx Asset Management Co., Limited. Tokyo JP 5963.3 
Sparx Asset Management Korea Co., Limited Seoul KR 1219.0 
Spatial Venture Partners 0.0 
Spaulding Greene Wealth Management, LLC 6.3 
Spc Ann Arbor MI US 2586.3 
Spc Financial Inc Rockville MD US 669.4 
Spc Management Co., Inc. San Francisco CA US 1229.9 
Spd Group LLP Huntersville NC US 1.5 
Spearhead Capital Advisors, LLC Wellington FL NZ 493.8 
Spearhead Capital Management LLC 0.1 
Spears Abacus Advisors LLC New York NY US 1229.4 
Special Risk Capital Management, LLC 2.6 
Specialty Care, LLC 0.0 
Spectra Investment Management, LLC Stuart FL US 100.9 
Spectrum 28 Capital LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Spectrum Advisers, LLC 10.5 
Spectrum Advisors Financial, LLC Richmond IN US 0.0 
Spectrum Advisors, Inc. Addison TX US 72.5 
Spectrum Asset Management Inc Newport Beach CA US 439.3 
Spectrum Asset Management, Inc. Stamford CT US 20261.0 
Spectrum Capital Investment Group, Inc. Irvine CA US 30.2 
Spectrum Capital Management Auburn CA US 93.2 
Spectrum Equity Boston MA US 2131.6 
Spectrum Financial Alliance, Limited., LLC. Nicholasville KY US 151.9 
Spectrum Financial Inc Virginia Beach VA US 123.2 
Spectrum Financial Management San Rafael CA US 127.3 
Spectrum Financial Resources Troy MI US 57.0 
Spectrum Financial Strategies Inc Hamden CT US 0.0 
Spectrum Group Management New York NY US 484.2 
Spectrum Investment Advisors, Inc. Mequon WI US 135.0 
Spectrum Investment Service 0.0 
Spectrum Management Group, Inc. Indianapolis IN US 507.7 
Spectrum Money Management, Inc. Valhalla NY US 9.0 
Spectrum Strategic Capital Management, LLC Lake Oswego OR US 138.0 
Spectrum Strategies, LLC. Addison TX US 0.0 
Spectrum Wealth Advisors, LLC Columbia SC US 27.6 
Spectrum Wealth Management, LLC 32.6 
Speece Thorson Capital Group Inc Minneapolis MN US 479.0 
Speight Asset Management, LLC Houston TX US 67.1 
Speiro Investments, LLC El Cajon CA US 22.0 
Spell Capital Partners, LLC Minneapolis MN US 0.0 
Spelts Wealth Management, Inc Chico CA US 115.0 
Spence Asset Management Las Cruces NM US 160.8 
Spencer Brook Asset Management, LLC Concord MA US 26.0 
Spencer Financial Advisors 15.4 
Spencer Lyons Partners, LLC 0.0 
Spencer Smith Asset Management, Inc. 10.0 
Spencer Trask & Co. Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Sperry Capital Inc. Sausalito CA US 0.0 
Speyside Private Fund Advisers LLC Ann Arbor MI US 0.0 
Spf, Inc 50.0 
Sphera Global Healthcare Tel Aviv IL 0.0 
Sphere, LLC Fayetteville AR US 7.5 
Spi Strategies, LLC Oakland CA US 1.0 
Spicer Wealth Management Beavercreek OH US 33.6 
Spider Capital San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Spider Management Company, LLC Richmond VA US 4338.9 
Spiderrock Advisors, LLC Chicago IL US 302.8 
Spillane Financial Planning, Inc. Woburn MA US 17.1 
Spindletop Capital Management, LLC Austin TX US 0.0 
Spindletop Capital, LLC Chappaqua NY US 141.4 
Spindletop Commonwealth Advisors LLC Beaumont TX US 42.1 
Spinelli Financial Advisors, Inc Warren NJ US 9.2 
Spinnaker Asset Management - Sam Limited Sao Paulo BR 0.0 
Spinnaker Asset Management Inc Warwick RI US 8.1 
Spinnaker Capital Limited London UK 0.0 
Spinnaker Financial Advisors, LLC Idaho Falls ID US 54.9 
Spinnaker Financial Group, LLC Independence OH US 14.9 
Spinnaker Investment Group, LLC Newport Beach CA US 157.7 
Spinosa Wealth Management Group Mandeville LA US 55.0 
Spire Asset Management, LLC. Lancaster PA US 0.0 
Spire Capital Management LLC New York NY US 381.0 
Spire Wealth Management, LLC Reston VA US 1856.2 
Spirit Capital 9.6 
Spirit Global Investment Advisors San Diego CA US 28.0 
Spirit Of America Management Corporation Syosset NY US 1186.9 
Spiritus Financial Planning, Inc. Petaluma CA US 35.5 
Spitfire Capital LLC San Francisco CA US 271.0 
Spivak Asset Management, LLC Avon CT US 199.2 
Spk Manager LLC Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Splarson Financial Planning, LLC 0.0 
Split Rock Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 0.2 
Split Rock Partners, LLC Eden Prairie MN US 0.0 
Split Rock Private Trading And Wealth Management LLC Cloquet MN US 44.9 
Spm Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Spo Partners & Co. Mill Valley CA US 7976.8 
Spohn Financial Service, LLC 0.0 
Spoor Behrins Campbell & Young Securities Corporation Clinton NJ US 136.5 
Spoor, T. Richard Lakeville CT US 103.0 
Sporl & Company 15.0 
Sports & Entertainment Investment Advisers, LLC Montebello NY US 0.0 
Sports Management LLC New Hope PA US 0.0 
Spotlight Asset Group Oakbrook Terrace IL US 101.0 
Spouting Rock Asset Management, LLC Bryn Mawr PA US 2.2 
Spouting Rock Fund Management Bryn Mawr PA US 4.9 
Spp Management Service, LLC Charlotte NC US 150.5 
Spq Asia Capital Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Spr & Co LP Toronto, Ontario CA 2243.0 
Spraker Wealth Management Inc Maitland FL US 137.2 
Spray Management Corporation Wellesley MA US 0.0 
Spreng Capital Management, Inc. Bucyrus OH US 89.2 
Spring Capital Management 15.9 
Spring Capital Management Amarillo TX US 46.9 
Spring Creek Investments 0.0 
Spring Lake Asset Management, Inc. 230.8 
Spring Lake Equity GP LLC Boston MA US 231.2 
Spring Lake Equity Management LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Spring Lane Management, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Spring Mountain Capital, LP New York NY US 908.5 
Spring Ocean Capital LLC Chagrin Falls OH US 2.6 
Spring Water Asset Management, Inc. Mequon WI US 2.3 
Springboard Asset Management LLC Cheshire CT US 33.9 
Springboard Capital Management, Inc. 8.4 
Springbok Advisors Woodland Hills CA US 1.9 
Springbok Investment Management, LP Dallas TX US 0.0 
Springdale Capital 49.8 
Springer Financial Advisors Sacramento CA US 224.7 
Springhouse Capital Management, LP 441.3 
Springhouse Financial, LLC 4.1 
Springowl Associates LLC New York NY US 116.0 
Springs Capital hong Kong Limited Hong Kong HK 1578.7 
Springs Capital Limited Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Springside Partners LLC Akron OH US 126.3 
Springsted Investment Advisors Inc Saint Paul MN US 0.0 
Springsteel Investment Advisors, LLC Phoenix AZ US 7.4 
Springvest Wealth Management, Inc. 12.0 
Springwater Advisors, LLC Corpus Christi TX US 0.8 
Springwater Wealth Management, LLC Portland OR US 119.7 
Springwood Financial Advisors Dallas TX US 14.6 
Sprinkle Financial Consultants LLC Littleton CO US 472.5 
Sprott Asset Management LP Toronto, Ontario CA 3539.7 
Sprott Asset Management Usa Inc. Carlsbad CA US 119.1 
Sprott Resource Lending Partnership Toronto, Ontario CA 0.0 
Spruce Capital Partners San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Spruce House Investment Management LLC New York NY US 1048.7 
Spruce Investment Advisors LLC Stamford CT US 888.5 
Spruce Point Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Sprucegrove Investment Management Limited Toronto Ontario CA 14785.0 
Spruceview Capital Partners LLC Boston MA US 237.9 
Spry Capital, LLC 0.4 
Sps Financial Service, LLC Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Spur Capital Partners Bartlesville OK US 738.4 
Spurgeon Financial Group Stockton CA US 12.9 
Spurr Financial Planning, Inc. 29.5 
Spyglass Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Spyglass Investment Management Terre Haute IN US 48.4 
Sq Advisors, LLC Naples FL US 2598.0 
Sqm Frontier Management, LP Arlington VA US 689.6 
Sqn Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 983.3 
Sqn Institutional New York NY US 152.4 
Sqn Investment Advisors, LLC Portsmouth NH US 128.0 
Sqn Investors LP Redwood City CA US 230.5 
Squadra Investments - Gestao De Recursos LTDA. Rio De Janeiro BR 1304.1 
Squam Lakes Financial Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Squar Milner Financial Service, LLC Newport Beach CA US 111.6 
Square 1 Asset Management San Francisco CA US 1100.9 
Square Advisors, LLC New York NY US 245.3 
Square Mile Capital Management LLC New York NY US 3278.2 
Squared Concept Asset Management, LLC 10.3 
Squarepoint Ops LLC New York NY US 4285.9 
Squire Wealth Advisors Orem UT US 139.2 
Sr Financial Service, Inc. 32.8 
Sra Capital Management LLC Sausalito CA US 0.5 
Srb Corporation Boston MA US 2054.8 
Src Capital Management, LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Src Partners, LP Rockwall TX US 33.0 
Src Wealth Advisors LLC 15.7 
Srd Capital Management 0.0 
Srf Financial, LLC Marietta GA US 0.0 
Sri Investing 0.0 
Sri, LLC Dyersburg TN US 0.0 
Srm Advisors Portland OR US 127.4 
Srm Financial Service, LLC Appleton WI US 0.0 
Srs Capital Advisors, Inc. Denver CO US 506.6 
Srs Investment Management, LLC New York NY US 5985.5 
Srs Wealth Management, LLC Doylestown PA US 2.0 
SS + D Financial Dayton OH US 0.0 
SS&h Financial Advisors, Inc. Southfield MI US 117.4 
Ssg Capital Management Limited Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Ssga Funds Management, Inc. Boston MA US 429456.1 
Ssi Investment Management, Inc Beverly Hills CA US 1593.6 
Ssm Partners Memphis TN US 0.0 
Ssn Advisory, Inc. Knoxville TN US 1918.4 
Sst Benefits Consulting El Dorado Hills CA US 0.0 
Sst Benefits Consulting El Dorado Hills CA US 5800.0 
Ssw Capital, LLC Plano TX US 0.6 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

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