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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Th Financial 0.0 
Th Lee Global Internet Managers, L.P. New York NY US 0.0 
Th Wealth Management LLC Dallas TX US 28.0 
Thackeray Partners Dallas TX US 553.6 
Thackston Financial Service 0.0 
Thalassa Capital LLC Santa Monica CA US 64.3 
Thales Investment Service, Inc. 0.0 
Thalheimer Financial Planning 11.6 
Thames Asset Management, Inc Hackensack NJ US 23.8 
Thames Capital Management, LLC Roseland NJ US 0.0 
Thames Financial Management Norwich CT US 95.0 
Thayer GP Vi LLC Annapolis MD US 335.2 
Thayer Hotel Investments V LLC Annapolis MD US 212.5 
Thayer Street Financial, LLC 2.0 
Thayer Street Partners Management, LLC New York NY US 276.4 
Thayer Ventures Saugus CA US 0.0 
Thbc LLC Linwood NJ US 0.0 
The 401k Source, Inc. Boise ID US 42.5 
The Absolute Return, LLC 0.5 
The Advisor Benefits Group, Inc. Kennewick WA US 30.4 
The Advisor Source, Inc. 12.0 
The Advisors Group Lubbock TX US 58.0 
The Advisory Firm Alpharetta GA US 30.0 
The Advisory Firm Of Katherine L.brown LLC Newport News VA US 23.0 
The Advisory Group Diamond Bar CA US 189.3 
The Advisory Group Of San Francisco, LLC San Francisco CA US 711.5 
The Advocate Group, LLC Minnetonka MN US 476.4 
The Advocates Houston TX US 214.9 
The Albert T. T. Cook Company Denver CO US 28.9 
The Alchemist Fund 5.3 
The Algeo Group, LLC 11.7 
The Analyst Research LLP London UK 0.0 
The Appleton Group, LLC Appleton WI US 132.3 
The Applied Finance Group International, LLC San Juan PR US 0.0 
The Archer Consulting Group, LLC Houston TX US 83.0 
The Arkansas Financial Group, Inc. Little Rock AR US 417.5 
The Art Of Finance LLC Austin TX US 7.0 
The Aspen Equity Group 23.8 
The Asset Consulting Group, Inc Boise ID US 60.9 
The Asset Protection Financial Group LLC West Hartford CT US 0.0 
The Astorino Financial Group, Inc. Fairfield NJ US 0.0 
The Astraea Corporation Carpinteria CA US 15.0 
The Aurora Funds, Inc. Cary NC US 0.0 
The Ayco Company,L.P. Saratoga Springs NY US 29530.4 
The Baker Group, LP Oklahoma City OK US 0.0 
The Banc Funds Company, LLC. Chicago IL US 2417.0 
The Bank Of San Antonio Wealth Advisors, LLC San Antonio TX US 123.7 
The Baran James Company, Inc. Pittsburgh PA US 44.5 
The Baupost Group, LLC. Boston MA US 31563.1 
The Bedminster Group Bluffton SC US 137.0 
The Benchmark Group Ria Service, LLC Voorhees NJ US 0.0 
The Bendix Financial Group, Inc. Garden City NY US 53.6 
The Benjamin Financial Group Falls Church VA US 0.0 
The Benold Company Georgetown TX US 73.1 
The Blackwell Group Inc. 1.2 
The Blakeley Group Inc Santa Clara CA US 75.5 
The Blu Fund Panama City PA 0.0 
The Bolin Company 0.0 
The Bollard Group LLC Boston MA US 3872.6 
The Borland Group Centerville OH US 66.3 
The Bornhoft Group Corporation Denver CO US 15.9 
The Boston Company Asset Management LLC Boston MA US 20288.2 
The Boyle Group Wealth Management Seattle WA US 24.3 
The Bridge Financial Advisors Blythewood SC US 3.1 
The Brock Group, LLC Livonia MI US 33.0 
The Broughton Investment Group, Inc. 9.8 
The Burge Company 3.0 
The Burney Company Reston VA US 1733.5 
The Butler Group LLC 19.0 
The Buxton Helmsley Group, Inc. New York NY US 2.8 
The Cambridge Strategy asset Management Limited London UK 87.2 
The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Service, LLC Bloomington MN US 273.8 
The Capital Chart Room, Limited Fort Worth TX US 262.9 
The Capital Group Cranston RI US 101.8 
The Capital Group Investment Advisory Service, LLC Bethesda MD US 215.0 
The Capital Management Corporation Glen Allen VA US 421.6 
The Capital Preserve, Inc. Tarrytown NY US 0.0 
The Capital Studio LLC 0.0 
The Caprock Group, Inc. Boise ID US 2238.6 
The Capstreet Group, LLC Houston TX US 527.1 
The Carlyle Group Washington DC US 103100.1 
The Carroll Group, Inc. Atlanta GA US 50.0 
The Catalyst Capital Group Inc. Toronto CA 0.0 
The Cavanaugh Group Inc Towson MD US 628.0 
The Center For Eldercare Finance Cleveland OH US 0.0 
The Centurion Group, LLC Plymouth Meeting PA US 13378.8 
The Certior Group, LLC Wilson WY US 0.0 
The Chancellor Group, Inc. Atlanta GA US 39.2 
The Change Advisory Group, LLC 19.8 
The Chart Group, L.P. New York NY US 0.0 
The Chartist Los Alamitos CA US 213.1 
The Cid Group Limited. Taipei TW 0.0 
The Circumference Group LLC Little Rock AR US 73.0 
The Clarius Group, LLC Seattle WA US 714.7 
The Clark Group Asset Management Dana Point CA US 172.6 
The Cloutier Groups Estate & Financial Strategies Manchester NH US 0.0 
The Coach, LLC 0.5 
The Cogent Advisor Chicago IL US 107.9 
The Colony Group, LLC Boston MA US 5218.7 
The Column Group San Francisco CA US 0.0 
The Community Foundation For Greater New Haven, Inc. New Haven CT US 505.8 
The Confluent Group, LLC Santa Monica CA US 30.0 
The Connemara Group, LLC Rockville MD US 0.0 
The Corundum Group, Inc. Colorado Springs CO US 721.4 
The Cowles Group Londonderry NH US 0.0 
The Cpa Approach To Investing, LLC 1.0 
The Crystal Mountain Group, Inc. Bronxville NY US 0.0 
The Cue Ball Group, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
The Cypress Funds LLC Los Angeles CA US 617.3 
The Davenport Financial Group, Inc. Dayton OH US 2.0 
The David J. Yvars Group, Inc. Valhalla NY US 148.4 
The Dc Group Advisory Service, Inc Roseville CA US 2.8 
The De Burlo Group, Inc. Boston MA US 631.5 
The Debart Group Inc. New York NY US 0.0 
The Delta Group Los Altos CA US 46.1 
The Deshon Owens Company, LLC 0.0 
The Dienekes Corporation 1.1 
The Dividend-option Strategist, LLC 0.0 
The Doman Group, LLC New York NY US 132.0 
The Donner Group 2.5 
The Dorian Fund L.P. 0.4 
The Dowling Group Wealth Management Riverside CT US 71.5 
The Dreyfus Corporation New York NY US 256107.0 
The Driscoll Group, Inc. Jacksonville FL US 0.0 
The Ducoat Financial Group 14.4 
The Dyflex Group 0.0 
The Eastrade Asset Management Corporation 15.6 
The Edgar Lomax Company Springfield VA US 1648.0 
The Eideard Group, LLC Bedford NH US 578.0 
The Electrum Group LLC New York NY US 1354.5 
The Ellerson Group Inc Annapolis MD US 130.6 
The Elliott Group 0.0 
The Ellis Offices Salem VA US 44.8 
The Energy & Minerals Group Dallas TX US 15779.2 
The Engine Accelerator, Inc. Cambridge MA US 0.0 
The Ent Investment Company Farmington Hills MI US 167.6 
The Entrepreneurs' Fund Management Service, LLC. San Mateo CA US 0.0 
The Estate Planners Group 32.1 
The Estate Planning Team, Inc. Middleburg Heights OH US 0.0 
The Etf Store, Inc. Overland Park KS US 91.7 
The Ethical Advisor, LLC 0.0 
The Evergreen Advantage Management, Inc. Santa Monica CA US 127.0 
The Exxel Group Montevideo CU 0.0 
The Fahey Group Snyder NY US 0.0 
The Fairman Group, LLC Berwyn PA US 414.3 
The Family Firm, Inc. Bethesda MD US 521.3 
The Faragi Group Forked River NJ US 30.0 
The Fauser Group, LLC Mercer Island WA US 0.0 
The Fi Woman 0.0 
The Fiduciary Alliance Greenville SC US 129.0 
The Fiduciary Group Savannah GA US 755.5 
The Fig Group, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
The Financial Advisors Tustin Ca 0.0 
The Financial Advisors, LLC Andover MA US 481.5 
The Financial Advisory Group York PA US 0.0 
The Financial Advisory Group 0.0 
The Financial Advisory Group, Inc. Houston TX US 771.2 
The Financial Center, LLC Novi MI US 49.2 
The Financial Chef North Miami FL US 15.0 
The Financial Coach Boothbay ME US 0.0 
The Financial Coach Group West Chester PA US 148.0 
The Financial Coaching Center, LLC Asheville NC US 0.0 
The Financial Coaching Group Irvine CA US 0.0 
The Financial Forum, LLC Tempe AZ US 20.0 
The Financial Group Diamond Bar CA US 28.6 
The Financial Junction Carmel, IN US 41.0 
The Financial Network Group 1.2 
The Financial Pharmacist, Inc. 0.0 
The Financial Pilot Group, LLC 7.7 
The Financial Planning Answerplace, LLC Princeton NJ US 0.0 
The Financial Team, Inc. Carlsbad CA US 0.0 
The Financial Well, Inc. Tampa FL US 24.3 
The Financial Zen Group San Francisco CA US 12.2 
The Fiscal Fitness Company, Inc. 7.2 
The Fisher Group, LLC Southfield MI US 746.0 
The Floridan Group Tallahassee FL US 53.4 
The Florio Wealth Management Group Westbury NY US 31.0 
The Forecast Institute, LLC 0.0 
The Forum Finance Group SA Geneva CZ 1183.0 
The Foundry Financial Group, Inc. Laconia NH US 82.0 
The Fountainheart Advisors, LLC Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
The Four Percent Solution, LLC 11.0 
The Free Investors, LLC Hamilton NJ US 0.7 
The Freedom Experience, Inc. 13.6 
The Funding Farm, LLC Brandon SD US 0.0 
The Furstner Group, Inc. Walnut Creek CA US 0.0 
The Fusion Foundry 0.0 
The Garbacz Group Inc. St. Louis MO US 12.4 
The Gardner Group Dallas TX US 77.1 
The Garrett Group San Diego CA US 3.5 
The Garrett Group, Inc Abilene TX US 0.0 
The Gatts Group 0.0 
The Gensler Group Coronado CA US 235.4 
The Genwealth Group, Inc. Maplewood NJ US 192.2 
The Getzen Group, Inc. Scottsdale AZ US 0.0 
The Gleason Group, Inc. Prospect KY US 194.8 
The Gm Group Pennington NJ US 108.2 
The Gms Group, LLC Livingston NJ US 0.0 
The Goff Financial Group Houston TX US 226.9 
The Gold Company Portland ME US 14.0 
The Golub Group San Mateo CA US 1406.0 
The Gores Group, LLC Beverly Hills CA US 1814.7 
The Gorj Group, LLC 0.0 
The Green Agency 11.9 
The Green Group Woodbridge NJ US 0.0 
The Guardino Financial Group Milpitas CA US 0.0 
The Gwynedd Company Lansdale PA US 70.5 
The H Group, Inc. Portland OR US 576.4 
The Hackett Group New Orleans LA US 0.0 
The Haggerty Investment Group, LLC Ridgewood NJ US 0.0 
The Hajdari Group, LLC 0.0 
The Halo Fund Management Co, LLC Mountain View CA US 0.0 
The Hamidi Financial Group 0.0 
The Hansbury Group, LLC Danbury CT US 13.6 
The Harbinger Group Jv Birmingham AL US 0.2 
The Harbor Group, Inc. Bedford NH US 915.3 
The Harrison Group, Inc. 2.5 
The Harvest Group Waltham MA US 246.3 
The Hatton Financial Group, LLC 0.0 
The Headlands Group, Inc Larkspur CA US 72.1 
The Healy Group LLC 21.1 
The Hedge Strategy, Inc. 13.0 
The Hedrick Co. 48.6 
The Helix Financial Group Irving TX US 56.4 
The Helmstar Group, LLC Boise ID US 131.6 
The Henderson Group Staunton VA US 53.5 
The Hendrickson Advisory Group, Inc. Columbus OH US 0.0 
The Herlihy Company, Inc. Worcester MA US 43.7 
The Herzfeld Group Largo FL US 27.2 
The Hideaway Entertainment Beverly Hills CA US 0.0 
The Higherground Group LLC 1.4 
The Hit Forge Management, LLC Woodside CA US 0.0 
The Hoerner Planning Group, LLC Middleburg VA US 530.4 
The Hogan-knotts Financial Group, Inc. Red Bank NJ US 209.7 
The Holben Group, LLC Denver CO US 78.0 
The Holland Group, Inc. San Diego Ca 0.0 
The House Fund, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
The Humphreys Group San Francisco CA US 160.7 
The Huntington Investment Company Columbus OH US 888.1 
The Hydra Value Group, LLC Kirkland WA US 12.0 
The Independent Financial Group Simi Valley CA US 0.0 
The Index Group, Inc. Colorado Springs CO US 12.1 
The Innes Associates, Limited. Tempe AZ US 12.0 
The Insight Advisory Group, LLC Bala Cynwyd PA US 0.0 
The Insight Group, Inc. Salt Lake City UT US 562.9 
The Institute Denver CO US 754.1 
The Investment Advisor Alliance LLC Emerson NJ US 54.1 
The Investment Advisor LLC 0.0 
The Investment And Philanthropy Corporation Sausalito CA US 5.5 
The Investment Connection LLC Bridgewater NJ US 26.4 
The Investment Counsel Company Las Vegas NV US 804.6 
The Investment Engineer Cincinnati OH US 0.0 
The Investment House LLC Los Angeles CA US 655.7 
The Investor Advocates 0.0 
The Ira Guy Inc. 0.2 
The Ithaka Group, LLC Bethesda MD US 512.0 
The Ivy League Advisory Group, LLC Tilton NH US 1.9 
The J R Baker Group 57.5 
The J. Arnold Wealth Management Co., LLC Canfield OH US 45.0 
The Jacobs Financial Group 2.9 
The Jaffee Financial Group, Inc. Cooper City FL US 15.6 
The Jbg Companies Chevy Chase MD US 2494.7 
The Jenkins Group Albany GA US 10.3 
The Jm Financial Planning Group, Limited. 0.0 
The Johnston Group, Inc. 145.3 
The Johnston Group, LLC Minneapolis MN US 355.4 
The Jones Stewardship Group, LLC Stockton CA US 1.5 
The Jordan Company, L.P. New York NY US 6249.4 
The Joseph Group Capital Management Columbus OH US 341.5 
The Journeys Group Ayden NC US 19.0 
The Junk Investment Group Hunt Valley MD US 223.9 
The Just Company Indianapolis IN US 56.3 
The Justin Company San Diego CA US 11.8 
The Kairos Method 0.2 
The Karras Company, Inc. Roy UT US 1245.9 
The Kelt Group, LLC Santa Barbara CA US 4.1 
The Keminton Group New York NY US 0.0 
The Kentor Company Austin TX US 0.0 
The Keystone Financial Alliance, LLC Atlanta GA US 81.3 
The Kingsbury Financial Group 11.7 
The Kinney Group 8.8 
The Kinney Group, LLC Pasadena CA US 125.6 
The Knowles Company, LLC 28.9 
The Kocen Financial Group, Inc. Rancho Mirage CA US 148.2 
The Koenig Group, LLC Chevy Chase MD US 0.0 
The L. Warner Companies, Inc Timonium MD US 389.6 
The L.t. Funds SA Geneva CZ 325.0 
The Lam Group, Inc. 283.0 
The Lampert Advisory Group 0.0 
The Launch Partnership, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
The Lees Company, LLC 14.0 
The Legacy Financial Group, Inc. Tulsa OK US 262.2 
The Legacy Group, Limited. Salem OR US 67.1 
The Lehane Tax And Financial Planning Group 0.7 
The Leo Group, LLC Iselin NJ US 127.1 
The Leonard Financial Group, LLC Riverside CA US 36.0 
The Leonard Management Group Avon CT US 36.4 
The Linkous Group, Limited. Fountain Hills AZ US 40.2 
The Lionstone Group Houston TX US 3411.8 
The Lloyd Group Suwanee GA US 0.0 
The Logan Group Securities Roseville Ca 0.0 
The London Company Of Virginia Richmond VA US 11618.7 
The Longreach Group Limited Central, Hong Kong HK 0.0 
The Lubitz Financial Group Miami FL US 195.3 
The Lyme Timber Company LP Hanover NH US 494.0 
The Lynd Group Advisors, LLC Ventura CA US 0.0 
The Magnolia Group, LLC Omaha NE US 360.9 
The Mahara Group Fort Wayne IN US 0.0 
The Maier Group, LLC Pittsford NY US 38.9 
The Main Street Group Glen Allen VA US 84.3 
The Mandell Group 0.0 
The Maraboyina Group, LLC Cincinnati OH US 8.6 
The Marin Group Inc. Atlanta GA US 39.5 
The Marshall Financial Group LLC Hunt Valley MD US 74.2 
The Marshall Financial Group, Inc Doylestown PA US 669.5 
The Martin Worley Group Cottonwood Heights UT US 137.4 
The Mather Group, LLC Chicago IL US 1102.2 
The Mathes Company, Inc. New York NY US 240.7 
The Mcbride Group, LLC Petaluma CA US 27.5 
The Mcenerney Group Melbourne FL US 9.4 
The Mcfolling Financial Group 0.0 
The Mcgriff Burrus Alliance Birmingham AL US 13.3 
The Mchugh Group, LLC Lakewood OH US 42.0 
The Mclaughlin Group, Inc. 26.6 
The Mcmahon Team, LLC. Croydon PA US 0.0 
The Mentzer Group, LLC Knoxville TN US 8.0 
The Meridian Business Group, Limited Elmwood Park IL US 9.3 
The Midway Group New York NY US 1795.9 
The Milestone Group, Inc. Denver CO US 2115.5 
The Milestone Real Estate Group, LP Dallas TX US 475.7 
The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC Jackson MS US 1097.5 
The Money Advisor Group, LLC Columbus GA US 112.2 
The Moneypaper Advisor, Inc. 59.0 
The Monitor Group, Inc. Martinez GA US 74.4 
The Montgomery Financial Group, Inc. Orleans MA US 22.4 
The Moorings Group, LLC Atlanta GA US 412.7 
The Morgan Group Inc. Beaverton OR US 16.8 
The Mosaic Financial Group, LLC Chicago IL US 1171.4 
The Mustico Financial Group, Inc. Elmira NY US 117.5 
The Mutual Fund Public Co L Bangkok TH 9897.7 
The Nalls Sherbakoff Group, LLC Knoxville TN US 180.0 
The Nestegg Group, Inc. Lincolnwood IL US 153.1 
The Newton Follis Partnership Limited London UK 0.0 
The Northstar Group, Inc. New York NY US 338.6 
The Oak Ridge Financial Service Group, Inc Golden Valley MN US 167.8 
The Oakes Financial Group Westford MA US 5.4 
The Odyssey Group 5.0 
The Office Of Heath O. Lauseng Port Aransas TX US 1.2 
The Operand Group Ii LLC Barrington IL US 0.0 
The Pacific Center For Financial Service San Ramon CA US 557.7 
The Pacific Financial Group, Inc. Bellevue WA US 2057.2 
The Pacific Group Limited Hong Kong Sar CN 155.4 
The Palisades Group, LLC Los Angeles CA US 2325.1 
The Palmer Knight Company Jacksonville FL US 110.4 
The Parkridge Group 141.5 
The Parrish Group 1.0 
The Patriot Financial Group, LLC Westborough MA US 200.6 
The Patten Group, Inc. Chattanooga TN US 339.2 
The Patterson Capital Corporation Los Angeles CA US 1123.3 
The Pennyroyal Group, LLC 3.2 
The Personal Wealth Coach Salado TX US 126.3 
The Perspective Group Lawrence KS US 45.6 
The Pillar Strategies Flemington NJ US 60.0 
The Pinnacle Financial Group Rockville Centre NY US 280.5 
The Planned Approach, Inc. Kansas City MO US 175.2 
The Planners Edge Mercer Island WA US 99.4 
The Planners Network, Inc. Temecula CA US 109.4 
The Planners Professional Service, Inc. West Des Moines IA US 0.0 
The Planning & Investment Center, Inc Fort Collins CO US 0.0 
The Planning Associates, Inc. Phoenix AZ US 14.2 
The Planning Center, Inc. Moline IL US 625.3 
The Planning Cottage 0.0 
The Portfolio Strategy Group, LLC White Plains NY US 1514.4 
The Portola Group Inc San Jose CA US 63.5 
The Practical Investor, LLC 2.2 
The Practical Planner 0.0 
The Praedium Group LLC New York NY US 1493.4 
The Premier Advisory Group, LLC Omaha NE US 0.0 
The Private Investment Group, Inc. Centerville OH US 132.7 
The Process Management Group, LLC 0.0 
The Proper Analysis Corporation Beachwood OH US 325.5 
The Prosperitas Group, LLC Bloomfield Hills MI US 0.0 
The Prosperity Consulting Group, LLC Owings Mills MD US 196.9 
The Prudent Expert LLC Fishers IN US 0.0 
The Prudent Investor Coach, LLC Harlingen TX US 0.0 
The Pursuit, Inc. 5.4 
The Putnam Advisory Company, LLC Boston MA US 46240.1 
The Putney Financial Group, Registered Investment Advisors San Rafael CA US 160.1 
The Qinsight Group La Mesa CA US 35.7 
The R.l. Brown Advisory Group, LLC Pleasanton CA US 13.3 
The Relaxing Retirement Coach, Inc. Wellesley MA US 350.3 
The Renaissance Group, LLC Ventura CA US 0.0 
The Renn Wealth Management Group, Inc. Atlanta GA US 36.9 
The Research Group International, Inc. r 1.7 
The Resource Group Asset And Trust Managers Palm Desert CA US 47.3 
The Retirement Corporation Of America Cincinnati OH US 531.1 
The Retirement Group, LLC Maple Grove MN US 0.0 
The Retirement Group, LLC San Diego CA US 192.8 
The Retirement Guys Formula Maumee OH US 53.4 
The Retirement Network, Limited. Geneva IL CZ 97.9 
The Retirement Planners, Usa, LLC Pace FL US 31.1 
The Retirement Planning Company Of New England, Inc. Warwick RI US 117.3 
The Retirement Planning Group, Inc. Overland Park KS US 648.5 
The Retirement Planning Specialists, LLC Greenwood Village CO US 115.9 
The Retirement Specialist Of Central Ohio Newark OH US 0.0 
The Rice Partnership, LLC Honolulu HI US 196.5 
The Rich Group, LLC 0.0 
The Rikoon Group, LLC 484.9 
The Riverside Company New York NY US 5916.1 
The Robert G. Wheeler Capital Management Company, Inc. Tulsa OK US 0.0 
The Robert J. Wilkes Planning Forum Binghamton NY US 0.0 
The Rock Creek Group, LP Washington DC US 11505.8 
The Roda Group Clean Tech Management, LLC Berkeley CA US 0.0 
The Roda Group Venture DEVE Co. LLC Berkeley CA US 0.0 
The Rose Investment Management & Research Indianapolis IN US 25.0 
The Rosenthal Group 0.0 
The Ross Financial Group Los Angeles CA US 2.5 
The Rule Wealth Management LLC 4.4 
The Ryan Group 0.0 
The Salient Zarvona Energy Fund GP, L.P. Houston TX US 285.2 
The Schamber Group, Inc. Lafayette IN US 0.0 
The Scott S. James Company Falls Church VA US 65.8 
The Seb Group, Inc. 48.0 
The Sentient Group Limited Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
The Shepler Financial Group, LLC Bedford NH US 0.0 
The Sher Wealth Management Group Newton MA US 72.2 
The Sherrington Group Columbus OH US 82.6 
The Sherry Group, Inc. Mountain Home AR US 55.2 
The Sherwin Group Mankato MN US 18.7 
The Simmons Partnership, LLC Towson MD US 91.3 
The Sirona Fund LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
The Smith Island Investment Co 30.3 
The Social Equity Group, Inc. 61.0 
The Source 0.9 
The Southern Funds Group, LLC Houston TX US 0.0 
The Sova Group, LLC Farmington UT US 13.8 
The Spence Financial Group, Inc Englewood FL US 2.5 
The Spielberger Group Jericho NY US 266.6 
The Spinelli Group 0.0 
The Stagwell Group LLC Washington DC US 250.0 
The Stalwart Group LLC 3.5 
The Stanich Group LLC 32.0 
The Sterling Group Pasadena CA US 296.4 
The Sterling Group, L.P. Houston TX US 2216.9 
The Stewardship Center, Inc. 52.2 
The Stewardship Solution, LLC Valencia CA US 8.0 
The Strategic Financial Alliance Atlanta GA US 624.2 
The Stutland Volatility Group, LLC Chicago IL US 9.0 
The Sullivan Group Roseville CA US 65.9 
The Summit Group San Antonio TX US 7.1 
The Swanson Financial Group 15.8 
The Swarthmore Group, Inc. Philadelphia PA US 1936.5 
The Terrio Group Port St. Lucie FL US 14.1 
The Thom Group San Luis Obispo CA US 0.0 
The Tilted Funds Group, LLC Cupertino CA US 0.3 
The Tokarz Group Advisers LLC Purchase NY US 539.9 
The Topgallant Group, LLC 5.7 
The Truxtun Group Bakersfield Ca 0.0 
The Urban Advisory Group LLC 0.0 
The Valente Group LLC 6.0 
The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company Houston TX US 27883.7 
The Venture City Management, LLC Miami Beach FL US 0.0 
The Veracity Group, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
The Vermillion Advisors, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
The Vertical Group, L.P. Basking Ridge NJ US 0.0 
The Viable Group, Inc. San Antonio TX US 10.0 
The Vistria Group, LP Chicago IL US 799.7 
The Von Dohlen Knuffke Financial Group, LLC San Antonio TX US 0.0 
The Watchman Group, Inc. Plano TX US 187.4 
The Water Council Milwaukee WI US 0.0 
The Waterford Group, LLC Rochester NY US 310.0 
The Watermill Group Lexington MA US 0.0 
The Way Point Advisory Group LLC Okoboji IA US 0.0 
The Wealth Advantage Group, Inc. Columbus OH US 82.7 
The Wealth Advisors Carlsbad CA US 0.0 
The Wealth Collaborative, Inc. Westlake Village CA US 406.8 
The Wealth Conservancy, Inc. Boulder CO US 150.8 
The Wealth Conservatory Lebanon NH US 67.8 
The Wealth Consulting Group Las Vegas NV US 974.4 
The Wealth Enhancement Group, Inc. Alpharetta GA US 187.5 
The Wealth Fitness Group, LLC 0.0 
The Wealth Group, Limited Raleigh NC US 66.9 
The Wealth Management Alliance LLC Mt. Pleasant SC US 79.9 
The Wealth Pilot Arroyo Grande CA US 14.2 
The Wealth Protection Group, LLC Maple Plain MN US 0.0 
The Wealth Syndicate LLC Silver Spring MD US 1.6 
The Welch Group, LLC Birmingham AL US 914.9 
The Westerman Group, LLC Sagamore Hills OH US 29.9 
The Western Wealth Group, Inc. Greenwood Village CO US 51.2 
The Westly Group Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
The Wf Group, LLC 7.2 
The Wharton Advisory Group, LLC Wayne PA US 368.1 
The White Oak Group Atlanta GA US 0.0 
The Wicks Group Of Companies Iii, LLC New York NY US 655.0 
The Wilkes Johnson Comprehensive Planning Institute Binghamton NY US 12.3 
The Williams Advisory Group San Clemente CA US 0.0 
The Willms Group, A Division Of Quant Ix Software, Inc. Mequon WI US 0.0 
The Windacre Partnership LLC Houston TX US 960.0 
The Winthrop Corporation Greenwich CT US 0.0 
The Wire Fun 34.3 
The Wisconsin Retirement Group, S.c. Oshkosh WI US 0.0 
The Wright Legacy Group, LLC Elizabethtown KY US 20.8 
The Yanker Group Manchester MO US 0.0 
Thebeau-kelly, Inc. St. Louis MO US 15.1 
Theleme Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Thematal Capital Management, LLC 45.5, LLC Polson MT US 0.0 
Theorem San Francisco CA US 213.8 
Theorema Advisors Limited. Valletta MT 33.0 
Theorema Advisors Uk LLP London UK 126.2 
Therese Govern Financial Advisors LLC Seattle WA US 38.8 
Theriot Walston Inc. Los Angeles CA US 49.9 
Theta Capital Partners, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Thetford Investment Management, Inc. Richmond VA US 97.1 
Theus Wealth Advisors Columbia MD US 45.5 
Thf Advisors, LLC Greenville SC US 0.0 
Thi, Inc. 37.2 
Thibeault Financial Advisory Inc 8.5 
Thielen Capital Corporation Irvine CA US 40.8 
Thinagee Investments Inc. Columbia MD US 24.9 
Think Investments San Francisco CA US 1115.6 
Think Spending, LLC 0.3 
Think Wealth, LLC Cerritos CA US 11.9 
Thinking Wealth 1.0 
Thinkoption Advisors, LLC Santa Monica CA US 1.5 
Thinkshop Advisors LLC Melville NY US 7.5 
Third Avenue Management LLC New York NY US 4189.0 
Third Day Capital Management, LLC Greenwood Village CO US 4.3 
Third Day Capital, Inc. Charlotte NC US 1.1 
Third Dimension Advisors, LLC Cary NC US 8.9 
Third Eye Associates, Limited 0.0 
Third Friday Management, LLC 50.6 
Third Kind Venture Capital New York NY US 0.0 
Third Millennium Advisors, Inc. Barboursville VA US 17.0 
Third North Capital LP New York NY US 39.0 
Third Party Trade LLC Littleton CO US 0.0 
Third Point LLC New York NY US 22615.6 
Third Prime Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Third Rock Ventures, LLC. Boston MA US 0.0 
Third Season Wealth Counsel Inc La Crescenta CA US 0.0 
Third Security, LLC Radford VA US 2370.2 
Third Sigma Investment Advisors LLC Wilmington DE US 42.4 
Third Stage Investment Group, LLC Bellevue WA US 0.0 
Third Street Advisors, LLC Geneva IL CZ 81.3 
Thirsty Horses Group 54.0 
Thirtynorth Investments, LLC New Orleans LA US 126.1 
Thl Credit Advisors LLC Boston MA US 4655.2 
Thl Credit Senior Loan Strategies LLC Chicago IL US 3697.4 
Thl Credit, Inc. Boston MA US 126.1 
Thl Managers Vi, LLC Boston MA US 5560.6 
Thl Managers Vii, LLC Boston MA US 3314.1 
Thoma Bravo Chicago IL US 17266.3 
Thoma Cressey Bravo, Inc. Chicago IL US 41.4 
Thomas & Atkinson Capital Management LLC Menlo Park CA US 122.0 
Thomas & Company LLC Beachwood OH US 81.8 
Thomas A. Eskews Investment Advisory Service 4.2 
Thomas A. King, Cfa 7.0 
Thomas A. Paulson, Jr., Dba, Thomas A. Paulson, Jr., Cpa Loveland CO US 3.2 
Thomas Asset Management 4.0 
Thomas Azzara - Tay Haven Reporter 0.6 
Thomas Babcock Investment Advisors, LLC Clifton Park NY US 0.0 
Thomas C. Klein And Company, LLC 0.0 
Thomas Capital Management, LLC 7.2 
Thomas Carl Biever Limited 48.3 
Thomas Clark 0.0 
Thomas Dent Investments, Inc. 7.9 
Thomas Financial Advisors Denver CO US 19.5 
Thomas Financial Planning, LLC 25.9 
Thomas Investment Group, LLC Gig Harbor WA US 0.0 
Thomas Investment Management, LLC 4.6 
Thomas J. Herzfeld Advisors, Inc. Miami Beach FL US 312.9 
Thomas Jackson Family Office, Inc. Omaha NE US 0.0 
Thomas John Garcia Poway Ca 0.0 
Thomas Jones Financial LLC St. Clair Shores MI US 11.0 
Thomas Joseph Logue, Jr. Hinsdale IL US 0.0 
Thomas L. Sullivan Roseville MN US 46.5 
Thomas Leo Advisory, LLC Minneapolis MN US 98.6 
Thomas M. Zalla, Cfp, Phd. 4.8 
Thomas Mack Associates, Inc. 28.7 
Thomas Michael Hastings, Jr Augusta ME US 36.2 
Thomas N. Korenstra 2.9 
Thomas Oconnor, Cfp Covington LA US 0.0 
Thomas Oswald Associates, LLC 0.0 
Thomas Paine Investment Advisors 0.0 
Thomas R. Noonan, Inc. 6.0 
Thomas Raymond Temple 2.4 
Thomas Smith And Associates, Inc. 11.9 
Thomas Story And Son LLC Plymouth IN US 226.6 
Thomas Weisel Capital Management LLC San Francisco CA US 2.9 
Thomas Weisel Global Growth Partners LLC San Francisco CA US 343.2 
Thomas White International Limited Chicago IL US 1793.9 
Thomas Wirig Doll Walnut Creek CA US 1159.1 
Thomas Wright Asset Management, Inc. Mt. Pleasant SC US 265.1 
Thomas, Mcnerney & Partners Stamford CT US 0.0 
Thomas, William M 6.3 
Thomason Financial Service, LLC Durham NC US 0.0 
Thomason Financial Strategies Inc. 5.0 
Thomaspartners, Inc. Boston MA US 10185.8 
Thome Financial Bellevue WA US 18.3 
Thompson & Thompson Cpa Pc Jefferson City MO US 28.4 
Thompson Advisory Service, LLC Portland OR US 0.0 
Thompson Capital Management 0.0 
Thompson Capital Management, LLC 0.7 
Thompson Capital Management, LLC West Chester PA US 0.1 
Thompson Creek Wealth Advisors 22.4 
Thompson Davis Asset Management Richmond VA US 220.0 
Thompson Financial LLC 0.0 
Thompson Financial Service 6.0 
Thompson Investment Advisors Louisville KY US 31.0 
Thompson Investment Management, Inc. Madison WI US 2779.8 
Thompson Private Wealth Sioux Falls SD US 24.6 
Thompson Rubinstein Investment Management Inc Portland OR US 288.8 
Thompson Siegel & Walmsley LLC Richmond VA US 19967.9 
Thompson Street Capital Manager LLC St. Louis MO US 1014.6 
Thompson Wealth Advisors Statesville NC US 21.0 
Thompson Wealth Advisors, LLC Jackson MS US 0.4 
Thompson Wealth Management, Inc. Culver City CA US 30.5 
Thompson Wealth Management, Limited. Concord MA US 243.0 
Thomson Financial Advisors LLC. 45.2 
Thomson Horstmann & Bryant Inc Norwalk CT US 816.7 
Thor Investment Management Inc Cincinnati OH US 353.0 
Thoreson Steffes Fargo ND US 2.1 
Thornburg Investment Management Inc Santa Fe NM US 48970.7 
Thorne Insurance And Financial Service, Inc. La Fontaine IN US 0.0 
Thorne Trading & Investment Management Pendleton OR US 1.5 
Thornewood Advisors Usa LLC 0.0 
Thornhill Securities, Inc. Austin TX US 75.7 
Thornton Capital Management, LLC 4.8 
Thornton Financial Management And Service Houston TX US 29.9 
Thornton Investment Management Pllc South Burlington VT US 39.0 
Thorntons Investments Dundee, Scotland UK 525.8 
Thorntree Capital Partners LP Boston MA US 246.2 
Thorofare, LLC Los Angeles CA US 197.1 
Thoroughbred Financial Service, LLC Brentwood TN US 1452.7 
Thoroughbred Spirits Partners, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Thos. G. Grace Advisors 8.2 
Thoughtful Financial Planning, LLC Minneapolis MN US 0.9 
Thrax Management, LLC New York NY US 261.3 
Threadgill Financial, LLC Houston TX US 83.0 
Threadneedle Investments London UK 3554.3 
Three Arch Partners San Mateo CA US 0.0 
Three Bays Capital LP Boston MA US 2188.0 
Three Bell Capital LLC Los Altos CA US 490.2 
Three Bridge Wealth Advisors Portola Valley CA US 458.6 
Three Bridges Capital, LP New York NY US 762.5 
Three Circles Capital Management, LLC Denver CO US 41.0 
Three Corner Global Investors LP New York NY US 489.7 
Three Court, LP New York NY US 0.0 
Three Lakes Advisors, Inc. 12.9 
Three Lakes Investment Service, Inc. 25.0 
Three Lakes Securities, LLC Madison WI US 0.0 
Three Nine Financial 2.9 
Three Oaks Capital Management Lake Oswego OR US 5.0 
Three Peaks Advisors. LLC 4.9 
Three Peaks Capital Management, LLC Castle Rock CO US 1093.9 
Three Rivers Fund Advisors, LLC Pittsburgh PA US 0.0 
Three Sigma Capital, LLC 0.9 
Three Stones Capital Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Three Zero Three Capital Partners, LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Threeridge Capital, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Threesixty Elements S.a. Moscow US 20.1 
Threshold Capital Corporation. 4.8 
Threshold Group, LLC Seattle WA US 3363.0 
Thrive Capital New York NY US 0.0 
Thrive Capital Management, LLC Fort Washington PA US 3.1 
Thrive Financial Planning El Dorado Hills CA US 14.7 
Thrive Wealth Management, LLC Audubon PA US 194.0 
Thrivent Asset Management, LLC Minneapolis MN US 22667.0 
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans Minneapolis MN US 96193.9 
Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Minneapolis MN US 8706.2 
Thun Financial Advisors Madison WI US 251.1 
Thunderbird Financial Coaching, LLC Sylvania OH US 0.2 
Thunderbird Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Thurston Hall Investment Reseach, LLC 39.0 
Thurston Springer Financial Indianapolis IN US 474.8 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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