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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc. Boise ID US 11.1 
Allegis Investment Advisors, LLC Idaho Falls ID US 654.0 
American Capital Advisory, LLC Ketchum ID US 70.0 
American Independent Securities Group, LLC Eagle ID US 142.7 
Aspen Capital Management Boise ID US 429.0 
Berkeley, Inc Boise ID US 198.6 
Buffington Mohr Mcneal Boise ID US 442.6 
Burks Wealth Management, Inc. Meridian ID US 28.0 
Caprock Management, LLC Boise ID US 33.9 
Clearrock Capital LLC Ketchum ID US 367.0 
Clearwater Advisors, LLC Boise ID US 7161.3 
Concierge Private Wealth Management, LLC Boise ID US 20.5 
Covenant Investment Advisors, LLC Moscow ID US 14.9 
D.b. Fitzpatrick & Co. Boise ID US 445.5 
Desert Rose Capital Management Inc. Boise ID US 40.6 
Dillon Financial Planning, Inc. Eagle ID US 0.0 
Figure 8 Investment Strategies LLC Boise ID US 0.0 
Franklin Trend Management, LLC Boise ID US 31.9 
Gateway Financial & Estate Planning, Inc. Chubbuck ID US 0.2 
Gem State Investment Advisors Boise ID US 40.6 
Grow Rasmussen Consulting LLC Boise ID US 15.9 
Highway 12 Ventures, Inc. Boise ID US 0.0 
Hrc Wealth Management, LLC Moscow ID US 142.2 
Integrated Advisors Boise ID US 22.0 
Intermountain Wealth Management, Inc. Idaho Falls ID US 59.1 
Interwest Investment Advisors, Inc Nampa ID US 1.9 
J.d. Cowan & Company, LLC. Boise ID US 3.0 
Legacy Wealth Management, LLC Boise ID US 69.9 
Mcconnell Financial Advisors Boise ID US 24.0 
Mcmillen & Company, Inc. Boise ID US 69.9 
Mm Financial Consultants LLC Coeur Dalene ID US 7.0 
Mountain Pacific Investment Advisers Inc Boise ID US 1081.2 
Naarden Wealth Management Pocatello ID US 35.1 
Onyx Financial Advisors, LLC Idaho Falls ID US 130.0 
Pacific Value, LLC Boise ID US 137.1 
Paradigm Wealth Service, Inc. Meridian ID US 27.0 
Petso Financial Consultants LLC Boise ID US 457.7 
Pgp Advisors, LLC Ketchum ID US 0.0 
Pinkerton Retirement Specialists, LLC Coeur Dalene ID US 437.5 
Profits Plus Capital Management, LLC Nampa ID US 32.0 
Profitscore Capital Management, Inc. Boise ID US 509.0 
Protected Capital Management Boise ID US 21.4 
Provident Financial Advisors, LLC Shelley ID US 1.8 
Rathbone Warwick Investment Management Boise ID US 599.8 
Russ Trading Inc Sandpoint ID US 0.0 
Sage Asset Management, LLC. Twin Falls ID US 10.8 
Sanctuary Wealth Management, LLC Pocatello ID US 133.9 
Selway Asset Management, Inc. Boise ID US 253.0 
Spinnaker Financial Advisors, LLC Idaho Falls ID US 54.9 
Straight Line Investment Group, LLC Ammon ID US 26.3 
Summit Professional Advisors, LLC Idaho Falls ID US 0.0 
Sun Valley Advisors, Inc. Ketchum ID US 36.3 
Sun Valley Gold LLC Ketchum ID US 774.5 
The 401k Source, Inc. Boise ID US 42.5 
The Asset Consulting Group, Inc Boise ID US 60.9 
The Caprock Group, Inc. Boise ID US 2238.6 
The Helmstar Group, LLC Boise ID US 131.6 
Tidwell, Kiki Hailey ID US 0.0 
Tree City Advisors, LLC Boise ID US 34.0 
Uci Wealth Advisors LLC Meridian ID US 15.8 
Williams, Parsons & Schiller Financial Advisors, LLC Sandpoint ID US 15.4 
Yellowstone Partners Idaho Falls ID US 813.6 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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